The DEEPEST sissy shame

I received two comments from a mummy of a sissy and I was so very pleased that I had. They are my favourite comments to have received for quite a time, mainly because of the great ideas within and how much Courteney appears a kindred spirit of mine! I have combined the comments below with an excerpt from an email exchange.

I know it is not to the taste of all who follow my blog, but those who read my journals and blog know that enforcing a parody of a little girl role on my bitch-boy, (in front of female guests, so so much better), is one of my very favourite things to do. It is one of my very favourite things to do for the simple reason that it is what deeply shames my sissy bitch-boy more than anything else. He is so SERIOUSLY humiliated and miserable when so forced. Particularly when it includes forced playing with and verbal exchanges with dollies AND at the same time includes tedium.

You will know of his colouring-in with dolly ritual. Well the commenter, Courteney, has devised another amazingly shaming and tedious dolly ritual for her sissy, that includes verbal exchanges, and tedium, that she explains in the comment at the foot of this post.

Blog followers are always very helpful with my procurement problems, so I will ask for yet more help. I have never been able to find a potty for sale on-line that is adult sized and looks like a proper baby’s potty. One big enough that bitch-boy having to sit on it for hours, just as Courteney’s  sissy must sit on his, does not quickly become cramp inducing.

I do have a supposed adult potty for bitch-boy which I have had him paint pink and put little girl stickers on. But in truth it is not that large and it is shallow so has  and has practical problems. And when you think of the size of a real baby’s potty in proportion to a real baby it is TOO SMALL!



Dear Scarlet

Being the ‘Mummy’ of a Little Sissy myself I do enjoy reading your journals and it would be true to say they are an inspiration at times. Ian (or should I say Sissykins) has been my ‘Little’ for a number of years although, like yours, he requires constant ‘training and tuition’ in order to achieve high standards in both his Domestic and Personal Duties.

Recently I have noticed your comments on Dollies and it reminded me of one of my favourite exercises which I and many of my friends really enjoy. Sissykins has her own Potty and so does her favourite Dolly ‘Rosey’ Whenever I decide it is Pottytime she has to fetch Rosey’s Potty, lower her panties and sit her on the potty. Simultaneously I have Sissykins sit on her Potty facing Rosey.

Both are sitting there panties by ankles and I insist on eye contact between them throughout the process. Every fifteen minutes I check on Sissykins and she must check on Rosey to see ‘if Tinkles have been made’ To her Sissykins lisp and ask her Dolly if she has made Wee Wee’s brings howls of laughter from those who witness this shameful ‘performance’ It is mortifying for Sissykins to sit there for long periods regularly speaking to Rosey while adults are present. Perhaps BB would like to opportunity to experience this as well?      Perhaps BB it may amuse to know that as I write this reply Sissykins and Rosie are ‘making Potty’ here in my study!

For the life of me I cannot understand why more Females do not employ such routines and techniques. Since petticoating and babification of Sissykins I don’t think I have picked up a mop or a duster and certainly not an iron!

I do have a daughter who has two small children and I do find it incredibly amusing to remind Ian that while he has to remain in diapers and plastic panties for the rest of his life, the two young girls are able to wear ‘Big Girl’ panties; something he will never be permitted to wear.

His use, as in sex, is strictly governed by myself. He has not had ‘penetrative privileges’ for over three years now but thankfully his tongue is well trained!

Thank you so much for the kind invitation. What a deliciously delightful opportunity! I shall of course email you if I plan to be in your vicinity.

Sissykins is standing outside the bathroom at the moment awaiting both my cane and my supervision of his nightly ‘cold shower’ before his diapering and bedtime; which is always 6.30pm, so I had better leave you now.

Do let me know how the ‘Dolly Potty’ goes. I do so enjoy having Sissykins and Rosey ‘on the Potty’ when my daughter or friends visit. It is quite hilarious listening to his ‘little chats’ with is favourite Dolly while he an dolly they both sit there on their potties!
Kindest Regards

Yours Courteney (Ian’s Mummy)

13 thoughts on “The DEEPEST sissy shame

  1. Regrettably, this might be a forlorn hope. Even a enamel pot, such as my grandmother had, is only a few inches high, so no good for a long sit.
    A commode chair with a padded seat, readily available from our friend the mobility shop or eB*y, might be of some use.
    Avoids muscle cramps, a brat can be locked on to it for long periods and, perhaps, become the only toilet a brat can use at all, providing the humiliation of “slopping out” several times a day, every day, with the added bonus of the brat having to keep it every part of it scrupulously clean and ready for inspection at any time.
    Indeed it could become the only chair a brat is allowed to sit on!


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