Use equipment?

I do wonder about whether dominant women who do not use much BDSM equipment are missing out.

I know there are considerable barriers to equipment use for some people, such as purchase cost, discrete storage space, setting up time, etc, but I am interested in what other Dommes enjoy.

Considering a simple spanking or caning. I know some women use no bondage at all on the their sub for this. I absolutely get the power rush that probably comes from knowing they have so much power that the male obediently stays still and in position, and stays relatively quiet without a gag, both despite the ‘discomfort’ they may be enduirng.

But for me, having bitch-boy gagged and secured face down over the dining table, ankles secured together, thighs secured together just above the knees and wrists secured together behind his back, gives me a HUGE sense of power and decadence. It enhances the experience for me.

Then we come to bondage. Some of my bondage activities require a lot of paraphernalia. When I play with his boy’s bits while I watch TV. He has his ankles bound, thighs bound, balls bound, wears a collar, there is a chain running down his spine from his collar to the binding of his balls, his wrists are in cuffs behind his back which are secured to the chain, he is blindfolded, and wears industrial ear protectors! This bondage will last between 60 and 90 minutes and I will usually have 4 orgasms during this time, (see previous post!). For me the bondage effort is well worth it!

Just the feeling I get from my power, seeing his utter helplessness, sensory deprivation and his vulnerability is pretty much a turn on enough for me needing my first orgasm!

I don’t know if other Dommes do as I do with regards to ‘delegating’ equipment responsibilities? I will tell bitch-boy I want to play with his boy’s bits and he is then instructed to, ‘get everything ready!‘ While he does so, I read or watch TV.

It is the same with his sensory deprivation on the BDSM bed, or him enduring Dolly-Potty-Time or any other activity I enjoy that requires equipment. He has to get the equipment together and put it out helpfully and then put it all away afterwards. So even with the considerable number of items for playing with his boy’s bits, I am only ‘troubled’ with dealing with the equipment for a couple of minutes to secure him and then a couple to release him at the end.


7 thoughts on “Use equipment?

  1. Mistress seldom uses equipment with me other than the cane, the crop and a chastity device. I do know that the feeling of being bound and helpless is overwhelming and then being left to suffer and contemplate is the ultimate in submission.

  2. Hello Scarlet
    I mostly make use of domestic items as our ‘relationship’ to BDSM focuses around strict Victorian/ Edwardian times discipline for youths. I do consider tightly securing David for a thrashing to be essential. It is my firm opinion that, to quote, “the punishment does not really commence until the tears begin’; and that, if a punishment is to be delivered, it should be ‘impossible’ for the culprit to remain in place and stoic. A punishment is meant to to hurt abominably and I expect to hear screams and see tears. I want to hear screams and tears! Only then do I know I am achieving the desired effects: Correction, Contrition, Regret, and an earnest Desire for Self-improvement….. and I really enjoy knowing he is suffering!

  3. Lots of things in the home, pegs, elastic bands, tights used as bondage jacket, wooden spoons, bath brush, soap, liquid soap, the corner, pen and paper for lines, nettles, belts to tie, broom handle, cable ties, toothbrush for sensitive heads lol I suppose the list could be endless with creativity,

    1. Perhaps I should have explained myself better. I was mainly referring to levels of helplessness achieved by bondage. Household equipment can be used for many bondage options, except things like posture collars, humblers, etc.

  4. We bought a brass headboard. Perfect for bondage cuffs for whipping an uncooperative slave or screwing their ass. Hardware stores are equipped with rope, chains, clothespins, hardwood for paddles, leather and rubber for whips, etc. I have made my own whips paddles and harnesses myself used on myself by my wife. Rubber whips are good in the shower. I even bought a razor strop that became mistress favorite. It hung in my bathroom for all to see. I made a cock and ball chain from chains used for long key chains that is a choker around my cock and balls. I can wear it anywhere so mistress can give a painful tug.

  5. The first toy I bought my lady was a razor strap. She enjoyed laying on the leather across my bare cheeks at least three times a week. I made a leather harness for dildos and she made a beautiful femme harness with expandable lace material that really looked hot with a dildo stuck out from it. I also made a mini whip made with leather laces from a hardware store and I also made a large leather paddle from purchased leather online. We bought a brass headboard so Mistress could tie my wrists to it with discarded nylons which make perfect ties for binding. Whenever we went to the beach we brought back a fresh cane which really added a snap to a whipping. I bought mistress lingerie because she liked to look sexy when she was whipping and fucking my ass. We also found a large footstool that I could be pushed over and spanked keeping it in the living room to constantly remind me of getting spanked over it. We also had candles and incense giving certain erotic fragrances to the bedroom. we also had a video camera to videotape our sessions so we could view them later which was a turn on for both of us. A good mistress demands quality cunnilingus so after a hard whipping I spent lots of time between her legs giving her multiple orgasms. I had a very sensual mistress that used her mouth to control me so she liked to add fellatio to our sessions so I would constantly fantasize about her mouth around my cock whenever we were together. She was one of those erotic ladies that allowed me to come in her mouth and then give me a long lingering French kiss feeding my come into my mouth making me swallow. She would even stick her tongue in my mouth so I could suck off all my come. A good walk through a hardware store and you can find every type of toy they can easily be put together for BDSM. Even pick up a bag of colored clothespins that are perfect for torturing all the nerves in a slaves body. We didn’t believe in buying dildos with balls because my mistress believed in wearing a dildo without balls fantasizing that the dildo was extension of her clitoris. we kept her female dominance as a secret and little did our family and friends know what we did in our bedroom.

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