Double padlocking the chastity cage

One thing I never get bored of seeing, is my poor puppet in his double padlocked chastity cage. There is something about the clarity I see of the ABSOLUTE INESCAPABILITY and also my sense of TOTAL OWNERSHIP of that controlled part of his body. I OWN IT! I decide what happens to it and when; not him.

(The lower padlock runs through the cage bars and his frenum piercing.)


Of course if I am sashaying about in my see-thru, sheer dressing gown and six inch heeled platform mules while he looks on in despair and desperation, all the better.  And if its been a loooong time since he has cum and I have been having many orgasms every day, even better still. The power and the meanness; just from walking about!

This is not me in the image. I do have a smaller waist and slimmer thighs and my very narrow Brazilian strip is always on display – never panties. (She is very beautiful though.)


25 thoughts on “Double padlocking the chastity cage

  1. You never cease to amaze with your creativity and ingenuity in deriving such pleasure from humbling that lucky man in your life. And if you look anything like the Woman you portrayed in the posting, there is one very lucky subbie living in your household.

    Have a great day!

  2. Your boy has a very nice penis it seems to fill the cage of the device quite well. I imagine he was at one time quite proud of it.

      1. Thanks for the wonderful you, please continue with your amazing posts, humbly and with respect of course

  3. Thank you Ms Scarlet for the sharing of the pictures of BB – can understand better now how you can apply either the Linnex or nettles without even having to unlock him!

    Life must be very hard for BB (excuse the shameless pun) to be kept denied but see you dressed so revealingly!

    One question – as the securing tags are both plastic and if theory BB could gain self release ( I think from the pictures) if the frustration or life so to speak all got too much for him – what’s stopping him, other than healthy fear of you? Have you ever set out the consequences to BB if he were to do such a thing, in a non-emergency situation?

    1. I have set out the consequences although to be honest, after almost two decades under my control he is conditioned and indoctrinated enough I think, to not even think about releasing himself.

      First, heavy metal padlocks would be used from then on. Far more uncomfortable through his frenum piercing ring, among other things, than the plastic ones. Second, generous and frequent applications of Linnex for as many times a week, for as many weeks, as it took for my anger to subside. Third, only spoiled orgasms for at least a year. AND HE KNOWS I TRULY HAVE ZERO PITY WHEN CROSSED. ZERO!

      1. You are partly right, Mistress. The comment (and this one) was posted by the sissy piglet (“it”). it is only allowed to refer to itself as “it”. Sorry for any confusion it may have caused! (And its device with the double lock–one for the chastity device itself, the other for the PA cable–just arrived today!)

  4. Hi ma’am,
    Can’t he cum in his cage using a vibrator since it allows some erection? Or is he only able to cum when achieving more erection than the cage allows?


      1. Thanks for your reply. I think it varies from person to person. I have actually tried to cum with a vibrator in a cage which allows almost no erection and so far I have failed despite being very horny. I am sure if somebody forces the vibrator long enough than I will cum but it will not be an orgasm and it will be very painful especially on the head part.

        1. Yes, I can see that. I will be putting bb into a smaller cage before the end of lockdown which I think would mean virtually no erection and I think that would also mean, impossible to cum in any way other than with no pleasure.

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