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The Petticoat Discipline Quarterly Forum is on offshoot of Petticoat Discipline Monthly. One has to be registered and logged in to be able to view thumbnail images, otherwise it seems all else can be viewed without registering and logging in.

Some of the Female Supremacy views on the forum, couched as Feminism, are remarkable and from the point of view of a cruel dominant woman, pretty exciting. And I am sure from the point of view of a submissive male, very affecting.

I have yet hardly dipped my toe into the waters of the forum’s many posts and threads, but a number of the feminists and a number of the submissives reporting on their lives under female control, make a great read. The most exciting aspect, I think, is it all appears very real; almost no fantasy.

I sincerely hope the following do not mind me highlighting their posts as a fascinating and thought provoking read. Radical Feminist, Brigitte, Sara in charge, Gemma (of whose exploits have been detailed in the Petticoat Discipline Monthly), SheWearsThePants and Sissycindylynn.

No doubt there are many others worthy of mention and if, dear blog follower, you dip your toes into the waters of the posts of this forum and find others worthy of mention, you will leave an appropriate comment on this blog. I have registered on the forum and will be posting in due course.

Images like these below along with the following paraphrased and amalgamated text are quite thought provoking!

All men owned by woman and in a permanent chastity cage and only allowed rare prostate milked relief. Subjected to all that women have been subjected to in the past. A tight corset always, shaved from the neck down, the frilliest most ludicrous outfits possible, heavy make up and false eyelashes, very high heels always, a pink butt plug, penetrated whenever the sissy’s owner wants to have some fun. The male’s existence being only to do chores and be an amusement in lesbian households.

Obviously all men treated like this is a fantasy, but for the women creating this scenario, it is a desire they truly hold; and taking steps to move society to it is what they truly do.



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19 Responses to Petticoat Discipline Quarterly Forum

  1. slave kendra says:

    Ma’am I have been a member of these wonderful sites for about a year now, and really enjoy reading them and seeing the pics. I find my self wishing that I could be petticoated by a woman. The woman that I serve on a part basis has dressed me in panties and bra and stockings with garter belt and taken me out in public to humiliate me, and I both loved it and hated it, but she does not do that anymore and I miss it. She is now only interested in receiving oral services to her puss and anus, which I love doing but I still wish for the feminizing and humiliation.

  2. sillymaid says:

    A lovely website and forum…I’ve been reading it since it first appear in 2000.

    I’m on the forum but, you probably laugh, I spelt my user name wrong when I registered…. Silymaid…..missed an ‘l’ out!!

    The other lady of note is Yvette-Louise…


  3. Drew says:

    This post is like when two very dear, but previously unconnected, friends meet each other for the first time, and get on famously.

  4. SubservientMale says:

    This is indeed a very exciting forum, Ms Scarlet! I found SheWearsThePants’ story about being feminized at the Women’s March to be particularly arousing. What a treat for women who have to put up with so much male machismo in their daily lives to get to meet a properly broken male!

    Men being “Subjected to all that women have been subjected to in the past” is particularly relevant for me, for a different reason, as I’ve recently started serving a Black woman who I met online. It’s just financial service right now, with me sending her a large portion of my salary each week, but I fantasize about entering into a full-on Female Led Relationship with her at some point in the future. (We have talked about a real-time relationship like this, but right now we live too far apart to make it a reality).

    There’s so much “cuckold” material on the internet involving white women cucking white men with a better-endowed Black man, but so little on white men worshiping and serving Black women. It’s a shame, because the latter is so much more arousing! The image of a white man, fully feminized, his once-proud penis miserably encased in an undersized chastity belt, a ball-gag in his mouth, sobbing after a full day of chores and punishments, on his hands and knees acting as a footstool while his Black Queen reclines with a book in her hand and her feet resting on his back… not to mention his entire paycheck being deposited into her personal bank account.

    It’s so ironic (and arousing) how the tables have turned!

    • As I wrote in my manual, I have a BIG PROBLEM with white people thinking things are more humiliating with black people; as this surely indicates these white people believe black people are of lower status and therefore the humiliation is worse. However, I always have to balance that with the thought that if the black people are benefitting and exploiting these white people’s misguided values, then good for them!

  5. Sissy maid alexis says:

    No fantasy for some of us!

  6. sissy cindy lynn says:

    This sissy is personally delighted you took the time to read and enjoy my forum posts. I’ve shared quite a few memorable moments of my life.
    I hope some of what I shared made you smile.
    sissy cindy lynn

  7. Great post Mistress Scarlet. Thank you for sharing it with us. I have been reading Petticoat Discipline monthly for some time and find the letters both terrifying and arousing! I wonder how many women actively pursue this lifestyle…

  8. Connie Pickles says:

    I’m lucky enough to be a “friend” of radical feminist and having read your blog it’s scary you are now both here.

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