The Sinner and Slutever / S**tever

A series on Netflix at the moment, The Sinner, (which is pretty good), has a few minutes in most episodes of VERY ACCRATELEY DEPICTED, sadistic female domination and submissive male addiction to that. Especially in the first two episodes. I think it may be the most accurately depicted I have ever seen in a mainstream TV programme or movie.

The housewife sadist in The Sinner is played by the actress Meredith Holzman and wow! she captures sadistic dominance with serious realism. I wondered about her real life personality! It got me to thinking, are there any mainstream contenders I might not know about? I recall an episode of Sherlock Homes, Series 2, – The Iceman, The Virgin and The Dominatrix, in which Irene Adler does a fantastic job playing the dominatrix, but this does not really compare with the scenes in the episodes of The Sinner.

An astute blog follower has also advised me of a programme which is on Vice in the UK, perhaps also on a Channel 4 channel, called Slutever. I have only seen episode 1 so far.

It is a documentary and I  felt the motivations of submissives was very poorly described. Even by some submissives in the programme who seemed to fail to understand their own deepest motivations; but this is normal for many humans. A lifestyle dominant sadist in the programme is however breath-taking in her dominance and unashamed sadism. I look forward to episode 2.  A point to note if you seek out the programme is that some platforms  seem to coyly label the programme, ‘S**tever’. The word,’ slut’ apparently being too offensive to have on the screen menu!

Can anyone suggest other mainstream contenders to compete with the brief scenes in the early episodes of The Sinner?



8 thoughts on “The Sinner and Slutever / S**tever

  1. If it’s the 2018 series on Slutever with Karley Sciortino, watch Episode 2 which is about “lifestyle slaves”. This is a general interest show, so maybe it isn’t as advanced for some people but it did give my W a much better understanding of my motivations.

    In Season 4 of Maron, Maron’s friend is on FemDom relationship. This is played for quirky humor, but I still liked it.

    Bitter Moon is great, but with severe cruelty. Not a love story.

    My Mistress is enjoyable.

    If you liked Bill Pulman in Sinner, check out the Last Seduction sometime. This is a crime thriller, not kink, but more than one man gets addicted to a highly dominant woman.

  2. I managed to watch a film some while ago on YouTube called After Fall/ Winter starring and produced by Eric Schaffer. It’s about an American Writer down on his luck who is told by his friend to go visit him in Paris. He is a submisssive and meets a French girl who happens to be a kind of lifestyle and practising professional dominatrix. Not her main job which is also a side story and also thought provoking.It’s an interesting concept with lots of great domination scenes. Obviously some are more fantasy fetish but it does have an actual story and at least 3 powerful women in it . Not sure it’s still available to watch in full on YouTube but the trailer is definitely still available to watch. It certainly made me think at the end. Your site is still the most amazing one I’ve ever had the pleasure to follow. You have an amazing array of both wonderful Dommes and fascinating subs too. Long may it continue! Yours in sublime reverence! maid matilda. (uk )

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