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My stomping stage

Well my contraption led me beyond a humiliating milking technique for bitch-boy and onto videos of standing on cocks and stomping on cocks.

This pleasure seems best achieved by having the male lie under a low stage or platform that has a hole in it, so I had to have one! And now I have! bitch-boy was given a week to design and construct a perfect stage or his denial period would get VERY LONG INDEED. He complied. I insisted the stage be large enough to accommodate two women as I envisaged sometimes it would be nice for my girlfriend Nicola and I to be kissing and caressing on the stage while one of us has bitch-boy’s vulnerable clitty squashed flat under our sole, and perhaps twisting the foot clockwise and anti-clockwise.

The humiliating milking technique for bitch-boy about which I previously posted may well become redundant shortly as I will now learn the technique I have seen on videos of milking a clitty under the sole of a shoe. (By a back and forth movement on the shaft underside, just behind the head of the clitty. With skilful technique it can be a full orgasm, or by immediately removing the pressure, a spoilt orgasm or, it seems, by immediately pressing down extra hard, a blocked orgasm.

Then there is:

  • tipping the contents of an ashtray onto the nasty object before stomping, to provide further degradation,
  • using muddy footwear to provide further degradation,
  • having two or three stems of stinging nettle leaves under the object while squashing it,
  • using footwear with different sole styles – V sole tread gym shoes, heavy snow boots, smooth soles like with my wedges, or sharp stiletto heels, (Always remembering wedges are easier to use while focussing elsewhere than stiletto heels.)
  • pressing down on the object on a slice of fresh, acidic, pineapple or lemon slices,
  • and on focussing elsewhere, while a sole is pressed down on the object, and perhaps twisted from left and right, – drying my hair, brushing my hair, doing my make-up, talking on the phone, kissing a girlfriend as mentioned above, etc.

Within a month of mentioning I may need to produce a second edition of my BDSM manual to deal with Curt Instructions, I find myself embarking on another new activity worthy of manual space. The Stomping Stage.

I do find it wonderful that as I approach 20 years of experience as a Mistress-Wife, there are still new things to discover to increase my pleasure yet further and deepen bitch-boy’s subjugation to, and awe of, me. I cannot believe just how much I ADORE torturing his clitty under my shoe sole; the aesthetic, the symbolism and the sadistic pleasure of inflicting both physical and mental discomfort this way.


For info on my own BDSM manual, click on an image below.




Spring nettles!

I know I have been banging on about stinging nettles through the winter. But I can now report new ‘spring’ growth has arrived. And my how it stings.

Some heavy frosts at the end of January did kill off the nettles, but already, yesterday, Mistress Nicola came over and in preparation, and more in hope than expectation, I looked and found new stinging nettle sprouts.  These were only four inches tall and the small dark leaves formed a tight dome at the top of the stem the size of a coaster. HOWEVER, as you will know as a follower of my blog, young pre-flowering stinging nettles have the worst stings that last the longest. Would these tiny shoots deliver these attributes?

Mistress Nicola arrived and after an hour or so of ‘fun’ activities we secured an already miserable bitch-boy to the BDSM bed with the gynaecological stirrups. I got him hard, the nettle blanket was put in place and then Mistress Nicola, in a pair of my elbow length leather gloves, picked up a stem of the nettles and went to work. WOW! The commotion and whimpering and pleading!!!!! These little stems of leaves absolutely did sting very aggressively.

As is the habit and joy of Mistress Nicola, she was enjoying herself and thoughts of pity were nowhere to be found as she continued to lash down with the nettles on the defenceless object again and again and again . She turned his birth-defect this way and that seeking out virgin territory. bitch-boy was continuously pleading and sobbing into his gag. When she had finally finished he was in a rather distressed state as obviously the stinging continues long after the initial onslaught. Such was her cruelty that we found we were rather aroused and after kissing and caressing in front of him, we left him to his sobbing and made our way to my bedroom.

I hope some of you will be pleased to learn that enough has changed or been added to my life time regime and my special days with Nicola, that I am writing a journal just like my original ones, wholly about what happens under my roof and under Nicola’s roof. New things like the Stomping Stage which I will post about on Sunday.


First review of Volume 2 Short Stories

My first review of my recently published Short Stores Volume 2, has been received and is very pleasing!

A brilliantly unique and erotic compilation of short stories. Each rich in characterisation and imagination! Thank you Mistress Scarlet.




Paperback at LULU.COM                                 ePub at LULU.COM



USA,   UK,     DE,    FR,    ES,    IT,     NL,    JP,    BR,      CA,     MX,     AU,    IN.


Soon to be available on iBooks/iTunes, Nook, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Ingram etc.


Short Stories Volume 2 is published

Four medium length stories of ruthless female domination in scenarios quite different I believe from anything I have written about before. 56,000 words in length. Giving up work has given me time to let my mind and keyboard wander away from my wonderful reality for a while.

Sugarbutt is a tale of pitiless revenge and personal profit on the ocean.

The Scaled up Android Babysitter is a tale from the very near future exploiting new technology in a merciless way.

Retirement Home is a tale of two young women from the wrong side of the tracks, making the most, in a radical and enduring way, of a male’s compulsion to submit to cruel females.

No rights for the ‘help’ is a tale of three sisters importing ruthless dominance values to their houses in the Western world.


Paperback at LULU.COM                           ePub at LULU.COM



USA,   UK,     DE,    FR,    ES,    IT,     NL,    JP,    BR,      CA,     MX,     AU,    IN.


Soon to be available on iBooks/iTunes, Nook, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Ingram etc.

DS advert for Louboutin heels

A great advert by Christian Louboutin for high heels,  (yes I have a pair). The twist at the end I saw coming but puts DS into mainstream which is always a good thing.

And on a separate note, what is it about a hand on hip, just like this, that is sooooo dominant and haughty ?????? Both to see and to do. I am theorising it firstly throws the shoulders back and chest out and chin up, and secondly indicates relaxed confidence and superiority.



My latest journal.

Volume 13: The Institute, Click on any link below: –

Paperback version,       ePub version,

Amazon Kindle –

USA,    UK, 

DE,    FR,    ES,    IT,    NL,    JP,    BR,    CA,    MX,    AU,    IN, 

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Adjustable spiked clitty collar

A new toy for me to play with. I can’t wait! Some vanilla socialising will delay my first use though.

I have already established it can be locked onto a soft clitty with pins quite deep and the clitty can be teased to erection. And it can be locked onto a very stiff clitty and the pins can immediately be ‘active’ AND THEN the pins can be screwed in further, RIGHT IN, if one so desires.

It is very heavy and I am wondering if I can support it with a scrotum strap to keep it exactly where I want it!


Witnessing painful treatment

A friend of mine recently had very successful facial thread vein treatment at a local beauty centre and had remarked how excruciatingly painful it was. My depraved mind immediately kicked in. I inspected bitch-boy’s face and, not surprisingly given his age and previous life of outdoor sports, he has some thread veins. (I have never partaken in outdoor sports apart from rambling on fine days and I am pleased to say I have no such veins.)

I have booked him into the local beauty centre for thread vein treatment and I shall accompany him in the room when he has the excruciating treatment, using the excuse I want to see it to decide if I should book for it.

It will be a female doing the treatment and his female owner/wife will be watching and my puppet will be in pink beribboned panties under his trousers while it is done. Before we go in I will make it clear that it is good for him to suffer for my amusement.

What a subjugating event for him for so many reasons. And an exhilarating event for me!

Survey results

Well it was only a little surprise to find that the 11 submissives who kindly provided their views, were broadly equally split on whether dressing to the nines, or dressing in my everyday casual clothes, would most affect them in the scenario I painted in yesterday’s post. This is because each outfit brings its own power.

I summarise the feedback below, for which I am very grateful.

Dressed to the nines.

  • The distance and difference between the submissive’s and the dominant’s roles.
  • The difference between the two of us is as great a divide as can be!!
  •  Dressed to the nines not only would you look awe inspiring, but also would look like the dominant might be going out and leaving the sub behind. Or be expecting guests.
  • Seeing you dressed to the nines, ready for a night on the town, while my evening of drudgery merely begins with this dreadful task would make me quite jealous, mixed in with the inequality and unfairness of our relationship.
  • Underlines the frustration of not being able to touch or be sexual with the woman who makes me feel aroused. It is like having her heel on the back of my neck psychologically.

Casual everyday wear.

  •  It truly emphasizes and drives home the fact that his toils are not any type of special occasion but instead are the reality of his day to day existence under the control of the dominant.
  • Skin tight t-shirt, leggings, etc. , that is, clothing which displays your perfect form to his vision, will serve to constantly torment him even further.
  • If you have no plans for the evening than I would find myself wanting some sexual/sensual overtones to make the dreadful task a little less dreadful, and the fact that you can dress as you please while I am dressed (or undressed) at your pleasure would be a stark display of our disparity.
  • Requiring your sub to do disgusting cleaning tasks is not something worthy or deserving of your “dressing up”. It is not something you are highlighting or in any way an extraordinary event. It is just his assigned task, a routine part of the existence you impose on him.
  • Casual provides an air of, ‘why do I need to bother dressing for you bitch.’


For info on my own BDSM manual, click on an image below.




Dress up or dress down?

I mentioned in a previous post about exploiting when bitch-boy must perform very degrading tasks like cleaning the walk-in shower gully trap, which I have now diarised to be done every two months. (I have also found the dishwasher trap which needs regular cleaning; is a disgusting task, and that is now diarised for once a month.)

I determined initially to dress up to the nines, in an opulent style. Full make up, dripping in jewellery, high heels and expensive figure hugging dress and plenty of expensive perfume. He would be naked but for penis restraint and locked on rubber slave collar. I would sit sipping Prosecco while pointing out to him, in no uncertain terms, the difference in our status, while he toiled at his disgusting chores.

Now I have reflected on my recent post on everyday casual gear, (skin tight T-shirt showing an inch of flat stomach, skin tight leggings and almost knee high Ugg boot slippers.) while he is naked but for penis restraint and locked on rubber slave collar. Being dressed this way while he toils at disgusting tasks will make it abundantly clear that his life as a drudge and puppet is not a game I dress up for. IT IS HIS LIFE. I AM THAT BITCH! It is just an everyday event for me to be dressed normally while he is naked but for penis restraint and locked on rubber slave collar undertaking a disgusting chore as much for my amusement as for the utility.

Can I ask other submissives, which dress mode, casual or opulent, would you find the most subjugating? And Dommes, which would be your preference to wear? I always learn so much when I ask such questions.