Subjugated Born Again Virgins

A commenter on my last post on orgasm denial raised the associated point of denial of penetrative sex for the submissive male. I have written before about this but it is worth a mention as the commenter made a very relevant point on how it can link to the dynamic of orgasm denial.

The commenter wrote that ‘…….All of this is different than intercourse denial, which never gets old for me (or hasn’t yet)………………. I love and want intercourse and am totally frustrated when denied. My most honest and intense begging has been for intercourse. My Mistress can go long periods without intercourse….

Whether like the commenter, penetrative sex is rare for him; much, much too rare. Or for subs like my bitch-boy or Nicola’s pansy-piece or Rebecca’s sub   penetrative sex is over for the rest of their lives, it is something I believe that, no matter how often a sub is teased about or mind-fucked about it, they never manage to easily cope with it.

One of my favourite examples of this is when I am with Nicola and she inserts her fingers inside me and taunts bitch-boy over how he is never allowed that feeling with even his fingers, let alone his little clitty. Without Nicola I often taunt bitch-boy over what she does to me and how amazing it would feel for him to push his stiff little clitty inside me and feel the tightness and heat and wetness. then I remind him THAT HE NEVER WILL!

If I ask him about all the terrible things he endures, including the very, very painful sessions, the hours and hours of humiliating tedium and the extreme humiliations if front of other women, and I ask, if he could change one thing about his life, what would it be?

He ALWAYS immediately answers, with such a pleading and desperate tone,  ‘To be allowed to fuck your amazing body Mistress.‘ Obviously I smile, flaunt my body and then cruelly remind him that although it would be so easy for me to allow that, it will NEVER EVER HAPPEN! He is my little puppet and I love he is a cuckold, born again virgin. That status gives me sooooo much pleasure, and therefore it will never change.

Worse still for him when he is bound in some way, is when I make his clitty hard and then hold the tip against my wet cunt and ask him if he can feel the wetness and the heat. I hold it still or rub it against my clit a little and he pleads, as though his world is coming to an end, to be allowed to push it in. Even just for a second. Even if he just holds it still and then withdraws. I string him along for a while and he is almost reduced to tears and of course, eventually I harshly tell him not to be so stupid and of course it will NEVER EVER happen!


Link to my journal 12.


7 thoughts on “Subjugated Born Again Virgins

  1. I love the thought of something like that. I am allowed penetration when I take my Viagra, but I am never allowed to cum. It has been about 8 months since I was allowed a full blown orgasm. Would love for her to have a bull that would cum in her pussy, and then bring it home to me.

  2. That would indeed be a terrible thing for me. My Queen loves penetration with her Angus. Nothing else will do for penetration for her. So I’m lucky!!

  3. Why not allow him penetration once or twice a year (just for a few seconds of course)
    As things stand he knows that however much he begs , he is wasting his time,acting out/going through the motions. If he thought that his pleading might actually melt your heart , his hopes would be raised,his begging more sincere ,his anticipation would be breathless.
    So …..?

    1. You have forgotten the original point I made. That inducing begging with all its heart from a slave affects them and the Mistress wonderfully and that you do have to accede to their begging in order to ensure they beg so, (as you are saying), BUT MY POINT WAS,

      that there are some things that generate begging with all its heart, even when the Mistress NEVER accedes to that begging. And one of my examples with bitch-boy is never being allowed penetration of me. Despite me never acceding to his pleading, it is SO TERRIBLE FOR HIM, he will never stop begging, Just in case I change my mind.

  4. Thank you for the delightful response. “NEVER EVER HAPPEN” must be so devistating and yet fulfilling for a sub to hear. i’ve been forbidden from taking pleasure into my own hands for over 6 months and can barely remember what that felt like. If my memory grew fuzzy of the warmth and comfort of my Mistress I think I would be devistated.

    1. I think were I to ask bitch-boy what it feels like to penetrate me, even if he can’t remember after all these years, he would have an imaginary blissful, physical sensation clear in his mind.

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