My site

Amazingly I have 83 followers on my embryonic BDSMLR site, the replacement for my TUMBLR site. But I am only today publishing its address. I can’t imagine how these followers found me!



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6 Responses to My site

  1. slaveboij says:

    greetings Mistress,
    thank You for sharing the details of Your profile on the new tumblr. just made my account there and shall follow You after i type this. grateful for Your presence.


  2. Doesn’t seem to be working…

  3. rogerperry49 says:

    I cant quite remember how i found bdsmlr but im glad i have and its wonderful to know that it related to The Superb Mistress Scarlet.

  4. Michael says:

    Hello, I am following. I also have a BDSMLR, feel free to check it out.

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