How curt can you get?

It is useful, as often as possible when it’s just the two of you, even in vanilla times, to issue a curt instruction instead of a polite request . It will keep him subjugated to you and in awe of you and make you feel like the queen you are. Instead of, ‘Please get me a cup of tea hun,’ you say ‘Get me tea hun.’ Or go even more curt than that.

‘Tea now.‘ or perhaps that is too curt and so,

‘Tea now bitch.’ or ‘Tea now puppet.’ or ‘Tea now slave.’ or ‘Tea puppet.’

NEVER SAY THANK YOU! Instead of you thanking him when he delivers, he must thank you. He only need to say the two words, ‘Thank you’, but you both know he means, ‘thank you for the privilege of being allowed to serve you amazing goddess. I know you could replace me in an instant with a choice of 100 other willing submissives and I am very grateful that you do not.’ ……………. Or he means something very similar.

Obviously it is suitably demeaning for him to have to thank you for him carrying out a demand of yours!

Social events and family gatherings sometimes provide those brief moments of just enough discrete privacy for some subjugation. ‘White wine now.‘ And on his return, loud enough from him for just you to hear; ‘Thank you.’

And, if you are at home, and he forgets to say thank you for bringing you something, then in your sweetest tone, you can say, ‘What do you say?’

Actually if you fail to take every opportunity to issue a curt command, instead of a polite request, you are denying your submissive food for his soul and missing out on a lovely feeling for you.


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14 thoughts on “How curt can you get?

  1. You are absolutely correct, the issuing of orders in a vanilla situation and leaving no one in doubt that you are to be obeyed is thrilling. Even now in the supermarkets when being asked if help is needed at the checkout, my wife will always answer,” no he will do it, he’s been trained”. Or if her mother is visiting, ask me things like, have I ironed a particular dress or cleaned a pair of boots. Shopping for shoes is always another fun time, me bringing different styles and having to kneel to put them on her feet, or bringing different dresses and sizes to the changing rooms, then told to hang them back up properly in front of the assistants and other customers.

  2. Certainly Madam understand the submissive psyche in ways that few do. Your methods are awe inspiring Ms Scarlet…thank You for sharing Your lifestyle.

  3. You are very right Mistress Scarlet. MK uses curt commands constantly during the day. “Get this for me.” “Put this away..” Sometimes she uses one word with a harsh voice. “Water.”

    I believe she takes special pleasure asking me to do something when I am busy with something I am doing such as filling up the dishwasher. I have to stop immediately and do what she has commanded.

    Mistress enjoys handing me her handbag while we walk so her hands are free. “Take this,” she says as she shoves the bag into my arms.

    And, there are consequences if I do not respond immediately. IMMEDIATELY. MK is a very experienced with hand spanking. She works out at home and in a gym so she is strong and very fit. Her hand spanks hurt. When she is very angry, I am caned with hard strokes.

    MK LOVES watching me jump to her commands.

  4. Actually if you fail to take every opportunity to issue a curt command, instead of a polite request, you are denying your submissive food for his soul and missing out on a lovely feeling for you. And your welcome to your opinion but I would take offense to that not see it as food for the soul and I consider myself submissive but that’s just me I do appreciate your blog but all subs are not stereo typed and it leads me to wonder if the dom authorities that subs entrust in them has gone to their heads and they forgotten that we are all just human beings here first and foremost whether we are m or f or dom or sub thanks for your time I appreciate your blog here

    1. Thank you for responding. I would really like to understand your position.
      First, did you see this post showing 6 submissives comments agreeing with me on this issue in the strongest terms? It is very rare for me to get 6 comments on a post all confirming passionate agreement.
      Anyway, most importantly, could you tell me why, as a submissive, you would take offense at being given a curt command, particularly if your Domme got pleasure from giving it? I am genuinely very interested.

      I wonder why you have resorted to offensive comments when I have treated you only with respect? Why you imply my power has gone to my head instead of simply thinking I have made an error of judgement?

      Lastly, obviously I know that submissives are different, but clearly I cannot write posts for each individual submissive blog follower. I have to write posts that I believe will strike a chord with the vast majority of submissives which I tried to do on this occasion in good faith.

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