So close : Xmas day nettles

Just a quick post as an update. From three stinging nettle stems picked and used yesterday, one produced VERY powerful stings indeed. We are so close to an Xmas day of using stinging nettles!

Mistress Nicola was over and expertly applied the nettle stem for A LONG TIME! When it seemed she was satisfied and bitch-boy was writhing and sobbing, I held his clitty upright with my tongs and the foreskin was back and invited Mistress Nicola to attend to the cock head. Her front was sensuously pressed into my back and with one warm hand sensuously holding me where top of thigh meets tummy, she attended to the cock head with the nettles in her other hand. From bitch-boy’s reaction, this was much, much more painful than on the shaft. So much sobbing and carrying on when we had finished.

So four days to go and we will have to got to Xmas day. Fingers crossed there are no serious frosts before then.


For info on my very popular BDSM manual, click on an image below.


6 thoughts on “So close : Xmas day nettles

  1. Unrelated to nettles, but are you aware that your tumblr (or what’s left of it, following the great censoring) has seemingly been hijacked and is redirecting to a site about a dating app?

  2. nettles on bitch-boy’s widdle wee wee for Christmas! So much worse than a lump of coal. I do hope you add some slowly and generously rubbed in capsacin or similar lineament so that bitch boy’s wee-wee will be hot and red for Christmas LOL.
    Merry Christmas Scartlet:)
    Carla Thomas

  3. Very excited for all three of you – what festive fun!

    Stinging nettle is at Christmas – simply glorious!

    Any visits to The Institute scheduled Ms Scarlet to ensure BB’s Christmas is as miserable as miserable can be?!

    Can Just imagine how lovely his warmed ‘mulled wine’ would be and as for ‘the slugs’ Xmas would be dinner, I suffer with equal terror/excitement…

  4. Respectfully, I always enjoy Your posts, Ma’am…thank You. I hope You’ll enjoy a fine crop of stinging nettles for Christmas Day and bb will suffer for Your amusement and his betterment! Wishing You, Mistress Nicola and bb a very Happy Holiday!

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