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So Curt Is Good!

It seems yesterday’s post really struck a chord with a number of submissives. (See quotes at the foot of this post.) And I can attest to its considerable effectiveness with bitch-boy. I think this makes ‘curt instructions’, a TOP TIP! For Dommes it is a very  special delight when an activity:

  • provides pleasure to them,
  • subjugates the submissive to be more in awe of the Domme,
  • has no cost involved,
  • has no effort involved like dressing up or bondage,
  • can be undertaken during vanilla times,
  • actually takes less time than not undertaking the activity!


Submissives’ Comments.

Certainly Madam understand the submissive psyche in ways that few do. Your methods are awe inspiring Ms Scarlet…thank You for sharing Your lifestyle.

Feeding our submissive souls – curt commands, humiliations & discipline – you are so, so accurate MsScarlet!

You are absolutely correct, the issuing of orders in a vanilla situation and leaving no one in doubt that you are to be obeyed is thrilling. Even now in the supermarkets when being asked if help is needed at the checkout, my wife will always answer,” no he will do it, he’s been trained”. Or if her mother is visiting, ask me things like, have I ironed a particular dress or cleaned a pair of boots……………

My Mistress of days gone by issued very short and curt orders to me. Down Boy meant get my tongue busy on her pussy, knees, get down fast and kneel…… Out in public she used hand signals to give the same orders as well as using soft commands that could be overheard by nearby persons, to cause me much humiliation, and i loved her so much for it.

I like curt because it makes it so clear what I need to do to please and I over think things. Getting over my tendency to over think things and doing a better job of responding inmediately is one reason discipline is so important to me. Letting go of thinking for myself and handing over the power to a loving authority is very fulfilling. Empties my crowded brain

You are very right Mistress Scarlet. MK uses curt commands constantly during the day. “Get this for me.” “Put this away..” Sometimes she uses one word with a harsh voice. “Water.”

I believe she takes special pleasure asking me to do something when I am busy with something I am doing such as filling up the dishwasher. I have to stop immediately and do what she has commanded.

Mistress enjoys handing me her handbag while we walk so her hands are free. “Take this,” she says as she shoves the bag into my arms.

And, there are consequences if I do not respond immediately. IMMEDIATELY. MK is a very experienced with hand spanking. She works out at home and in a gym so she is strong and very fit. Her hand spanks hurt. When she is very angry, I am caned with hard strokes.

MK LOVES watching me jump to her commands.

How curt can you get?

It is useful, as often as possible when it’s just the two of you, even in vanilla times, to issue a curt instruction instead of a polite request . It will keep him subjugated to you and in awe of you and make you feel like the queen you are. Instead of, ‘Please get me a cup of tea hun,’ you say ‘Get me tea hun.’ Or go even more curt than that.

‘Tea now.‘ or perhaps that is too curt and so,

‘Tea now bitch.’ or ‘Tea now puppet.’ or ‘Tea now slave.’ or ‘Tea puppet.’

NEVER SAY THANK YOU! Instead of you thanking him when he delivers, he must thank you. He only need to say the two words, ‘Thank you’, but you both know he means, ‘thank you for the privilege of being allowed to serve you amazing goddess. I know you could replace me in an instant with a choice of 100 other willing submissives and I am very grateful that you do not.’ ……………. Or he means something very similar.

Obviously it is suitably demeaning for him to have to thank you for him carrying out a demand of yours!

Social events and family gatherings sometimes provide those brief moments of just enough discrete privacy for some subjugation. ‘White wine now.‘ And on his return, loud enough from him for just you to hear; ‘Thank you.’

And, if you are at home, and he forgets to say thank you for bringing you something, then in your sweetest tone, you can say, ‘What do you say?’

Actually if you fail to take every opportunity to issue a curt command, instead of a polite request, you are denying your submissive food for his soul and missing out on a lovely feeling for you.


My latest journal below.


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White Noise Alternative – Initial Test

Further to my previous post yesterday, I tested the white noise alternative on bitch-boy. That alternative being an 18 minute audio recording of a harsh deterrent punishment session dished out by Mistress Nicola and I. bitch-boy had it playing on a repeating loop in his ear phones during an almost two hour sensory deprivation bondage session, (interrupted just once by me to apply a second whipping of his clitty with nettles, forty minutes in).

I interrogated bitch-boy as to the difference between the white noise he is used to and the audio recording with the threat of SERIOUS punishment if I felt he failed to be 100% honest with me. He reported that with the white noise there is extreme tedium but his mind is left to wander which sometimes helps to fend off the tedium.

With the audio recording, firstly there is deep humiliation for him having to listen to his own whimpering, sobbing and pleading during the recorded thrashing. Secondly, an unequivocal emphasising of the serious sadism and pitilessness of Mistress Nicola and especially me, on how we truly see him as no more than a toy we can subjugate into obedience and can hurt, simply because we want to. Thirdly, he could not take his attention from the recording even when he tried to. So his mind could not wander beyond his helpless submission to me and all he has to endure. Time dragged very slowly for him!

I would say a great success! Whether these advantages will fade away as the hours of listening cumulatively get into the hundreds, only time will tell. I will keep you all informed.



Shaming White Noise Alternative

As Mistress Nicola was attending my house for a day of use and abuse of bitch-boy, I actioned a thought that had been brewing in my mind. An experiment for an alternative to white noise, to be played through bitch-boy’s ear phones when he is regularly in his  hours of sensory deprivation bondage.

The alternative being, a recording of a serious punishment session of him. A deterrent punishment which is how Mistress Nicola, and I like to kick-off one of her visits. The punishment was duly recorded and can be now played on a repeating loop. I’ll see how it goes.

One thing that surprised me was how long a deterrent punishment session lasts for poor bitch-boy. This one lasted just over 18 minutes. I was surprised at this, having never paid attention to the time taken. That’s 18 minutes of Mistress Nicola and I taking turns with various implements; thrashing his butt and the backs of his thighs. Marks are left that last around three to seven days. On this occasion, my plastic tube cane, my rattan cane, a large leather paddle, a small but vicious rubber paddle with a rough surface, an agitation whip and a dressage whip. Mistress Nicola purposely allowed some wraparound when using the dressage whip and left eight distinct purple lines at the side of his butt / side of the top of his thigh, each about three inches long. These marks I expect will last a couple of weeks.

I was concerned that bitch-boy would minimise his whimpering and begging and also perhaps Mistress Nicola and I would become somewhat theatrical. I am pleased to say the recording device was truly forgotten about by all three of us almost immediately the deterrent punishment began.

Stinging Nettles Reprise

On November 3rd I posted that we had had a heavy frost and the nettles were over for the year. Well the day before yesterday while walking very close to my cottage, I found some very happy nettle shoots under the warm protection of some trees still in full leaf.  New shoots about 5 inches tall. In the spring new shoots are the WORST!

Mistress Nicola was over and she is PITILESS using stinging nettles to bitch-boy’s cock. I can happily report that these November fresh shoots were every bit as bad as Springtime new shoots! So what a wonderful and freaky 2018 of weather we have had in the UK. We are in the middle of November and I still have a available fresh shoots of VERY VICOUS stinging nettles.

So this year, I started using nettles in Mid February and am still using them now in Mid November. That is nine months. I am hoping the freaky weather continues. Imagine if we can go the full twelve months! Poor bitch-boy.

Another pleasing review of my BDSM manual

Mr F.

5.0 out of 5 stars        

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22 September 2018

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Dickie-discipline despite no nettles!

Well the first heavy frosts have arrived now and the nettles are no more, until next March/April. But as I abused bitch-boy’s clitty yesterday, I looked at my array of torture tools and thought that the winter actually brings no respite for him at all, and no loss of arousal for me, from this particular torture-pleasure.

Most of the items in the above image need no explanation. You can see all but two items are resting on the nettle apron. This is still used even when there are no nettles. I use it when I am applying either of the two penis whips. All the pain focused on the clitty and none, as a distraction, to the belly. I still use the metal tongs too – when applying one of either of the two nasty ointments; as I do not want any at all on my delicate fingers.

I am even so kind as tell him that if he does not get hard, I will not use a nasty ointment. Sometimes it takes a few minutes, but in the end he ALWAYS gets hard, as if he is asking for ‘the treatment’. Anyone would think he likes it, were it was not for all the whimpering and sobbing!



Volume 13: The Institute, Click on any link below: –

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