Journal 13: The Institute, now published

You might recall a number of highly appreciative comments on the very last entry in my previous volume, No.12. That entry being about Governess Malice at The Institute.

Well this new Journal No. 13 is about nothing else but the Institute. It is also my longest journal ever at 70,000 words.

Available on Amazon Kindle, and from in ePub format and paperback. Very soon –  Nook, Barnes and Noble, Kobi, iTunes etc.  I hope you enjoy it.

Here are some of those comments about the last entry in the previous Volume No.12 to which I refered above.

## Just got to the last entry of Volume 12, (Governess Malice, The Institute) – WOW – just WOW!

## The last entry was my favorite for this book and all of your books. Wow!!! bb must be petrified of The Institute. I imagine him fretting every day thinking about his next visit. Readers of your blog should buy your journal Volume 12 just for the last entry.

## Dear Mistress Scarlet:   I just wanted to write and recommend your Journal, Vol 12. This is well worth people reading, and it is so very different to earlier Journals; even if people have read a few before, this takes on a new edge. I don’t want to provide any spoilers, but the last entry alone, (Governess Malice and The Institute), is worth the cover price! 

To purchase Volume 13: The Institute, Click on any link below: –

Paperback version,       ePub version,

Amazon Kindle –

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17 thoughts on “Journal 13: The Institute, now published

  1. Oh wow! Just WoW!!
    Purchased & read avidly in one day.
    All the whole locked, The 1st time for a Ms Scarlet Journal!
    What a long weekend!!
    This boy would so like to endure the ‘Slug’ like experience…
    Simply magnificent femdom – thank you for sharing your bank holiday weekend

    Respect from

  2. Dear Ms Scarlet,

    I immediately purchased Journal 13 as soon as I read it was available. I have just completed only a few dozen pages, but I believe it may be one of your best.

    Thank you for creating the best writings for the BDSM community.

    slave 11754

  3. Genuinely trembling at the thought of reading it. As with all Journals, it will be a print version, so i need to be patient.

  4. Just finished this wonderful journal and forwarded to my Mistress. She was very intrigued with the extremist nature when I told her of some of the scenarios in the volume and wanted to read it for herself.
    I was wondering if it’s possible to get some sort of link or hint how to find The Institute online and watch as many others apparently do

    Thank you again for another wonderful journal.

    1. Thank you for the kind words about my latest journal.
      I am sorry. For reasons I am not going into, I am not providing any information on The Institute beyond that in my journals. I hope this does not cause too much frustration.

  5. I have to tell you about the profound affect the cover of your Journal 13 has had on me. I have read, many times over, every word you have written since 2010 and it is obvious, from all your book covers, that you are an extraordinarily stunning lady. However, the cover of book 13 is in a different league altogether. It’s the eyes that draw one in. That steely stare, the determined level of pitiless cruelty that they convey. They turn ones legs to jelly. Kneeling is inevitable. If only one could see your eyes in their true colour and with greater clarity and definition. I wonder if that would ever be possible? Might it be?

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