Punishment that was happening anyway

It is only a little tactic but it can increase the subjugation of your submissive for virtually zero effort.

Convert something bad that you were going to do anyway just for fun, into a punishment.

I might have already planned that, at the end of the day, I would be bringing off bitch-boy under the sole of my shoe, instead of by any more enjoyable method for him. At some point earlier in the day, like yesterday, he commits a very minor infringement. (He forgot to lay out one of the three straps I use to bind him for punishment over the dining table). My response,

‘Well I was going to give you a special orgasm with my expert hands at the end of today, but for that infringement, it’s only going to be under the sole of my shoe.’  He now links his error with punishment, so he will try harder next time,  and also he thinks of me as tyrannically harsh and strict. Two things it is so good for his submissive soul to think. (A submissive thinking his Mistress spots EVERY SINGLE infraction,, no matter how small, and excessively punishes every single infraction, will be a well subjugated submissive who will sleep a submissive, contented sleep).

Another example is if I am thinking of an especially cruel thing I will be doing later ‘for a change of pace’, such as applying Deep Heat to his clitty immediately after a stinging nettle whipping of it. He commits a very minor infraction earlier in the day, or better still, the day before. My response,

‘Well tomorrow, I was only going to give your birth defect a nettle whipping, but for that infraction I will now be applying Deep Heat to your birth-defect immediately after the nettle whipping.‘ Again, he now links his error with punishment, so he will try harder next time, and also he thinks of me as tyrannically harsh and strict. Yet, unbeknown to him, I am not going to be doing anything I was not going to do anyway!

HOWEVER, (just to complicate things), it goes without saying that while inflicting some of the nasty torments I do, or, even better, a day of two in advance of inflicting some of the nasty torments I do, I have to make clear I am doing so just because I can, and simply because I am a pitiless, sadistic bitch! Just so he is in awe of my cruelty.

So to ensure you are able to re-label some torments as punishments and some are labelled ‘just because you can’, undertake plenty of torments!


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2 thoughts on “Punishment that was happening anyway

  1. Certainly not applicable to all situations, but if applicable, let your submissive be aware of the punishment and the precise time it will be administered. i.e. “At 7pm this evening, you will be punished by receiving eight strokes of the crop on your bare buttocks, and at the same time, a liberal coating of Deep Heat will be applied to your penis.” From 6.30pm, you can regularly remind him of the time, “Only 30 (or whatever) minutes to go now.” To be repeated every five minutes. Ensure the submissive is n clear sight of a (preferably loud, ticking, clock, so that he is able to see the minutes slowly counting down.) With a minute to go, have him go and fetch the Deep Heat and gloves and lay them out for your use, together with the chosen bindings or handcuff restraints.After that, he may lower or remove any pants that are worn and place himself in the required position for the subsequent caning or whatever the punishment is to be. Listening to the ticking of the clock, waiting for the punishment to commence is almost as daunting as the punishment itself, and almost as enjoyable to watch for the dominant partner

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