Curt instructions new years resolution.

At the end of last month I published two posts on the pleasure and effect, during vanilla times, of issuing curt, impolite instructions to your submissive instead of polite requests. Publishing these posts, and seeing the numerous comments from submissives passionately endorsing how much curt instructions in vanilla times affect them deeply, I decided to ramp up my own use of curt instructions during vanilla times.

Well what a pleasure it truly is, bringing a little power rush almost every time, especially when the instruction is as curt as it can be. And then seeing bitch-boy obediently scurry off to carry out the instruction obviously feeling quite bullied and exploited by my behaviour. Delightful! (And obviously no, thank you, when the instruction has been carried out).

Get my yoga bag, top up my wine, put my shoes away, load the dishwasher, get me a cup of tea, defrost my car, get me a towel, tidy the kitchen, get my gym shoes, get my book from the bedroom, get my cell phone, put my cell phone on charge, etc, etc.

I may well make it one of my new year’s resolutions to maximise issuing curt instructions at every opportunity. I have noticed it becoming much more natural and subconscious to me. It feels soon it will be a natural thing I do in vanilla times without thinking about it. Poor bitch-boy will be even more subjugated to me and addicted to me. And I’ll have little hits of extra pleasure every day.

7 thoughts on “Curt instructions new years resolution.

  1. You are truly a Goddess! Any submissive male should recognise that reality! i have been subject to curt instructions and as you say, “thank you” is not a part of that…a more appropriate reply after he’s obeyed your order might be…”return to your duties” or “get back to work”!


    sissy jamieanne

  2. Mistress – I didn’t comment on your earlier post about using curt commands but it has been a standard part of my Mistress’ approach for a long time. It absolutely changes the nature of “vanilla time” from a partial respite from kink time to an extension of it.

    Of course there have to be exceptions for clarity but her general practice is to use only a single word. She never uses “please”, which would suggest a request vs. a command. And, as you said, never “thank you”.

    Instead of “get me a cup of tea” she would simply say “tea”. Instead of “get me my yoga bag” she would say “yoga bag” (admittedly two words) and point to where she wants me to put it. Or, instead of “get my my cell phone”, just “phone” (we no longer have a landline phone!) and point to her feet if she wants it brought to her or perhaps point to a table if that’s where she wants it.

    There are certainly times in public and vanilla settings where she is much less “curt” – I guess you’d say “more appropriate” – but whenever possible curt has, for some time, been her standard.

    That includes when we are with the small handful of friends who are aware of the nature of our relationship. She does not, as you do, have friends that are in active dominant relationships or (as far as I know) even looking for one but the several who know of ours are clearly drawn to and fascinated by it. My Mistress has invited them to use curt instructions to me, which they started doing very tentatively and now more routinely.


    Jim D

  3. This is a tremendous post. Thank you. It brings up and articulates something that I have never fully understood but know is real and true. It actually relates to part of how I learned how deep my submissiveness truly is. I had a girlfriend who “taught” me this in a sense. It was before I knew much of anything about these kind of relationships. She simply would say things to me in an “absolute” sort of manner. Not loud or harsh usually but sort of simple – indicating that I had no say whatsoever in things. “We are going to “X” restaurant tonight”. “I want you at the gym this morning”. “Turn the channel to ABC” (in the middle of us watching something on another channel and not asking me if I was watching it). “My dry cleaning is ready for pick up”. I adored her and simply found this unbelievably powerful. It connected with me on some very deep level. I had been with strong women (who made me feel weak) before this but never who had spoken with this sort of 100% kind of assurance. I cannot describe the effect intellectually. It was like I had to follow her instructions – it is hard to explain that – the “I had to”. It just felt that way. Like I needed to. Once she was annoyed with me and “just” told me to stand in the corner. It was all a bit cosmic but I felt very comforted by her strength.

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