Padlockable Buckles

I’m not sure that there is such  word as, ‘padlockable’. If there is not, there should be! I am referring to buckles that have padlock holes in the hasp.

I love to use these as I have learned the extra subjugating effect on bitch-boy these buckles have.

Not just having a Disney princess strap-in pacifier buckled in place, but with a padlock through the hasp, so it is impossible to remove.

The same goes for his baby reins and the cuffs at the front of the baby reins, his heavy rubber collar, his Mary Jane shoes, his 5 inch high-heeled shoes, and not quite the same theme, but his chastity cage.

I have observed the extra sinking feeling that envelopes him when not only has something been buckled into place, but it is then inescapably locked into placed.

The other HUGE benefit is when I am to be out of the house for a few hours. I might leave him at home to do the most menial chores, or write lines, or something similar while I go out for a haircut or an expensive lunch with a friend or some other luxury pleasure. Obviously he is in his chastity cage but also, I will often padlock on him his heavy rubber collar, perhaps his Disney princess pacifier, perhaps a pair of his Mary Jane shoes and a sissy dress that has a padlock hasp at the top of the zip.

All the items are then padlocked with uniquely numbered plastic padlocks. If there is a major emergency, a burglar or a fire, he can cut himself free, otherwise he must remain in whatever he is padlocked into. While I am out, I will remember now and again, that I have a human puppet at home padlocked into shaming and demeaning items, and a warm glow of power and ownership envelopes me. Then he is forgotten while I return my focus to enjoy whatever I am doing.



3 thoughts on “Padlockable Buckles

  1. I do agree that being locked in ones bondage adds to the layers of one submission. I would have to say that actual locks have much more impact on the psyche…and they are more aesthetically pleasing for the Mistress I would think. With keyed alike locks ( you can have 1 key for you and place one in signed envelope of locked with a numbered plastic lock for emergency. You’d also save on plastic locks.

    Thank you once again for this amazing blog Ms Scarlet.

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