Article for Cosmo

I remember women’s magazines like Cosmopolitan used to have many articles on the topic of women improving the number and intensity of their orgasms. Do they still publish such articles?

My recent research on comparing the number and intensity of orgasms for cruel dominant women compared to vanilla women leads me to fantasise about writing, and having published, an article in such magazines.

ARTICLE – So you want more and better orgasms – get a submissive!

So many articles appear on increasing the number and intensity of women’s orgasms but never is mentioned the following GAURANTEED strategy.

There are many, many true submissives in our population. (Why do you think there are soooo many wealthy professional dominatrix?) These true male and female submissives usually discover they are sexually submissive before they reach puberty. They are only truly content if they are dominated by another person. Truly dominated, at least some of the time; not a game.

In order to feel truly dominated, things must happen to them they would prefer did not. They might be coerced to do tedious chores, or be spanked just that bit longer and harder than they believe they can cope with, or humiliated, perhaps a male having to wear pink panties, (as a starter), humiliated just that bit longer and more intensely than they believe they can cope with.  

Having to do chores or be spanked or humiliated – a little more than they believe ‘they can cope with’ proves to them that it is not simply a domination game. This other person has total control and is proving this domination and control is REAL.

What has this to do with my orgasms you ask! Well I am a dominant  woman and I have done some research and found that power truly is a MASSIVE aphrodisiac. Women who have adopted a life, or sessions of, real power over their sexual partner ALWAYS move from average at best orgasms, to numbers and intensities previously only dreamed of. ALWAYS! Many like me, having perhaps a dozen HUGE orgasms during a few hours of dominance. Aching, shaky legs from those orgasms!

And the relationship intensity and intimacy and loyalty is as strong as can be. When those things the submissive do not enjoy are all over, they adore their dominant and sleep the most contented sleep, knowing they are helplessly in the power on another.

I can almost hear those judgmental do-gooders among you screaming, ‘These true submissives need help and therapy. They need converting and rescuing’. Well this is what was shamefully said about gay people not so long ago! I can assure you true submissives do not want to change. They adore the intensity of feelings and relationships they experience.

If you really want to be a do-gooder, go and find a true submissive and begin a dominant relationship with them. Then you will be doing good for them! And you! Best estimates suggest the number of discontented, unfulfilled male and female submissives out there currently outnumber dominants by about one hundred to one. And honestly, anyone can become a dominant and get hooked on, and benefit from, that aphrodisiac power.

As long as you are able to raise a middle digit to conservative societal values, (which remember only 50 years ago condemned gay people to prison and worse), then you can become a dominant; and become an orgasm Queen into the bargain!


2 thoughts on “Article for Cosmo

  1. All your words are a 100% truthful. I could not have said it better myself. My mistress/wife is currently on vacation and after a week I find myself getting a little depressed. She just called me an hour ago (5am) telling me the house better be clean when she gets home and assigning other chores and my whole attitude has improved completely.

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