Vile Task, to be done more often!

About every 9 to 12 months, our walk-in shower trap needs removing and cleaning. This is discovered to be due when the water does not drain away quickly and one ends up standing in soiled water. Not appropriate for a princess’s beautiful feet I think!

It has just happened and my first thought was to issue a curt instruction to bitch-boy to clean it out. That would amuse me a little as it is a truly vile job. The trap is full of my beautiful long blonde hair matted with disgusting grey soap residue. Having bitch-boy clean this vile mess also no doubt reminds him of all the times he has been pissed on in the shower since he last cleaned the trap out.

However! It dawned on me that I could kill two birds with one stone. Both ensure my beautiful feet never again were in the soiled water, AND, also subject bitch-boy to the vile task more often than once a year. So I have put a recurring task in my calendar for every two months. ‘bb to clean out the shower trap.’ Poor bb.

I may decide to dress up to the nines in a very short, expensive, figure hugging dress and high heels, lots of make-up and dripping with expensive jewellery and have him padlocked into his heavy, uncomfortable, rubber collar, naked but for his penis cage. Then I can watch him on his hands and knees skivvying away in the vile grime; reminding him of all the times he has been pissed on….. Until I get bored and leave him to it.


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20 Responses to Vile Task, to be done more often!

  1. sissy jamieanne says:

    Perhaps as bitch boy cleans this “vile mess” from the trap, he should be reminded to handle those lovely blond hairs with the respect and adoration they deserve as they belong to his Goddess! Thank You as always for sharing Ma’am.

  2. Chasteforher says:

    An interesting idea. Perhaps also instruct bb to clean the grouting between the shower tiles with a toothbrush. They too can become discoloured unless regularly cleaned. 🙂

  3. slave kendra says:

    Mistress Scarlet i love your ideas for tormenting bitch boy, but i feel so sad when you talk about pissing on bitch boy.. I have been the recipient of many drinks of goddess urine, from many different women, and i would hate to see it being wasted down the drain. I have been pissed on, and always tried to get my self in to position to drink as much of it as i could.

    • Hmmmmmm, it seems to me you genuinely enjoy drinking nectar. bicth-boy absolutely does not. If he did, like you do, I would seal his lips shut with duct tape before pissing on him. Why would I do something he enjoys???
      As he does not though, a favourite of mine and Mistress Nicola’s takes place when he is in severe bondage and wearing his funnel gag. Using either a very large syringe or a small jug, pouring undiluted nectar into the funnel gag, a little at a time but almost constantly pouring.

      • slave kendra says:

        Yes Ma’am i do enjoy drinking nectar, because i was trained to drink it at the ripe old age of 15, by a a woman who was 39 and here 32 year old sister over a 3 and a half year period. I will admit that i don’t enjoy drinking morning piss, or piss after Mistress has been exercising and dehydrating. These times first in the morning and dehydrated is very strong and difficult to drink with out gagging, and gagging is a no-no with Mistress and most women i have served over the years. I am now 82 Year old and still serve a Mistress on a part time basis who enjoys using my mouth for her relief .

        • I much prefer the more accurate picture you now paint, specifying disliking STRONG nectar. Of course, I would not seal your lips with tape when the nectar was STRONG.

          I would very much appreciate more detail on your training during your teen years please. It sounds deeply fascinating.

  4. Fluffy says:

    HNY and Lucky BB!

    I guess I always pictured BB scrubbing away at daily menial chores for you anyway !

  5. sillymaid says:

    ….and have him cut it up in to a mush and eat it with a baby feeding spoon….won’t hurt but would be awful..

    • I guess you are called silly for good reason. The chances of him being seriously ‘hurt’ by a stomach virus or bacterial infection would be huge! I do not want him debilitated. I want him fit and healthy so I can use and abuse him fully.

  6. Boot gimp says:

    Seal his lips shut with duck tape….this, in six words sums up what makes Mistress Scarlet stand out for perfectly thought out cruelty. My own Mistress many years ago decided that I had no need to smell her shoes when licking them (knowing I absolutely adore shoe and feet sniffing) so I have since worn a swimming nose clip when worshiping her footwear. She has allowed me to sniff footwear to make chastity hurt more, but then I am gagged. She promised that I would never again be able to taste and smell a shoe at the same time again and this promise has been kept for a good few years now.

    I have a question for you Mistress Scarlet, and I apologise If this has ever been covered in a previous blog. Do you have a certain New Years Eve routine with bb? Nye doesn’t hold a great deal of symbolism for me, but I know that many feel it symbolises a fresh start etc, and it is important for people to kiss their partner at midnight etc. Have you thought about putting bb into his total bondage at 11pm until 1am over nye? Thus he will end the year and start the new one exactly the same way. Possibley made more powerful if he knew you were clinking champagne glasses with another of your Domme friends downstairs?

    Thank you

    Boot gimp

  7. robby says:

    Vile Tasks…

    MsScarlet Your blog and writing are wonderful.

    I am currently and owned slave of my wonderful wife, and she works me hard! She also know it pushes my submissive buttons when she has me do Vile tasks like this.

    A couple of things you may wish to consider…

    Make the task tougher to do (have he clean items with bare hands, a small toothbrush)

    Here are a few tasks I must do, perhaps they could be added to bb’s list too 🙂

    – I clean the bottom of all her footwear monthly (actually wash and scrub)
    – I clean the inside of the garbage bins monthly
    – I wash the toilets each week with my bare hands

    Perhaps the very worst task however is when she asks me to play the role of human waste bin, each week she will clean the fridge and throw out anything that looks like it has or is about to expire. It all goes into the blender where she turns it to mush. which I then consume… TRULY VILE! 🙂

    With care,

    • Wow, some great ideas. A great way to reduce food waste and remind you of the huge gulf in status between you and her.
      And your wife sounds like an amazing Mistress! I think she and I would get along like a house on fire!

  8. Carla Thomas says:

    As always I love reading about how you treat bitch-boi. I do have one suggestion ( in addition to the wonderfully creative and cruel suggestions you have already received) as to how to make bb’s vile tasks of cleaning out the trap and other menial tasks even more uncomfortable for the sissy and more enjoyable for you and anyone who you invite over to watch bb slave away. And just so you know this is something I do regularly with pussie-my husband sissy maid.
    I suggest using a “humbler” device. You may be familiar with this but if not let me describe it for you. The humbler consists of testicle cuff device that clamps around the ball of the scrotum with the cuff mounted in the center of two bars that pass behind the thighs at the base of the wearer’s rear end. The humbler forces the wearer to keep its legs folded forward, as any attempt to straighten the leg to stand, even slightly pulls hard on the balls, causing considerable pain ( I have taken this description from Wikipedia- you may google “humbler device” to see pictures.)
    Using the humbler forces pussie to say on its knees or all fours while scrubbing floor, toilets bath tubs and showers, or just when I want to leave pussie somewhere knowing he will not be able to stand up:). Another advantage of using the humbler is that it leaves the sissy’s balls and wee-wee beautifully exposed for smackings and easily available for a through application of capsaicin or a similar substance. Being forced to say on its knees with burning balls and wee-wee is a wonderful to keep pussie reminded of its status as nothing more than a menial maid who exists only to suffer for others amusement.
    Happy New Year Scarlet!!

    • Thank you Carla. I an aware of the Humbler device and have often thought of buying one but simply never got round to it. I think in part because all the stuff I do to and with bitch-boy, fills my time and gives me so much of a power rush and cruel pleasure, my motivation for new things is low. I will definitely add it to my wish list though for 2019 because it does look huge fun!

      Thank you again and happy new year to you!

  9. maid g (I previously found the straps you were looking for) says:

    Thank you for sharing this Ms Scarlet.
    I am unfortunately not owned or enjoy the lifestyle but this is something I also do at home but with the bath. I regularly have to take the panel off, locate the drain plug on the trap and clean out all the hair from which mainly comes from my daughter and my wife. It is indeed messy and slimey but a necessary task.
    In addition to this, these may be of interest. Two other tasks I do regularly, in fact I have just done them this morning.
    The first task is cleaning the filter on the washing machine. I try to do this every 4 to 6 weeks, if I forget it clogs terribly and sometimes prevents the washing machine from emptying and then it has to be manually drained which is very messy and time consuming. Unscrewing the filter usually reveals a lot of slimey fluff, chalk from the heating element and occasionally buttons, hairgrips, etc. It takes me about 12 to 15 minutes to complete the task but I only clean it ‘adequately” probably 90 to 95%, but good enough to be acceptable top the manufacturer. It could be made a task however by an inventive Mistress to clean it completely, scrape off every last piece of chalk and present it for inspection. This would make the task much harder and more time consuming. A failure to impress on inspection could result in a hard caning 🙂
    Secondly I perform the same task on the condenser filter on the tumble dryer, this approximately every 6 to 13 weeks. This really is a horrible job. The filter is literally encrusted with a thick layer of wet slippery fluff. It is practically impossible to get clean properly. It takes me 20 minutes or so and it again is returned 90 to 95% clean. To clean it properly would take probably over an hour with long test-tube type brushes, long metal skewers and a lot of hard work. It is impossible to get hands in to the gaps so it is extremely difficult and I doubt would ever be possible to get more than 99% clean. An inspection could also take place after cleaning this as well and another caning would almost certainly be due.
    I hope these may give you ideas of other nasty cleaning tasks for your property.

    By the way, I love that you caned him on Christmas day. I am so jealous of this.

    maid g

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