Name to shame : Part 2

Well first of all, thank you to all of you who responded to my last blog post. Amusing and fascinating.  The responses made me realise that I should have set out the criteria by which I was to choose a name for the thirteen inch double ended dildo used for having bitch-boy endure deep throat cock suckling practice.

  1. The name had to allow for a queue or stream of a large number of well hung clients for him, (in the unlikely event I would need him to earn me money in the future this way), so the name of a specific individual or singular male does not work for me, although there were some very clever ideas!
  2. The name had to make reference to his forced sissified status and if possible his born again virgin status.

Given these criteria my list to choose from remains quite small and I would be very happy for more suggestions.

Mistress Rain’s suggestion to use a name I could shorten to a few initials is fantastic! I get to use a mouthful of a name, excuse the pun, but for my convenience I can just use a few initials most of the time I use it. Bearing this great idea in mind:

Deep Throat Reamer- the DTR,      Sissy Tonsil Trasher – the STT,      Sissy Throat Blocker – the STB,       Sexless Sissy Skewer – the Triple S,      Virgin Sissy Skewer – the VSS,      BAV Sissy Skewer – the BSS,     Pansy Piece Plugger – the Triple P,     Sissy Slut Skewer – the Triple S.

Not that I have decided on BSS, but as an example, I can just imagine the scenario of a delightfully malevolent female visitor at my house, bitch-boy in his whore outfit with chastity cage on display, and how I could begin the shaming.

ME:     ‘bitch-boy, go and get the BSS, so we can show our guest how I have trained you to perform like a whore for money.’

THE GUEST, chuckling, :   ‘The BSS, what on earth is the BSS?

ME:    ‘Tell Governess Neeta what BSS stands for then bitch-boy. And in fine detail!

bitch-boy, trembling and dying of shame:   ‘The B thtandth for Born Again Virgin, which ith what I am. The Eth Eth thtandth for Thithy Thkewer becauth the B-Eth-Eth ith a thirteen inch long dildo which my Mithdreth pusheth down my throat tho I will be able to earn money ath a deep throat cock thucker if my Mithdreth ever needth me to.

ME:   ‘I am sorry Neeta, the sissy lisps pathetically all the time, as you just heard, so its description of the BSS might have been difficult to follow. ‘The B stands for Born Again Virgin, which is what the sissy is. It never ever has sex with anyone and it never  ever will. The SS stands for Sissy Skewer because the BSS is a thirteen inch long dildo which I push down its throat, skewering the sissy, so it can practice being able to earn me money as a deep throat cock sucking whore, if I ever need it to or if I just want the amusement.’

12 thoughts on “Name to shame : Part 2

  1. sissy training cock
    sissy training stick
    sissy bitch stick
    delicious hard cock
    sissy whore sucker
    sissy trading tool

  2. Hello Mistress Scarlett:

    How about the nickname “The General” for that 13 inch dong? How much has bb been able to swallow so far?


  3. My first thought was Boyfriend simply because no straight man has a “Boyfriend” just as no straight man has a dress or a favorite bra. I find it extremely humiliating when I hear myself say “my bra”. I would suggest simply Mr.Big. Why? Because “Mithter Big ith tho much bigger than my wittle penith”. Better yet,make him always refer to it as “My Boyfwend Mithter Big”. This will be doubly humiliating for him to say. It automatically elevates a sex toy to a higher status than Bitch-Boy. (Especially if Mr. Big was allowed to go where Bitch-Boy can never go!) Perhaps you should talk to Mr.Big as if it were a real person, futher reminding BB of hi lowly status. When you have a friend ask BB about his toy I can imagine him having to say “I wuv it when my boyfwiend Mr. Big tickles my tummy fwom the inthide.” or “Mithtreth Scarlet thays if I do a good job kithing Mr. Big maybe he will tickle my tummy from the other end.” (At which point you thrash him for not saying “My Boyfwend Mithter Big”.) Perhaps if he puts on a very good show you can let him sleep with Mr. Big on his pillow!

  4. It’s fascinating how it seems your relationship with bitch-boy keeps evolving through the years. Is this idea of making him into your cock sucking whore that makes income for you something you feel will be more likely to keep as an ongoing threat or more likely to actually have him do it? I just feel that a slave that is used in that matter is at one of the highest levels of degradation. Very arousing in fantasy to a true male slave, but if it is a reality I wonder if “vanilla time” with the slave could ever be the same. If you bring males into the domination does it change the relationship between mistress and slave to such an extreme that she feels different about the “vanilla time” with their partner? I have no doubt that if you say it won’t then I believe in the case of you and bitch-boy it will not. I just think for myself if I were to have my partner / mistress take me to that level, I would be so far degraded that it would be hard to feel any bit like a man during “vanilla time”. Just curious and as a true submissive male, I wish I could experience in a alternate universe what this would be like, but probably would be too scared to do it for real. Maybe it’s something I would evolve into doing if I had the experiences of which bitch-boy has. Thank you.

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