Early praise for Journal 13: The Institute

I am so grateful to those who provide positive compliments on my journals; like those below for the new Journal No. 13.  It encourages me to write more and supports that my style and life experiences are of interest and hit the mark to many in our lifestyle.

### Just finished this wonderful journal and forwarded to my Mistress………

### I immediately purchased Journal 13 as soon as I read it was available. I have just completed only a few dozen pages, and I believe it may be one of your best. Thank you for creating the best writings for the BDSM community.

### Oh wow! Just WoW!! Purchased & read avidly in one day. This boy would so like to endure the ‘Slug’ like experience… Simply magnificent femdom – thank you for sharing your bank holiday weekend.

### Loved your latest journal, No.13! I read it over two days and savored each horrible/ thrilling punishment and torture of each slave. I found myself going into a form of subspace just reading it! Your best book !

Given the journal is of 70.000 words I am amazed many people read it in one go!

As I mentioned in a previous post it, is available on Amazon Kindle, and from Lulu.com in ePub format and paperback. Since my last post it has become available in Nook format on Barnes and Noble.

I will let you know when available on Kobo, iTunes, etc.



Volume 13: The Institute, Click on any link below:

Lulu.com –

Paperback version,       ePub version,

Amazon Kindle –

USA,    UK, 

DE,    FR,    ES,    IT,    NL,    JP,    BR,    CA,    MX,    AU,    IN, 

Nook – Barnes and Noble




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9 Responses to Early praise for Journal 13: The Institute

  1. Rick says:

    Loved your latest book! I read it over two days and savored each horrible/ thrilling punishment and torture you devised for each slave. I found myself going into a form of subspace just reading it! Your best book !

  2. Fluffy says:

    Well one week on, this boy can add that having read it avidly last Sunday in one go, he has re-read the ‘slug’ chapters several times already 🙂

    What a truly splendid way to be kept over a long bank holiday weekend, the only disappointment was that slug got to leave early, rather than endure another night / another feed in femdom paradise

    Respect from

  3. darkhorsesub says:

    Is the URL (onion or not) of the Institute a secret? I can’t see a reference to it anywhere…

  4. Drew says:

    I’ve just read your book. It’s brilliant, and terrifying. I find it amazing that your cruelty turns you on so much. If only there were more women like you. Are ever kind to b-b? I would find it very difficult to never feel a softer side.

    • I am far from rare in finding arousal from inflicting cruelty. A number of Dommes I have been involved with are exactly the same. It does require the feelings of both absolute power over another, and gratuitous spite without any guilt whatsoever. Then comes the arousal. I do know that women that allow safe-words and women who feel some guilt over their spite, find much, much less arousal. I find this such a shame because, if their male is a true submissive, both he and she are missing out on powerful feelings because she has not let go of society’s
      stereotype expectations of women.

      Of course I am kind to bb. Quite often. If he is very ill. If he is worried about a family member or friend. He is not just my puppet. He is my precious puppet. He has been subjugated to my will while also being in awe of me which took some time to achieve. He frequently endures terrible things for my pleasure. So much of my pleasure and contentment flows from his existence.

  5. tiffanymaid says:

    The Institute is a most intriguing read. Ashamed to say that despite having the print version for a fortnight, i have been unable to read page by page. i have found it so arousing (within my chastity) i keep jumping from chapter or part chapter to the next…and back again. The Institute represents all i have long embraced in a FLR/FemDom lifestyle and appreciate all the respect the submissives involved have for their superiors despite the pain, shame and debasement. A most inspiring read for both my Mistress & i.

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