Satisfying feedback

Yet more satisfying feedback about my BDSM manual. Nothing satisfies me more than learning that a woman is now enjoying the pleasures of domination, partly because of my BDSM manual. (And a sub is gaining submissive contentment too.) Mistress Rain Star wrote:

Thank you for your blogs and books, they’ve helped me tremendously……………….. We’re on a short trial period and it’s going very well. Your book, Gratifying Domination and Submissive Contentment: A Guidance Manual, in particular, has been more help to me than anything else.

The full text of Mistress Rain Star’s comment on my blog are at the foot of this post, together with my reply.

For info on my BDSM manual, click on an image below.








Rain Star

Thank you for your blogs and books, they’ve helped me tremendously. I want to tell you a brief overview of my situation because it’s been difficult to find a support group. Almost 17 years ago I met my submissive but I wasn’t ready. We were together on and off for 6 or 7 years (with me topping him) and then we broke up and I asked for no communication. Of course, he respected my request and never contacted me again. I spent the next 10 years in and out of mostly non-con D/s relationships (with me being the non-con s). Only 1 of those relationships was healthy. I missed my sub and thought of him often. A few recent events led me to contact him again, after a decade. He’s a year single and I asked him to be in service to me. We’re on a short trial period and it’s going very well. Your book, Gratifying Domination and Submissive Contentment: A Guidance Manual, in particular, has been more help to me than anything else. But I’m looking for even more information. Classes, a community, another Domme. I have friends in the lifestyle and have thrown out lines. I live very close to San Francisco so it shouldn’t be this difficult, but it is. All the classes are too expensive or don’t teach the basics. My sub is training me as I’m training him but I want to accelerate the process. I want to keep him in his sub space by being the Domme I know he craves. Already I’ve come up with some amazing ideas that I use to top him but I’m doing them in a way that keeps him feeling dominated. He’s also a chaste cuckhold and my mind reels with all we can explore. Why isn’t there a FB group or some other type of community for Domme’s to meet and exchange ideas? I’ve scoured Fet and all the kinky places near me… there’s really an under-serviced need here.

MISTRESS SCARLET WROTE:  Thank you for the kind words about my manual.

It is such a shame you are not in the UK. I would love to have you visit me and I would demonstrate on my bitch-boy literally anything you wanted and of course discuss in depth anything you were interested in about how I live my life . I would also be happy to visit your place and the two of us could practice things on your sub. But obviously, geography precludes this reciprocal double-domming avenue. Huge shame.

Keep looking for Dommes’ groups that meet up. I understand they do exist in most big cities. Perhaps this post will cause an SF Domme to come forward and let me know she is a member of such a group. Also if you attend munches and BDSM nightclubs, you might be told of such an SF group.










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6 Responses to Satisfying feedback

  1. tiffanymaid says:

    As 2018 passes, both my Mistresswife, Serena, and i would like to thank You for Your excellent posts, the best BDSM training manual W/we have ever encountered, and the wonderful Journals 12 & 13 that have so inspired and aided our r/l relationship.
    W/we wish You well for 2019
    Mistress Serena and tiffany

  2. Art Miller says:

    Dear Madam: I mean no disrespect to you. I truly respect women and believe they are the superior sex though socially, religiously and politically brain washed and repressed. . That said, after decades of searching I have yet to find a naturally sexually dominant female. Oh, there are male haters and male bashers and surely female sadists. But a female who wants to dominate a man sexually like men want to do or do naturally with women, have him as a toy, use him as she wishes, when she wants, play with him solely for her pleasure, lend him out (a male fantasy entirely), i’m afraid not. Most femdom literature seems to be written by and for men. I’ve yet to find a woman even remotely interested. I’m coming to believe the idea of “femdom” is a Western fraud and farce. Certainly in most of the rest of the world women are not only submissive but frequently abused. In the Western Hemisphere so-called femdommes are usually playing a part for monetary gain. Who can blame them. They have found a “gimmick” in a world where it is difficult to earn a fair living. It may be time to tell the truth instead of promoting wishful or profitable thinking.
    Respectfully, art

    • 1. I can see why you have not come across a sexually dominant woman, as you first say you mean no disrespect to me, then call me a liar motivated by profit. With such disingenuous behaviour, you may have come across a dominant woman or two but they would never have revealed that to you, given your character.

      2. How are man-haters and female sadists who have a man to use and abuse not naturally sexually dominant females???? I have met one or two I would describe as man-haters or female sadists who had a male slave. To me they were naturally sexually dominant females.

      3. Your lack of global knowledge on the subject is woeful. I have travelled extensively and there are plenty of dominant women in Australia, Japan and China and most of South East Asia except countries under political Muslim tyranny.

      4. When you describe ‘….a female who wants to dominate a man sexually…….., have him as a toy, use him as she wishes, when she wants, play with him solely for her pleasure, lend him out…..’ you describe me exactly. So you obviously think I make up all I write in my journals and this blog? I guess you have become petulant in your frustration and lashed out because you have not been able to get your own way and find a dominant women who is dominant to your exact specification of dominance.

      5. Over the years I have met and enjoyed the company of a number of truly dominant women and enjoyed witnessing their personalities in action and many of the women who comment on this blog are truly dominant women. Women like us are rare though. I have often written about research I read that suggested there are 100 submissive men for each dominant woman. This ratio does seem supported by the number of Dominatrix there are and also when attending a club like Club Pedestal. This brings me back to my question I would dearly like to see an answer to. How are man-haters and female sadists who have a long term male partner to use and abuse, not naturally sexually dominant females????

  3. Dating Kinky Team says:

    I host a Women In Charge Group on Facebook. We have some amazing discussions, with real women who live this lifestyle contributing.

    Women In Charge – All About Female-Led Relationships:

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