Adjustable spiked clitty collar

A new toy for me to play with. I can’t wait! Some vanilla socialising will delay my first use though.

I have already established it can be locked onto a soft clitty with pins quite deep and the clitty can be teased to erection. And it can be locked onto a very stiff clitty and the pins can immediately be ‘active’ AND THEN the pins can be screwed in further, RIGHT IN, if one so desires.

It is very heavy and I am wondering if I can support it with a scrotum strap to keep it exactly where I want it!


26 thoughts on “Adjustable spiked clitty collar

  1. Wow, that looks awesome and deliciously painful. Your bitchboy is a very lucky slave to have you in his life. I am envious.

  2. Bit of a de-lurk going on here. Long time male reader from the UK, blah, blah, blah…

    By some weird coincidence I’ve also very recently acquired the same device and faced the same dilemma concerning fit and slippage. With little expense, however, I have hit upon a solution that works for me…

    There are a couple of issues. Here’s how I addressed them:

    1) Flex in the device caused by the hole though which the padlock goes being much larger in diameter than the padlock – This is a minor issue, but a factor nonetheless. I bought some plastic washing line cord to fill the spare space in the hole. Looping the cord through the hole a couple of times before insertion of the padlock makes things very snug indeed (in terms of fitting the padlock). I’m not sure how tamper proof this is, but I doubt it would be possible to re-insert the cord if it were removed. Plus the cord can be tied really tight. In any case, in combination with the below, if the device were removed, it would not be possible to reattach it without unlocking the padlock. Tampering would be self evident

    2) The level of friction between the teeth and the skin of the penis shaft is not great enough – For this I bought some cheap, thin, shoe insoles from my local market.They’re anti-bacterial too, so very hygienic! Cut to size, wrapped around the shaft, before the device is attached, gives the device something to really bite into, without gouging into flesh. And the insole adds grip the device doesn’t have on its own. Yet, should there be any attempt at erection, the spikes very much still have menace.

    I’ll send (non-intimate) pictures to illustrate, it I can figure out a way of getting them to you.

    I have worn this set up out and about on several occasions, quite comfortably for many hours, with no slippage or discomfort, yet still being very much aware that I’m wearing it. The only problem, and depending on your point of view, it could actually be seen as a bonus, is that because the device’s grip is so tight, whilst urination is still possible for the most part, because pressure drops of towards the end of expelling the liquid, some doesn’t make it out. This then leaks out very gradually over a period of time afterwards, leading to certain amount of dampness. I’m not sure how hygienic this would be long term.

    1. You write, ‘……………….wrapped around the shaft, before the device is attached, gives the device something to really bite into, without gouging into flesh…………..’

      Does this not nullify the purpose of the device completely???????????????????

      1. Thanks for replying.

        In my opinion, no, the device’s purpose as a deterrent from stray thoughts or behaviour is very much still there. Sure, the bite of the teeth is dulled, but it is still there (the degree obviously dependent on the type and thickness of the material used). Having worn standard tube type chastity devices, I know how much pressure an erection can exert. I can imagine it might even cause the material to be pierced.

        As I’m sure you’re aware, this device has the potential to cause great pain (and, if you’re not careful, physical damage too). If the former is more your intent, then restrain your victim, pop it on as it comes and well, you know… job done.

        I don’t see any way this device could be worn for extended periods or with any regularity with the teeth digging directly into the limp penis with enough pressure to stop slippage. And even with the material, I would not risk using it overnight.

        I absolutely love the look and feel of the device. For me it fits the brief I was given by the lady concerned. I very much look forward to reading how you get on with yours and any tips or tricks you may discover for yourself. From your photo, it looks identical to mine.

  3. small bear has a poor man’s (!) version. In fact, two.
    A length of pvc sink waste pipe, slipped over his small bits using the “stocking” technique and ten screw eyes tightened at will. smallbear has a short-one inch, for when not aroused and can be worn under vanilla clothing, and a longer, about three inch with a lot more screw eyes for when aroused.
    A thin cord tied from the tube around the root holds it in place nicely.
    Much easier to tighten/loosen the spikes, as needed, without needing the alan key. We had to blunt the screw eye tips as they are sharp enough to screw into chipboard!
    Not as dramatic but effective and cheap!

  4. A few years ago I fabricated a Kalis (spelling?) teeth tube using pointed set screws for the teeth. I put it on and adjusted the screws to an acceptable discomfort level, showed it all to my wife. She was impressed with the level of quality and craftmanship and took charge of the key for a few days.
    I will say that this thing really prevents any swelling of my penis. You will be surprised by how much your penis try’s to swell during a day. My wife enjoyed my pleading for release and my eager desire to keep her happy. Since that first day I have worn the device for short periods of time. My wife has shown it to some select friends. It is a great toy but is not for long time wear.

  5. My last sub had a wonderful addition to his cock cage that was a spiked cylinder, similar to this but not as wide, perhaps 1/2 an inch wide. It fit on over the part that the cock and balls went through (the cylinder that the cage attaches to) and it was very spiky – but just on the bottom half with about 5 spikes. They were much sharper than this one and would pierce his skin if he got too hard. It was made in Germany. It was quite wonderful.

    1. What a great item. Just a bit too small for my bitch. I have tried one that small. It is a fantastic retailed though. So pleased you have brought them to my attention. I do wish I could buy the Thornes Ring on its own. I could add that to his current cage as and when.

      1. I own one of those thorn rings and I am honestly not really convinced by the design. The ring rests on the base of the slaves weenis. So when the weenis starts to swell it does not really affect it, before it is already “too late”. So if you just want to annoy BB, then this particular ring works, but if you intent to make sure he can not receive an erection, then this ring is nearly useless.

        Maybe it works better for other slaves, but for me it did not work 😦

        Completely different story are all the spiked rings that are near the tip of the weenis or at least along the shaft. Those work VERY well.

        One important hint: The sensation of a spiked device is very very very different from a standard chastity cage. In a standard cage the slave would like to get hard, but can´t due to the lack of space. So the weenis pushes against the walls of the cage and that is it, game over. But in a spiked cage the slave knows, if he gets hard it will be hell. This leads basically to a phenomenon that I call for myself “mental castration”, because one must actively think about non-sexual things. Also one must make sure to look away from anything that is even remotely sexy.

        At least for me it feels really punishing every time I have to endure some time in the spiked cage. In the standard one I am drooling for an orgasm but can´t have one … in the spiked bracelet I am turned into a forced asexual being. It not only puts “bondage” to my weenis but also to my whole mind, since I can no longer think sexual thoughts AT ALL.

        I can not wear the spikes during the night, since the nighttime erections would lead to my weenis being impaled on the spikes with many super tiny bloody marks … ouch! …

        But even one day (without a night) inside the spiked bracelet is already pure mental torture. It is hard to describe, but the feeling of being forced to think in a certain way is really punishing. I know nothing in BDSM that manages to directly force a slaves thinking into a certain direction.

        Very powerful tool! I am honestly afraid of it every time …

        1. My purpose was and is torture when he is say tied to a bed, so it can be placed half way along the shaft if I wish.

          Screwing the points in further, when he is already suffering, is very hot!

          I have never thought about having a male having to become an asexual being during waking hours. It is an interesting idea. I may well look at the right device for that.

  6. i have the same one. i plan to modify a steel ring so it becomes like a chastity device that hooks behind the balls and have a pin go through the lockhole (probably making the lockhole slightly bigger).
    and lock a small padlock on the part that stick though the original lockhole.
    hope its understandable what im typing lol. but that way its non removable and painfull when getting a nightly erection

  7. Most EU products, esp. in this particular industry are produced in CN anyway. With aliexpress you cut out the middle man. A chastity device is approx. €90 in EU and around €10 in CN. Not only same quality but same product.

    Buying from aliexpress means no cut down in quality, just being more patient because delivery usually is 4-8 weeks.

    My owner buys almost everything from China. They are very friendly and they’re doing a lot of custom fits for us, as far as I know.

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