Submissives’ Fitting Thank You’s

In a couple of posts not long ago I discussed curt instructions. This seriously struck a chord with many submissives who read my blog. Such a response from submssives means it is an IMPORTANT technique for any Domme’s arsenal who wishes to have her submissive addicted to her. It is well worth exploiting, especially as it is so simple and easy.

I did include in the posts how having the submissive say thank you when having carried out an instruction of the Domme further enhances the affect on them. Well this leads me on to the topic of submissives needing to say thank you in other circumstances, which I believe is also very affecting for them. In addition to having obeyed a curt instruction, let me give you some other examples in bitch-boy’s life.

When I sit on the sofa and I have pointed to the floor between my splayed thighs and given the command, ‘lick me to orgasm’, I delight in saying, once he has knelt in position and is about to begin, ‘What do you say?’ Given the beauty of my soft skin,  slim athletic thighs,  flat stomach and pretty cunt, it is unsurprising he genuinely and emotionally answers, ‘Thank you Mistress.’  But the status implications of this thank you are huge. He is denied sexual relief, he is never allowed to fuck; but he is genuinely thanking me for the privilege of being allowed to lick ME to a delightful orgasm. And it will be one of many orgasms that day, despite his current prohibition of proper orgasms himself. His correct grasp of the concepts of fairness and grounds for gratitude driven from his mind by his submissiveness and my cruel dominance.

Another example is when I have finished a punishment of him. A punishment gagged and bound, bent face down over the dining table. Caned, strapped, paddled, tawsed and whipped. His gag is removed and, often still whimpering or sobbing, he says, as he knows he must, ‘Thank you Mistress for helping to make me a better slave.‘ He has learned to his cost that should he forget to thank me, he goes straight back over the table.

Another example is when I have him kiss my footwear. This he has to do whenever I, or we, are leaving the house, leaving a bedroom in a hotel or leaving a bedroom in which we have stayed overnight as social guests. He must kiss my footwear for as long as I talk at him about how lucky he is to have such a cruel and beautiful Mistress wife and how there are a hundred submissives to take his place in a moment, should I wish to replace him. I have always ended my lecture with the words, ‘You may stand.’ But recently I have followed those words with, ‘What do you say?‘ As he is rising to stand he says, with genuine feeling, ‘Thank you Mistress.’  Again, his correct grasp of the concepts of fairness and grounds for gratitude driven from his mind by his submissiveness and my cruel dominance; particularly as I may be wearing dirty snow boots or well-worn gym shoes.

My final example is a new thank you occasion and has arisen as a result of my new contraption. Once:

  • I have lifted my shoe from his clitty after his horrible, disappointing, spoiled orgasm has ended,
  • and his semen pools in a food container, shortly to have water added, (and or my nectar), and become an ice chink for his funnel gag,
  • and I have shown off my body during the process and talked about how he will never, ever get to fuck that body,
  • and I will have had between 7 and 11 massive orgasms by this point in the day,

I say, in a mocking and unkind tone, ‘What do you say?‘ He answers, ‘Thank you Mistress.’ His tone this time is not so genuine, but it is extremely poignant and sad and respectful. My question is truly powerful and affecting for him. Expecting him to thank me for inflicting such unfairness and misery. But he is deeply subjugated and would not dare do otherwise than thank me. I get such a power rush from having just been such a cruel bitch and then asking him to thank me, and hearing his submissive, obedient, poignant and sad thank you, that I am close to requiring a supplementary orgasm for the day!

Once he has thanked me then I give him a curt instruction in a very cold voice to get everything cleaned up and then I walk off.


For info on my own BDSM manual, click on an image below.



44 thoughts on “Submissives’ Fitting Thank You’s

  1. Thank You Mistress Scarlet…

    And I sincerely mean that. Like many men, the many responsibilities handed to me throughout my life has not allowed me to pursue the type of relationship you and your bitch-boy are so very fortunate to live. So as much as I would cherish saying “Thank You” to the woman I so admire after sexually satisfying her whilst my own satisfaction stays securely locked away, I am left to say Thank You to You Mistress Scarlet for sharing your wonderful life, the life men like me dream about but will probably never realize.


    1. I guess you mean for ONE cool idea.
      I do like it and wonder if it could be set up for cock smacking instead of ball smacking. I could sit and read a book or watch TV while it was going on. Lovely.

      It looks like the site itself could be very good. I had not come across it before.

      1. Thank you for your appreciation ma’am. I have got couple of other ideas aswell, open to discussion, if you allow me to DM you. Also, FYI my wife dommes me everytime we are having sex but outside of that we are vanilla couple, which I do not like ofcourse(I want as much of FLR as possible). And please suggest some way to show my traditional wife the benefits of FLR.

          1. I have not read your manual, but I have read a lot of other stuff but nothing seems to work with her, given that we live in India. Apart from that, I have a couple of technical ideas in mind(Related with website and mobile applications), with which you would be able to help couples more efficiently. I definitely respect the fact that you do not DM with males, can you suggest some other alternative so that I can share my ideas with you?

            1. You need to read the beginning of my manual first. It’s why I wrote it!
              One tip for your wife being more amenable to dominating you more, might be if you don’t simply dismiss women’s suggestions out of hand like you have mine. If you have read much on this blog, you will have noted that many people say it is the best manual they have ever read. So not like lots of others!

              1. I did not mean any disrespect but for Indian audience it’s little out of context. It entirely depends on the family you belong to and the city you live in and the girl you are married to. But as you suggested I’ll get back to you once I read your BDSM manual.

                1. I think you completely misunderstand the issues. I might be wrong.
                  I would love to know how the family you belong to and the city you live in have anything to do with encouraging a wife, who is dominant in the bedroom, to be dominant outside it too.

                  1. Okay. First of all, we live with my parents. Though none of us have any obligation of household chores, but even if we did and I did all of it that would be unacceptable to the elder people in our family. This puts a huge pressure on her as she would never want to look like a villain which forces her to be very submissive in front of the outside world. And even while dominating in the bedroom during our BDSM activities, some of which she enjoys, she feels that she enjoys it because I enjoy it. She loves getting massages, we have got a masseuse for the same. One more thing, she is a housewife and I have to devote a lot of time in multiple businesses. If you are saying that with the situation given above, we can still live the D/S life outside of the bedroom, please suggest how do we proceed?

                    1. OK, so as I thought nothing at all to do with living in India.
                      What can she possibly do to change? You surely have to make the changes. Live alone with her and work less hours????

  2. Shutting down businesses, including family business is not an option. Same is moving out. Time and living with family were the conditions I was talking about. Otherwise in our room or when we travel outside of India she exercises her powers over me.

    1. I would be pretty certain that you could move out with your wife but avoiding the problems that would create is more important to you than a full-on femdom life with your wife.

      Again, I ask, given the choices you are making, What can she possibly do to change?

      1. I am sorry ma’am, I know I am the problem here. But the main reason I texted was to propose you ideas so that we can use advanced technology to propagate such life style, for instance an app with certain integrations(eg with AI powered chatbots)) or customisable features for personalisation, or capable of integration with locks or electric shock devices and many more similar features which could be exercised remotely or can be scheduled with ease. For more details we need to have some other communication portal .

  3. First of all I am really sorry I was missing all the action for quite sometime. Your alternate blog is so spot on, Plus I cant help but admire your blog more everytime you post a new article. And the comments and ideas that fabulous Ms Christine posts are so cruel yet so amazing.

    But I messaged you to discuss this further. How do you want to go about it(the platform that we had discussed)?

      1. Please allow me to clarify everything. I had commented on this amazing post of yours quite sometime ago to discuss the platform to promote FLR. Then I got caught up with some really important work and had to choose work over this idea. But now I have got some extra time to be able to work on this. So, I just want to discuss the details of the project mentioned above in your comments to put up a platform with latest tech to support existing dommes. Like I had suggested earlier this platform would include features such as chastity regime templates. tedium task templates, remote controlled chastity lock/unlock, electro stimulation, remote control for vibrating butt plugs, plus point system for subs on specific task completion. Basically the purpose is to make it extremely easy for dommes to make it extremely difficult for subs.

        1. I am afraid I just can’t visualise the platform you speak of. I am of course open to new technology as a fantastic way to enhance an FLR relationship especially for the current younger generation, but your proposals are just too vague for me and I can’t commit lots of time to such a vague set of ideas.

              1. You are the “Mistress Scarlet”. Your brand + Ideas + audience/fans/followers + you’ll be training a machine learning model to translate your Q/As to a chatbot(You do not need to do anything but to answer a couple of questions daily). So, the plan is to make your thoughts/ideas readily available for the entire world.

                    1. I do not have an anonymous Google account.

                      I fear this is not going to work. It appears you do not have the time to involve me in a way that is convenient to me. I would have expected to have been asked if I have a google account I could use before being sent a link requiring one. It would have saved us both time.

                    2. For the very first time I have an idea of what you are proposing. I am now concerned that as you have never been in a proper FLR relationship, you have a fantasy of what people might want, which may not match reality. So two very basic questions.

                      Why would any Mistress with a slave want to sign up to this? What is in it for them?

                      Why would any submissive who has no Mistress sign up to this? What is in it for them?

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