White Noise Alternative – Initial Test

Further to my previous post yesterday, I tested the white noise alternative on bitch-boy. That alternative being an 18 minute audio recording of a harsh deterrent punishment session dished out by Mistress Nicola and I. bitch-boy had it playing on a repeating loop in his ear phones during an almost two hour sensory deprivation bondage session, (interrupted just once by me to apply a second whipping of his clitty with nettles, forty minutes in).

I interrogated bitch-boy as to the difference between the white noise he is used to and the audio recording with the threat of SERIOUS punishment if I felt he failed to be 100% honest with me. He reported that with the white noise there is extreme tedium but his mind is left to wander which sometimes helps to fend off the tedium.

With the audio recording, firstly there is deep humiliation for him having to listen to his own whimpering, sobbing and pleading during the recorded thrashing. Secondly, an unequivocal emphasising of the serious sadism and pitilessness of Mistress Nicola and especially me, on how we truly see him as no more than a toy we can subjugate into obedience and can hurt, simply because we want to. Thirdly, he could not take his attention from the recording even when he tried to. So his mind could not wander beyond his helpless submission to me and all he has to endure. Time dragged very slowly for him!

I would say a great success! Whether these advantages will fade away as the hours of listening cumulatively get into the hundreds, only time will tell. I will keep you all informed.



15 thoughts on “White Noise Alternative – Initial Test

  1. One could overlay a white noise track, in the background at a volume to help mask other noises but still hear the “soundtrack”. The Aud*city audio software is reasonably user friendly.
    I have a “What was that?” track. White noise with random thumps and bumps- smallbear says it stops him “drifting away”, trying to work out if I am close or there’s someone else in the house!
    Also means I don’t have to tiptoe around if I am in the same room. (Aside-wooden floors often give the game away!)
    Downside- needed a long initial segment to stop obvious repetition.

  2. You are a true artist with your words. Reading a sentence like “as the hours of listening cumulatively get into the hundreds” makes my submissive mind spin in awe, excitement, fear and hornieness. Thank you for your blog and for sharing your very sexy thoughts!

  3. Are you intending to ‘publish’ or otherwise make available this audio recording of a harsh deterrent punishment session you talk of. I for one would love to hear it.

  4. Hello MsScarlet,

    I have recently been tinkering with a system for my mistress where by she can play control what i hear remotely.

    I have done this using Discord and VB-CABLE Virtual Audio Device. I in created a room Discord which is opened on an old phone where anything played on her laptop will be piped into my earphones and on her phone she has a push to talk button so i can given orders to me.

    As this is wireless (as long as the phone has charge) she finds it quite useful to keep me focused on my tasks by playing white noise while giving instructions or sometimes distracting me with porn playing (usually when I am in my spiked cage).

    It keeps me oblivious to anything but what she wants me to hear.

    We find the setup to be quite useful but it does require a laptop (at least as far as i know you cant forward played audio to microphone on Android)

    We thought we would suggest it as we are reading your Manual now and have gotten some great ideas from it.

    Best Wishes

    1. Sounds a bit complicated, but I have certainly noted the ideas.
      I am very pleased you have got some great ideas from my manual.
      It sounds like you have a great Mistress. You are very fortunate.

    1. So many options! The primary one – no proper orgasm for three months. That would supersede his current predicament of no proper orgasm until Xmas. A requirement of Mistress Nicola earlier in the week – just because she could. As she and he know, anything my girlfriend wants will always superseded the needs of bitch-boy.

  5. Hello Mistress,
    Some time last year, you talked about a new chastity device for bitch boy, as his lock ups were getting longer..I was wondering if you were still going to go down this route?

  6. Just this one eighteen minute recording may become repetitive, and normalized to him, which would lessen the effectiveness of it. Perhaps having a selection of these to change out, would maintain the effect better. However, if this is the only recording you have retained, it may require more time, and effort from you, and Mistress Nicola. Unfortunately for B.B. it would mean more tears, and suffering to make the new recordings you would need. However with enough dedication put in by the three of you, nothing is impossible.

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