The Amazing Christine M

Well I continue with the, so far very popular, posting of delectable comments I have received on posts on this blog, which most of you, it seems, will not have read.

A number of comments from another of my very, very favourite contributors, Christine M. Christine introduced me, or should I say, bitch-boy’s little birth defect, to the wonderful, fearsome product – Linnex!

I will write here the final sentence of her most recent comment on my previous post. Just wow!

Pitiless? Definitely! I simply don’t care about his suffering, feelings, pleadings, tears, frustrations, tiredness, etc. I adore it when he sheds real tears.


Here are Christine M’s most recent comments.

Mistress Scarlet
I think this very much covers the power dynamic, though to an extent, the choice of words may convey different aspects to each relationship.
Firstly, I think a key point was made when you wrote, “… things must happen they truly do not like.” This is what truly establishes a genuinely dominant relationship, the submissive doesn’t get a say in what happens.
In our case, my ‘boy’ would never choose to write hours and hours of lines when travelling, never drink alcohol, endure serious chastity, and be subject to all the restrictions of a strictly raised youth of Victorian times. But, he does sleep peacefully at night, as it provides a needed layer of deep security, which arises from being strictly controlled. Which is perhaps a rephrase of your note, “helplessly in the power of a dominant woman.”
At work, he is a senior manager responsible for many employees. He runs a budget of millions of dollars and must make decisions. At home, he does not even know what is in our bank account, he has no access to it and basically he has only one decision to make, to do as he is told, or not; and if he chooses the latter, he is severely punished! He is told how to do things and when to do them, and is permitted no input into the process.
Though I have never thought of myself as a sadist; I do enjoy such total power, and I live such a wonderful lifestyle, free of chores! So perhaps I am!
Pitiless? Definitely! I simply don’t care about his suffering, feelings, pleadings, tears, frustrations, tiredness, etc. I adore it when he sheds real tears.


I certainly do not have the frequency of orgasms you do, but I do achieve multiple orgasms at a time, and they are often cataclysmic, especially when compared to my long-ago ‘vanilla’ life.
More particularly, I feel an erotic upwelling, what might be called a warm swelling flowing from the loins that provides a pleasure that is not an orgasm, but is nonetheless a deep-seated pleasure that will lead to that later explosion. It pervades my whole body in the most pleasurable way imaginable.
This can come from the most simplistic acts of dominance.
I might link this to your previous topic ‘Sweet for her….”
I have written before how David travels a great deal in his work, and that to ensure he doesn’t have time to head ‘out-on-the-town’, browse inappropriate internet sites, watch ill-chosen television programs, or spoil himself with lavish hotel meals, I set him written assignments each evening. As I have explained to him, these are not punishments, just my way of keeping him well-occupied and out-of-trouble.
Setting him this work is something I find incredibly erotic, as I know how much he hates it, how tired he often is, and how tedious it must be. Yet knowing this excites me to be… well, quite frankly, at times, a real bitch!
E.g. On his last trip, he had a 28 hour travel time from home to his hotel room. He arrived in his room at 6-30 pm, in his new time zone, 1-30 am my time. His flight had been delayed but he had been instructed he must call me on arrival.
I was a little bleary-eyed, but pleased to hear from him and we had a really pleasant 30 minutes chat, talking about my prior day, his travel experience and general domestic matters. Finally I yawned and advised, I needed to go back to sleep and I felt sure he would be anxious to start his written assignment for the night.
Well, there was a stunned silence, following such a friendly chat and my knowing he was exhausted, he clearly expected to be ‘let-off’; not that that has ever happened before! I could hear his quiet sobs of anguish as I dictated his ‘line’ for the night.
Smiling at his obvious distress, I lightly advised, I had planned for him to write it out 50 times, since I knew he would be very tired on arrival and wanting an early night; “but since you woke me up, let’s make it 100 times.” He was stunned, and silly enough to stutter, “but that will take well over 2 hours, please…” His words tailed-off as I quietly, very gently, advised, “I am sorry David, you are correct, that is not appropriate, I am failing to show you how much I care for your well-being. You would still have time to get into trouble, we need to make it 200 times!”
Well he was devastated, I was enervated… and had to pull out my wand immediately afterwards!


Hello Scarlet
I mostly make use of domestic items as our ‘relationship’ to BDSM focuses around strict Victorian/ Edwardian times discipline for youths. I do consider tightly securing David for a thrashing to be essential. It is my firm opinion that, to quote, “the punishment does not really commence until the tears begin’; and that, if a punishment is to be delivered, it should be ‘impossible’ for the culprit to remain in place and stoic. A punishment is meant to to hurt abominably and I expect to hear screams and see tears. I want to hear screams and tears! Only then do I know I am achieving the desired effects: Correction, Contrition, Regret, and an earnest Desire for Self-improvement….. and I really enjoy knowing he is suffering!


Hello Scarlet

I am glad to hear BB finds it so dreadful and sobs loudly too. I sometimes wonder if David might be exaggerating how bad it is in a bid for a bit of compassion. I don’t ‘do compassion’ though, it excites me so much to see him racked with pain.
I really wonder whether Andy and Will above have ever experienced Linnex, and if they would be so cavalier with their advice of using a condom to make it worse, had they done so.
But reading this again, it did remind me that I used to sometimes use a condom as it did seem to increase the level of the screaming, and burn for a bit longer.
I haven’t told David yet, but I just bought online a pack of Reusable Penis Sleeve Delay Elasticity Condoms. They look like they fit very tightly and are much thicker than usual condoms to trap the heat better. David will soon find out just how dispassionate I am of his plight,
I will bring them out after about 15 minutes of burning, gently stroke his nipples (that alone brings on extra screams as the blood engorges his inflamed gristle) and secure the condom. Wicked! I am excited thinking about it.



Dear Mistress Scarlet
I was doing a Google Search and I rediscovered this note from you. I was wondering how much have you escalated BB’s Linnex treatments?
Has he had a liberal, melted application over the entire shaft and head?
How did he cope?
No matter how many doses David has had, he still shows that same look of hope in his eyes during those 3-4 minutes after I have finished the application of the salve, and before the salve starts to burn. (Yes, I spend a good 2-3 minutes coating his penis with the melted Linnex!)
He still tries to convince himself that this time the fierce burning will not arise. Then, as always, the look of total abject fear crosses his face, as the first tendrils of warmth appear, before the pain rapidly builds to a crescendo that is unbearably excruciating. Secured as he is though, he has no choice but to bear it; though be bucks and writhes violently, and screams and shrieks in agony. Again, despite so many past doses, he still cannot cope with the fearsome burning.
How does BB go? Does he writhe violently and scream as if to wake the dead?
Or is David just a big baby like I tease him afterwards?
Warm regards

Christine M


Dear Mistress Scarlet
Appropriate to this theme is a recent escalation my boy experienced.
Whenever his ego gets in the way, he is subject to a date with Nurse Linnex. This is rubbed thoroughly into his little william and elicits many howls and shrieks of agony. He really is a big baby over this. I have also frequently threatened to tie off his ball sac with a stocking and liberally coat his balls with melted Linnex too. The concept has long terrified him as he is well aware how bad the pain is when his penis just brushes against his testicles, and releases a little of the embrocation, when he writhes around. I have teased him by caressing him with a stocking while he waits for the Linnex, and taunted him of it occurring, but always the stocking has been put away.
Well, on the evening in question, he was scheduled for a Linnex treatment for some minor disobedience at a party we had attended the evening before. Since my friend Pam had messaged earlier in the day to say she was going to call me at seven; shortly before this time, my boy found himself standing by the bed, arms folded in front of him, with his hands clasping his shoulders, while I encased him like mummy in many revolutions of plastic wrap.
He looks so pathetic and helpless, his eyes pleading to be excused the torment to come. Begging tremulously to be forgiven. Needless to say this is met only with cold contempt. With his torso bound, he next lies on the bed, with his heels raised on a bolster, allowing me to wrap his legs from his ankles up to his lower thighs, leaving him immobile and very exposed.
I picked the Linnex off the bedside table, suggesting, “Perhaps we should warm this up so we can apply a thicker coating?” He struggled and begged me not to warm the Linnex. Indeed he was still pleading forgiveness when Pam rang and I picked up the phone. My welcome greeting quite a contrast to the cold disciplinarian he was dealing with!
“Just a sec, Pam,” I continued, “I just have to get something out for David, and I’ll be right with you.” And on a whim, I took a black stocking out my top drawer and draped it over his thighs and little toy. The colour drained from his face and he trembled in terror, as I left the room brightly chatting away to Pam. His insignificance exemplified, compared to my chatting with a friend.
He was in a terrible state when I returned nearly an hour later, no doubt having heard my laughter in the background, and tears were now flowing as he begged for the Linnex, but pleaded desperately not to have his balls coated too. Of course I wouldn’t hear of this, we don’t do leniency in our house. “Right,” I coldly snapped, “it’s about time we put Nurse Linnex to work!”
Without further ado, I drew the stocking under his privates in a see-saw motion, finally stopping with it centred under his organ where it meets his groin, before very tightly wrapping the stocking twice round the base of his penis and ball sac; then, even more tightly, several times around the very top of his ball sack, so his scrotum was stretched tight with his balls totally exposed and bulging out like taut balloons. He was breathing deeply, big gasps, shivering and whispering aloud, “Oh my god, no…. please no… I can’t take this….. please no…. please this can’t be possible… I can’t believe you’re really going to do this… please… please spare me…”
His appendage, hard as a rock, balls ready to burst, I calmly advised, “I am sure you are anxious to get started, but I need a minute to prepare the Linnex.” I quickly returned with a bowl of steaming hot water covered by a towel, to keep the heat in, and my hair dryer. The Linnex was wrapped in some cling wrap and left to steam in the water, while I blow-dried his privates. He was soon squealing as I worked the hot air to open up all the pores.
Satisfied with my preparations, I put on a pair of rubber washing-up gloves and readied the Linnex. Gripping the base of his organ firmly in my left hand, I softly hummed “Here we go round the mulberry bush”, as I pressed firmly down and rubbed the melted stick slowly round and round the knob, again and again, round and round; then up and down the shaft, all around, up and down, and then in circles round and round, slowly descending to the base, and then slowly back up to the top, circling in the other direction, and around, and down again until it was coated in many layers of the nasty embrocation. I then smiled as we waited for the searing pain to commence.
It normally takes about eight minutes to reach a crescendo, and it is always so amusing to watch his face as he anxiously waits, ever hopeful the scorching pain will not come, then the look of dispair as the first warming effects arrive! It was a very hot, sultry evening so the effect was worse than normal. Coupled with the opened pores, and lengthy application, he was screaming and jerking helplessly on the bed within a few minutes. Conscious of little but the fiery agony enveloping and engorging his penis.
Smiling brightly I advised, “I’ll give you ten minutes to enjoy that, and then we’ll continue,” as I replaced the stick in the hot water bath.
When I returned he was till squealing and writhing like a stuck piglet, as I calmly donned the rubber gloves again. This time I firmly gripped him at the very base of the scrotum with my left hand, pulling the sac even tighter, so his testicles were as hard as a football, allowing me to press firmly down and thoroughly rub the Linnex in, ensuring it penetrated deeply and that the entire sac was liberally swathed in the pungent embrocation.
The escalation effect was marvellous, his screams were enough to wake the dead! I could hear him from the far end of the house. In fact after about five minutes I had to attend to him. He was coated in sweat, from his exertions and the sultry night only made it worse. Even I had a light sheen of perspiration on my brow. He was writhing and jerking and begging for some relief, “Please Ma’am, please, I need you to cool it down, I can’t take it, I can’t, it is too much. I need an ice-pack, the air-conditioner, anything, it’s too much, please, please, a cold flannel, ice…. Please?
I lighly remarked, “My my, you do carry on, I’ve never heard so much noise, it’s a good job we don’t have neighbours!” He continued to groan loudly, begging for relief, an ice-pack, anything to take the pain away.
Eventually I decided I would have to something about the all the complaints and loud bawling. “David, you are going to give me a headache with your histrionics. Give me a few minutes, I have an idea how to provide some relief and help you cope better.”
“Thank you, thank you,” he gasped, “quickly please, I simply can’t take it anymore.”
It was such a hot evening, that I returned with a some ice packs and a gag. The gag inserted, I smiled, down at him, “There, that’s a big relief from all the screaming, I couldn’t hear myself think. And you can bite down hard on the rubber to help cope with the pain.” He was still grunting and writhing, but I could see he was also biting down hard on the gag, and it was much, much quieter.
He looked on aghast then when I took the ice packs and wrapped them in a towel that I placed around my neck and shoulders. I burst out laughing, “You didn’t really think they were for you? What would be the point of going to all this trouble to maximise your suffering and then letting you off?
“Now, I realise the heat trapped in here helps enflame the Linnex, so you don’t want the air-conditioning turned on; but it is far too hot and stuffy for me, so I am going to leave you to enjoy the full effects of Nurse Linnex; while I relax and cool off in the lounge with my ice pack, a cold drink and the air-con turned up high.” He shook his head and jerked about as the reality of his ongoing suffering bit home.
His writhing and agonised groans lasted for over two hours! Most enjoyable. We will definitely do that again! NB Of course the stocking was released immediately following the application of the Linnex.
What about escalation potential? What could be worse? Not much I expect, except of course a hefty double or even triple dose of Linnex, two hours apart, and we could add a hot water bottle!


Dear Mistress Scarlet
So long since I wrote. I always mean to write more often, and I meant to write more promptly on your topic of ‘Tedium’, but it soon became an epic and took longer than expected. I must be honest, I wrote this for my own memories too as I did have such a good time! This also links to past topics on ignoring too. So better late than never I hope!
By the way, I was so pleased to see BB write that he fears the Linnex so much, a good example of sharing. I hope he get plenty of coatings now!
I too love the power providing total control and misery at the same time. It provides me a most wonderful sense of power; and deprives the submissive what they ultimately desire most, the Mistress’ attention. It shows so perfectly, “you are totally inconsequential, I will deprive you of your liberty, I will occupy you with the most mind-destroying, boring, and repetitious task, and not even notice you!
David is raised as ‘youth’ might have been reared in Victorian or Edwardian times, albeit with an exceedingly rigid and ultra-strict disciplinary code. One of my favoured punishments is a ‘strict detention’, the rules of which have, over the years, evolved and become ever more rigid and demanding.
Well a few weeks back, David was running late from work. He blamed heavier than normal traffic, but we don’t accept excuses in our household. He was placed on a Saturday night detention, which had him looking most morose. I had been going out that night with friends, and he had been promised that he could stay up late to watch a big football game. Well he would still be staying up late!
Detentions are very serious punishments in our household, and since Saturday’s always mean chores for David, the whole day becomes extremely arduous. We went to bed together Friday night, and after some light teasing, which had David crawling up the wall, I let him please me with his tongue, as only he can. We then cuddled up to fall asleep. This was when I warmly advised him, “Since you have a Saturday night detention tomorrow, you will need to set your alarm for 4-30 in the morning. I want you showered and dressed ready to start your chores no later than 5-00.” It felt delicious as he went so quiet, clearly numbed by my advice.
“You’ll find a full list of your chores for the day on the kitchen table. I want everything finished before 4-30 pm since you will need to shower, dress in your school uniform and be seated at your desk, hands on head, back straight, ready to start your detention promptly at 5-00. I suggest you make sure you are seated no later than ten to!” I then rolled over and ignored him, he was in punishment mode, but tomorrow would be far worse!
Well I set him an exceptionally full on day of strenuous chores, scrubbing clean two bathrooms and a third toilet, a full clean of the kitchen, all windows inside and outside spotlessly cleaned, several loads of washing and ironing, the outside courtyard to scrub, the whole house vacuumed, living room furniture polished to perfection, bed linen changed and my car washed, waxed and vacuumed. Believe me, he had to work hard and fast; he well knows chores are not to be done leisurely. I expect to see him sweating and puffing for breath, as if doing a full gym workout, he is expected to move quickly and continuously, woe betide taking a ‘smoko’.
I am sure you can imagine that after close to eleven hours of such gruelling toil, the last thing he wanted to be doing was one of my detentions. Nevertheless, there he was at a ten to five, when I entered the room, seated at his desk, looking exhausted and clearly very fretful, in full school uniform, hands on head.
Full school uniform means ‘schoolgirl uniform’, navy blue cotton knickers; white cotton vest; Navy blue girdle, navy blue stockings with rear seam razor-straight; navy blue box-pleat gym-slip, meticulously ironed, ending four inches above the knees; pink school house sash, neatly tied on the right-side; white socks, the pattern razor straight; heavy, black, lace-up shoes; white, long-sleeved blouse; school-tie; grey V-neck school jumper; navy blazer; hair bryl-creamed back with a straight side part and a straw boater secured with a big pink ribbon under the chin. He hates the ribbon as it is so uncomfortable and ‘in-the-way’. He is a school-boy clearly undergoing petticoat discipline.
I had laid out on his desk, three pens, each symmetrically placed parallel to the top of the desk, together with a wooden ruler; a thick A4 notepad, also placed square, in the centre of the desk; face-down (exam style) to the side of this were 15 typewritten pages; and above these pages, a sealed envelope.
My tone was terse, frigid, dripping cold venom, and served to leave him literally trembling with fearful anxiety. “Full detention rules apply starting now!” This means he is to maintain total silence and an exacting posture. He is seated at a school desk with a rubber mat placed under him and anchored just under the front legs of the desk. The desk legs are fitted over two marked squares so everything lines up for his discomfort.
There are three circles precisely placed into which the three legs of his small wooden stool are placed, and they must not move throughout the Detention. Two further white outlines have been applied wherein he must place his feet and again, his feet must remain firmly placed flat on the floor within the marks, throughout the detention. He must sit upright and he is not allowed to rest his head in his hand, he must not ‘fidget’, scratch, rub his eyes, etc.; he must write continuously without pause, and his hands must only be used for his assignment. There are no clocks and he must write unaware of the time and take only one authorised break. The desk top must be maintained meticulously as it was now, and pens and rulers placed down without sound.
“You will write for three hours. There will be a 30 minute meal break at 8-00 pm, and you will then continue for a further three hours!” I advised with my frosty demeanour.
“Your punishment assignment is on the desk. Your quota for the night is in the sealed envelope. If you do not meet your quota, you will be caned. You will then continue writing until you reach your original quota; plus an additional punishment quota that I will allocate. You will also earn punishment if you break any detention rules or uniform rules. You may now read your assignment.”
I sat at my comfortable desk nearby, in a plush office chair and relaxed with a glass of wine, smiling as I watched the colour drain from his face as he read his instructions, becoming ever more agitated. I could tell he wished to protest, beg for a less demanding assignment, frustrated in his knowledge that it would not turn out well for him if he spoke. He glanced forlornly over at me, his eyes beseeching me, he was on the verge of tears. I was delighted, his tiredness and the challenging work I had provided were going to drain him mentally, emotionally and physically.
His instruction sheet read as follows:
Copy out the following pages.
Keep writing until instructed otherwise.
Assign each letter of the alphabet a sequential number, excluding vowels.
I.e. B=1, C=2, D=4 F=5, …
Each word commencing with an even numbered letter is written in BLUE.
Each word commencing with an odd numbered letter is written in BLACK.
Each word commencing with a vowel is written in RED.
You MUST NOT make a written key!
For each new page, commence by:
” ruling a 2 cm margin down the left side of the page, and top and bottom, in red;
” write your name above the margin on the left-hand side of every page in blue;
” write the date in full above the top margin on the right-hand side. Day, date, month (in full) and year, in black.
” write the page number below the bottom margin on the right-hand side, in red.
Each verse is numbered in blue in the left margin.
Each new chapter is centred, written in upper case black ink and underlined in red, e.g.:
Leave a blank line above and below the chapter.
You are allowed one error per page, which is to be ruled through neatly in red.
If you make a second error, the page is to be removed and discarded. If you try to conceal or ignore an error, I will remove two or more pages.
This first page was followed by the first ten chapters of the Book of Genesis from the Vulgate Bible, in Latin!
Not only was the exercise mind-numbingly difficult, especially given how tired he was, it was a mentally and physically exhausting task that would get harder as the night wore on, made worse by his strict posture controls, and the fact that he must not change his position nor stop writing.
He also faces a terrible quandary, made worse by not knowing how many lines he must write. If he writes slowly and carefully, so he makes no mistakes, he risks not reaching his quota. If he writes quickly to reach his quota, he risks making errors and having to tear out pages!
“Begin” I curtly advised at 5 o’clock precisely. I then drew all the curtains in the office, picked up my wine and moved over to a leather couch where I relaxed and revelled in his misery. He was ignored as I read my book and then chatted with a friend by phone. After thirty minutes I checked over his shoulder, he sighed pathetically, teary-eyed, struggling not to sob. It was a pathetic attempt to garner sympathy or leniency.
He was up to verse 20 in chapter one, and about half-way down the second page of his note pad. I was struggling not to order him to serve me I was so hot. First I set up the security camera to watch over him, before returning to his desk, my icy demeanour, a stark contrast to the light-hearted banter of my earlier phone conversation. I leaned over, took hold of the bottom of the page he was half-way through, and gently tore it out.
“Detention rules are silence at all times, that means no sighs!” He was aghast as I ripped it into four pieces and threw them in the bin. I then hurried upstairs to get ready for a night out with friends, but not before pulling out my vibrator!
The security camera is just wonderful. It is linked to the Wi-Fi in the house, and I can view the feed on my iPhone or iPad wherever I am, provided I am connected to the internet. I see a bright, full colour, real-time, video image. It is very clear and shows a complete image of David, his stool, desk, etc., and I can zoom in to check he is complying with his posture rules. The beauty is, he never knows when I am watching, or if I even bother to watch him. The camera records to a card so I can check back on him too, and even view the feed at fast rewind or fast forward! He dare not break a Detention rule, it even picks up sound!
When I came back down I was dressed glamorously, my hair back in a severe pony-tail, stockings and heels, lightly perfumed and very desirable. He would have been aching to be with me. He didn’t need to know my plans though, he was in detention and being ignored.
My phone rang, it was my friend Carole advising she was five minutes away. I spoke with her in good-humour, before returning to David and snapping, “Your phone is in airplane mode, facedown on my desk. I have set an alarm for 8-00 pm. When it rings, you may take a 30 minute break. Your dinner and a drink are in the kitchen. Make sure you go to the toilet as it is your only break of the night. Do not enter any other room. When you cancel the alarm, place the phone in my desk drawer, I have covered all other clocks. Make sure you are back at your desk, writing, no later than 8-30; I will be checking!”
Again a dilemma for him. He has a thirty minute break, but no way to time it. So he needs to make sure he is back early. As I said earlier, this is a punishment, it is not meant to be pleasant. I would later be enjoying my meal at a swanky new restaurant with a few friends, a few glasses of wine and having a wonderful time. He would be miserable, ‘enjoying’ an overly generous serving of watery, over-boiled squash and aubergine with boiled calves’ liver, served cold, and accompanied by a glass of the water the vegetables had been cooked in. He would struggle to eat it, but there is a security camera in the kitchen too, so eat it he will, and quickly if he is to be at his desk in time! it is not pleasant for him! And all this time he is isolated, alone, ignored, forgotten about.
I returned home late, slightly inebriated, and feeling incredibly horny from the total power-rush of his suffering. I changed for bed before finally entering the office.
“Stop writing NOW!” I coldly announced. He is required to immediately stop writing, if he so much as tries to finish the word he is writing, I will rip out the entire page. He must then immediately place his hands on his head. He was bleary eyed, his face was tear-streaked, the result of crying when he had to tear out pages where he had made mistakes, there were more than a dozen such pages neatly stacked on his desk. I was relaxed in satin pyjamas, my long hair loose over my shoulders, and wearing high-heel mules, ‘Oh how he would have adored to caress my body!’
He sat there, shaking, disconsolate, exhausted.
“How many chapters have you completed?”
I promise you this next bit is the truth, “Pretty well five chapters, Ma’am,” he politely replied.
“What do you mean ‘pretty well five chapters’?” I coldly snapped.
“I am half-way through verse 31, the last verse in chapter 5, Ma’am.”
“That means you have only completed four chapters!” I replied with frosty callousness, “Open your envelope read out your target for the night.”
He nervously opened the envelope, struggling to stop his hands shaking, he really was at his limits, as he nervously read out, “Five chapters, Ma’am.” He was sobbing, he knew what was coming, made worse from being so close, would be praying for leniency.
I remained silent for a minute or more as he nervously fretted, I maintained my frigid demeanour though I was aching to orgasm at the power dynamic in play. I ignored him and left the room for a few minutes before returning with my dragon cane. It is 39 inches long, as thick as my little finger and an very dark brown colour, it is formidably painful. His entire body was shivering and convulsing uncontollaby in trepidation when I finally returned.
I stood beside him, flexing my cane gently in both hands. It is quite a stiff cane, and only bends a little. It is an implement that understandably terrifies him. I looked stonily at him before finally addressing him calmly, matter-of-factly, “I set a target that you should have easily reached if you applied yourself to your task diligently. I have timed your writing and assessed that you can write 1100 – 1200 words in an hour. I usually set your target at 900 – 1000 words an hour depending upon the complexity of the task. Your target this evening was 2514 words! It was 11-50 pm when you stopped writing, so you had an extra twenty minutes, a total writing time of 6 hours and twenty minutes. To achieve your target you didn’t even have to write 400 words an hour! And, you had a break in which to refresh and relax.”
I paused, placed the cane on his desk and slowly paced behind him, as he started, to speak, I angrily snapped, “SILENCE! I do not want to hear a word from you, not even an apology.” I let him stew a while longer before I leaned over him from behind, my mouth close to his ear so he could smell my soft feminine fragrance, my hands resting gently on his shoulders, he could hear the soft rustle of my satin pyjamas as I quietly intoned, “You have clearly been lazy, careless and disrespectful, and now you are going to pay the price…. ”
Standing up I picked up the cane, strode over to the leather sofa and smashed the cane down on the arm, the whir and crack where frightening and he jumped in terror, I was displaying controlled rage to enhance his respect and fear.
“There will be no break. You will remain in detention and complete chapter five. You will also copy out chapters six and seven before you retire for the night.” I didn’t think it possible for him to look more morose and sorrowful, but he did, in fact he almost collapsed, sobbing loudly in despair and self-pity, real tears flowing. It was all ignored.
“But first, you are going to receive 12 strokes of the cane across your bare buttocks!”
it was 12-20 before a very tired, sore and dishevelled ‘school-girl’, got back to his detention, and it was almost four in the morning before he finished and retired to bed.
I was in bed exploding in orgasms at the imagery of the evening, and woke several times to play with my vibrator before falling into a deep sleep, I didn’t even hear him enter the room.”


Below is a blog post of mine from 2017, giving links to access earlier posts on which she has commented, previous to those above.

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  1. Dear Scarlet

    Apologies for not having been in touch recently but what with moving house, a death in the Family and travelling broad on business the time has just flown by. Very Interesting read by Christine M how delightful it is to know that the benefits of control are so bountiful!! The freedom to do as we choose knowing that all those tiresome domestic chores are being dealt with so admirably and should any failure be discovered the pleasure of hearing the cries and tears of remorse from the errant subject.

    As you know Ian is under constant control from not only myself but Nana (my mother) and my adorable daughter April. He is the 'Baby' of the Family as you know and as such he is no longer able to participate in those 'pleasures and privileges' reserved for Grown Ups although we do take enormous pleasure in speaking of our 'adventures' while Ian remains on his Playsheet with Dolly well within earshot of our conversation! His 'puppy eyes' are such an amusing sight as he 'overhears' our accounts of our various 'pleasures' with real males.

    Normally Ian's bedtime is set at 7.00pm having been bathed and fed. He understands that after this time it is Grown Up Time and he must remain in the Nursery and forbidden to get out of his little bed until the Nursery Door is unlocked in the morning.

    On one side of the Nursery is Nana's room and on the other is my Bedroom and both have inter-connecting doors so either of us can 'drop in' and check on Baby. Privacy is yet another privilege he will never enjoy again.

    My reason for writing to you this time is that something occured a few weeks ago which required the attention of the Family. Ian now wets at night and like other Babies he has learnt to sleep through. The early bedtimes coupled with the WeeWee Bottle at night assisted greatly in this and we all take it in turns to fill his Bottle.

    Two weeks ago Nana discovered Ian in one of the toilets (somewhere he knows he is forbidden to enter unless carrying out his cleaning chores and then the door has to be kept open at all times) He knew he was in trouble and Nana immediately slapped his legs severely and sent him to the Nursery. Later that day Nana interrogated Ian and he confessed that he hated making Boo Boos in his Nappy and had gone into the toilet to avoid another Nasty Nappy.

    I should say at this point that Ian is permitted ONE Pottytime in the morning immediately after waking up and this is when he has 15 minutes to 'go Potty' under supervision. It is a Privilege and he knows it and like all privileges it can be suspended or removed permanently!

    We all discussed this act of wilful disobedience and Nana came up with some possible solutions.

    At the moment Ian has had his Pottytime suspended and because of this he has no choice but to use his Nappy like all the other babies.

    Following our discussion Nana has instigated a programme specifically designed to 'assist' in Ian's Nappy Training.

    The following day Nana went to the local supermarket and purchased a number of Bananas which she peeled and placed in the freezer. After his bath Nana inserts one or sometimes two of the frozen bananas into his little Botty before taping up his Night Nappy and securing his plastic panties under his onesie.

    In the morning after his shower Nana inserts one or two glycerin suppositories into his Botty before securing his Day Nappy and Plastic Panties in place.This of course means that his daily chores and duties are no longer interrupted in any way. 

    We have employed this system for the past two weeks and we will continue it until we are satisfied that Ian has learnt his lesson and understood the reason the Family keeps him in nappies.

    One last point which I should mention is that we have now found a regular babysitter for Ian. Her name is Rachel. She is 19 and a student at the local University studying 'child care' and phychology!!!! She is thinking of using Ian as her subject for her Dissertation!!! I'm sure she'll need photos but we haven't mentioned that to Baby YET!

    Nana has just collected Ian from the Playpen on the Terrace as it is his Bathtime so I'm heading for a shower before going out tonight!

    Hope you are keeping well.

    Lovely to chat.

    Kind Regards

    Courteney x






    Sent: Friday, August 23, 2019 at 9:43 AM

  2. I personally have often my slave to write lines using 5 different colors of pencil. Black, Blue, Red, Green, Gold. he must writes every word in a different color at the first line, For example in the row I wrote the colors above. Then at the second line he must begins the phrase with the second color (blue) and the sentence will end with the word in black color and so on for the first 5 lines. On the 6th line will begin from the second color and so on. Every 25 lines ends the first page and we have a circular switching aff all the 5 colors. Then at the second page he will begin to write in a new cycle. For a phrase of 15 words for example he needs about 75 minutes to end the page. It is a very educational way for him to get discipline and improves his focus to this and other duties.
    He must be very careful and does not distract his attention around because if he does even one mistake even misspelled a letter the concequenses are dramatic. For example on a four page punishment if he does an error on the last page then he must re-write all the punishment. This way his focus have impored drastically, not only when writes lines but in every aspect of his duties.
    He wrotes the lines in the notebook. In each new notebook his first duty is to noumerate each page with a number so he will not steal behind my back and cut off a page if he does an error.
    Very good exercise. Very boring chore for him while i take my time to make much more interested things from going out for fun to touch myself at the same time. From time to time I go to him and stand behind his shoulders and supervise, this time his hands trembles while he writes the lines and I find it very amusing. Remind me of the school when a teacher supervised us and we wanted to steal on tests lol.
    The part I most love though is when he knelt and trembling waits my decision while I am reading and checking his lines. he has confused to me that at this stage, his heart hits faster, mouth is dry and has a pain in stomach. I can undestand him, who on the earth would like to write tedious lines and lost his sleep hours for another 3 hours the next night?
    The funniest moment? When I find an error and scold hard him. He knows he will get a new punishment corporal or mental for his lackness of attention, focus and for laziness… besides he knows he has to write again some pages.
    So funny and does not cost anything!.

  3. Thank you dear Scarlet, it is a great compliment from a domme of your calibre.
    I am a huge fan of written assignments for the slave. It is educational, keep him busy, I use it as a method at my job so I am experienced with it.
    He often writes long essays for any topic I choose. When I am in bitchy mood I order him to write an essay with specific number of words let say 1026 words. Very hard task. He does not write on computer to erase and copy-paste the words.
    He must daily keep a diary too. Besides a “pleasure book” he keeps last 8 years and writes each one of my orgasms, date and time I got one. At the same way he keeps a punishment book. And the funniest and best book is “Owner’s Great Thoughts”. When I say something serious or great or a clever phrase he has to put my thoughts with date and time. The best part is that slave must remember my “great” words if I ask him.
    Why did I do that? Because when first met as a couple he preffered to watch football on TV than hear my thoughts or chat with me. Now he learns my thoughts and once per week belly grovel on the floor and begs me the privillege of chatting with him for just 5 minutes because “I am the cleverest woman and my thoughts enrich his pathetic mind”.
    There is a positive thing. At least he learned to hear and never interrupt last 10 years in his life. I am so proud of my teaching skills!!!

  4. Mistress scarlet, congratulations an excellent Informative site, providing many new and exciting ideas for the little lambs caught in our wicked grasp.

    I just thought that for a few minutes over a chilled glass of wine, that I would share with you a little update on the developments that have taken place thus far.

    Unfortunately a certain little lamb who has been whinning on your site, is presently unable to post, the tears and sobbing, my goodness what a drama, an oscar nomination in waiting. All this drama due to a few taps of my cane.

    What a complete and total disgrace, standing in front of me knickers at ankles, gymslip pined up crying her little heart out, such an entertaining display.

    The silly nuisance, has been stuttering and babbling in front of me all day, trying to explain the many faults highlighted by your good self.

    Scarlet, I have met a wonderful submissive boy though a dating app, James I believe you are aware of him, as you know has been allowed to oversee the extended detention I set for Jane micro cock, (the sissy wimp just hates this name), my idea’s are overflowing for them both.

    At some stage tomorrow expect a little update from a very sorry, unable to sit very confused, baffled , bewildered but respectful Jane micro cock.

    I could go into much more detail regarding todays events but I need to put someone’s mouth to good use.(one of the things Jane is good at).

    I have yet to inspect the long list of chores I kindly left out for Jane this morning,(must let you know about what greeted me and James this morning but that’s another story) nor have I inspected the essay I set at 1,500 words(I know I am soft at times).

    The essay I set, is on, – Why girls like me should always be under the most strict discipline at all times, as it will be beneficial to my future and education’. This will be read out in front of me then checked for errors. I have a delightful little strap for such occasions.

    Must leave it here my needs are many and long lasting( you are well aware how much the fool loves me) oh the joy down you go Jane I expect total pleasure.

    1. What a fantastic update Denise. I adore your style! (the little lambs caught in our wicked grasp). So much more I would love to know about. (See below). Perhaps if you do not have the time, you could instruct Jane micro cock to update me with the fine detail. Of course, though, for various reasons, I always prefer extra detail from Dommes than from silly male subs, especially when a Domme has style like yours.

      Is he the James that sends me comments with many links to videos?

      much more detail regarding todays events
      must let you know about what greeted me and James this morning
      a delightful little strap for such occasions

      1. Curtsey Mistress Scarlet.

        I have been instructed to provide you with an open and honest description of the weekend.

        With the greatest of respect Mistress Scarlet I am completely exhausted, I have gotten little sleep so in advance let me apologise for any unintentional mistakes.

        I have to complete this post before I text Mistress Denise for permission to sleep, she has told me that she will review this post along with any comments that you may consider making, if not satisfactory she explained that me and her will be having a little chat.

        Before I begin I am instructed to send kisses and hugs to your Bitch boy, Mistress Denise said he is the luckiest boy in the world to be under such loving care and attention.

        I didn’t get much sleep the night before I reported to Mistress Denise, I could of jumped in the car, plane or train to any where, but no I very nervously entered her home to find a ridiculous outfit consisting of a pink smock/dress, matching knickers and the wig I normally wear together with slip on little pumps.

        The list in the hall outlined my duties including reporting to her bedroom at 7.30am sharp.

        I began my chores knowing that her inspection to detail and high standards are almost impossible to meet.

        Outside her bedroom I lightly knocked the door, I can only do this once and must remain outside her door in silence utill summoned, 10 minutes later I heard the order to come.

        I of course entered the room and immediately curtsed, (well well what have we here, Mistress Denise, Jane micro cock here for inspection, she laughed looking me up and down, with instructions to turn, bend, this way that way, what do you look like? more laughter beside mistress in bed was James head down and not looking happy at all. You really are a total disgrace just look at the state of you, and what is that little tent in the front of your knickers, please Mistress Denise it’s my little micro cock, more laughter a completely useless and pathetic mess that’s what that is, now James here is better provided for in that area would you like to see, of course there is only one answer expected, James be a good boy and show Jane what you have down there, he pulled back the covers, Jane round you go and stand beside James, (were is this going Mistress Scarlet I am not gay), now Jane that is a cock, do you like it?, again I knew how to answer yes Mistress, of course you do you little minx, I just bet you would love to give it a little kiss, please Mistress no, anything Mistress, silence. Ask James nicely for permission to give his cock a little kiss, beyond humilation I can’t can I?, I won’t ask you again Jane, so out came the words, please James my I kiss your cock, he looked as wrecked as me he stuttered and looked at Mistress, she simply said his name and in response he said that I could, wonderful, isn’t this nice stated Mistress, well what are you waiting on a personal invite, I got to my knees at the side of the bed and quickly placed a kiss, what was that meant to be Jane?, please Mistress a kiss more laughter oh no dear not nearly, I want to see some passion, down again for a second time and much longer kiss, she clapped her hands and laughed I can’t believe you just did that (as if I had any choice in the matter), what a little slut you’re turning into.

        Mistress Scarlet I have never or ever fantasied about this, almost singing she said I think somebody has a boyfriend laughing at her own little joke I was dismissed to prepare her breakfast.

        After my chores were completed I was instructed to prepare for school. This is a traditional 1950s uniform navy regulation knickers and vest, gymslip, shirt, tie, knee socks and Mary Jane shoes.

        I entered the classroom (spare room with chair, desk, and another bigger desk and chair in front. James was seated behind the front desk he looked as humiliated as me he simply said that I had work to complete and I had better get a move on.

        Around 2 hours later the door suddenly opened startling both of us we quickly got to our feet head down I stood, her presence I was fully aware of but didn’t dare look up what seemed like an age she finally spoke you girl out here to the front. I nervously walked to the side of the front desk, hands out girl I quickly obeyed to have her quickly begin strapping my hands, change hands the pain, it wasn’t long before the tears came, next came the expected order of dress up knickers down bend over the desk I of course obeyed and what followed was a sound caning that had me in floods, stand and face me, how dare you disrespect Mistress Scarlet with your whinning, misspelling and poor grammer what have you to say for yourself, please Mistress, silence I’ve heard enough, I am clearly to lax with your discipline this is going to change missy, back over you go, please Mistress no, a slap across my face had me bending over again more tears and pleading resulted in more caning I completely broke down, finally in sobs and my breathing all over the place she allowed me to stand facing her, if you ever disrespect Mistress Scarlet again you will suffer beyond anything you have ever experienced in your sad little life. Well girl I’m waiting, in tears and sobbing I thanked my beautifully wicked teacher for taking her valuable time to deal with such a silly little girl as me. The whole time James stood observing this, I wondered later does he receive the same level of discipline as me. Back to your work girl for your sake it had better be perfect. By the time I had returned to my desk she was gone I was a mess and could hardly hold the pen never mind complete a perfect essay.

        A few hours later I am standing reading out my essay, dress pined up knickers around my ankles lightly sobbing, what a drama queen you are said Mistress I think that little performance today could be an Oscar winner.

        Mistress Scarlet she explained that it would be something for your consideration, but it would be so entertaining to have a drama queen of the year competition, Mistresses could nominate their charge based on their little tantrums and then could vote on the best drama queen, a small committee chaired of course by you could award the following prizes, 1st prize a new outfit and 18 strokes of the cane, 2nd prize a 5000 word essay on why I failed to come first plus 18 strokes, 3rd place 5000 word essay on why I failed to come 2nd plus 18 Strokes and so on.

        Once I had completed reading my essay with Mistress in fits of laughter at times, given that I have to be very imaginative and provide new ideas for her consideration she took out her red pain and starting reviewing my work( I hate this and Mistress knows it every swipe of her pen across a page has me in bits), of course my work was not satisfactory and her wicked little strap was used effectively to yet again have me in floods.

        It scares me when all of a sudden her demeanour changes oh Jane you do get yourself in such a state over a little discipline, time to show me how you truly have appreciated my attention. This is when I get to go between her beautiful legs, Mistress has a short tight mini skirt on tight blouse showing off her beautiful figure, hair tied back she is simply amazing, down you go Jane I expect to be completely satisfied, yes Mistress, I have the honour of removing her black little panties and unzip her skirt to begin my worship of her beautiful person, oh Jane you naughty minx what are you doing to me your getting your Mistress all worked up such a slut where did you learn to do such things I have a good mind to beat you soundly getting me all worked up, I spend the next hour pleasing my wonderful mistress before I am sent to get ready for bed.

        I am dressed in a lemon short nightdress and matching knickers Mistress grinning has me sit in front of her, you really are going to learn young lady that this behaviour of yours is simply not good enough I really am considering your future and when I have decided you and I shall have a little talk won’t that be nice, yes mistress.

        Mistress scarlet deep curtsey and with the highest respect, I think I have covered what took place, please, please forgive any errors and hope this post is satisfactory.

        I am now going to text Mistress Denise for permission to sleep, I truly am shattered and could sleep for a week.

        Mistress Scarlet thank you so much for taking the time to read this you are beyond amazing, deep curtsey Jane micro cock.


        1. Mistress Denise is simply awesome; I will be collating the comment material from you and Mistress Denise and publishing a blog post.
          I therefore need more detail on some aspects on your report which overall is good, bit not quite good enough because of the shortage of detail in some areas.

          When the classroom door opened, what was Mistress Denise wearing? What does she look like herself?

          ‘…….to have her quickly begin strapping my hands, change hands the pain, it wasn’t long before the tears came….’ A lot more detail is required here! A lot more!

          ‘…..what followed was a sound caning…’ A little more detail here.

          Were you in a chastity device?

          BTW, are you in the UK?

  5. Mistress scarlet curtsey,

    Mistress Denise has read your post and is just off the phone to me.

    A little sample of the conversation ( so Jane you think your top of the class do you because Mistress Scarlet didn’t have to correct you, well little miss it’s simply not good enough, Mistress Scarlet had to ask for additional information, you were told to provide a full and honest report and in this you failed and in turn failed me, just wait until I get my hands on you such disrespect has the harshest of consequences and you my dear will pay, I have warned you before about your behaviour but no doubt you have been thinking about your new boyfriend rather than focusing on your tasks.

    You will provide Mistress Scarlet with exactly what she wants and I hope for your sake it is satisfactory.

    Mistress Denise is truly beautiful her very presence fills the room, she is always a power dresser and when she arrived in the class room she was simply stunning, wearing a tight blouse, short black skirt and long black boots, hair pulled back, she stands just over 5 and a half feet and is really quite a looker but the eyes Mistress Scarlet need to be seen to believed, I could never do them justice, she is simply the most amazing sight and I truly love the ground she walks on.

    Both James and I nearly jumped out of our skins, there was no warning of her arrival, I stood at the side of my desk hoping the ground would open beneath me, I don’t know how long she stood staring at me but her eyes bore right through me.

    You girl out front, when Mistress is strapping my hands I have to hold them both out straight one under the other she raises her strap and I begin my nightmare 3 on each hand 3, times she is very severe and knows exactly how to maximise the pain I plead and sob but am to afraid to move my hands away.

    I am standing sobbing in front of her when I am told to take down my knickers lift my dress and go over rhe table, she takes her time playfully tapping the cane against my bottom, (the school cane hangs from the wall), then an explosion through my whole body I can’t take this but I am to afraid to get out of position (the expert training I received from Mistress keeps in in my place but that’s again another story) on it goes I am in bits I stand again and am lectured regarding your wonderful self then back over for more of the same, I am gone by this stage I am simply all over the place, I can’t fully explain it is beyond my thinking, Sorry Mistress Scarlet if I’m not being clear I am in a mess and can’t think straight when this happens Mistress Denise says I remind her of a puddle at her feet. back to my desk in tears and completely messed up to try and continue my work.

    Mistress Denise once mentioned a chastity device, she regularly tells me she has no interest or need for the little mess between my legs, I think it would be a little unpractical given I am only summoned around once a week sometimes longer and with work I don’t see how it will work.

    We both live and work in the UK.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, Mistress Denise is delighted with your idea for a blog post, she warned me not to let it go to my head as we all know what a show off I am.

    Mistress Scarlet I hope I have provided satisfactory answers to your questions, Mistress said to feel free and ask my anything you wish and that I must answer fully and honestly.

    Deep shame curtsey, Jane micro cock.

      1. Mistress Scarlet.

        Exploring your site is just wonderful well done, full of such amazing ideas.

        I am presently considering the future of Jane micro cock, why? Well the little fool clearly has got herself all worked up and excited as I continue to allow her to comment on your wonderful site. Not only that I simply get bored with the idiot at times and have explained in our little chats that I could dismiss her anytime I choose,

        You really have to see her face when told this, a complete drama queen a loss to the world of entertainment.

        I may limit Jane to posting on your site, I have a feeling she is starting to get to much enjoyment out of posting, this is completely unacceptable, I have really enjoyed the last few days exploring your site, I must post more often.

        Well the reason for this update Scarlet.

        How dare Jane micro cock provide her own thoughts and comments on a chastity device, This Scarlet is an example of the nonsense I have to content with. You rightly asked a simple question, in response Jane started her useless babbling.

        I would like to share with you the way in which I shall deal with such misbehaving.

        During her last visit to my home she let slip(as I always know when she is hiding something from me), that she had an evening event with work, a very good restaurant followed by a band, and bar. I kept this little information in my pocket.

        This now of course has now been cancelled, what a drama I had to listen to over the phone, Scarlet real tears are pure nectar to my ears, everything is arranged please mistress I am picking up such and such in the taxi, more nonsense followed by pleading, whinning, and tears, the things we have to put up with.

        Silence, Jane you really are a silly little girl if you thought posting such nonsense on Mistress Scarlet’s site would go unpunished, (she still has my cane to kiss regarding her failure to fully discribe her weekend to you), Jane I fully understand that you were looking forward to your little night out in the restaurant and meeting your friends, you have been working hard lately and I can understand the reason for arranging such an event, but you have no one to blame but yourself, providing unwanted thoughts just who do you think you are? It would be disrespectful to Mistress Scarlet if this insult went unpunished, therefore one at a time you will take out each tin of food in your kitchen and write down all the ingredients, describing in detail the shape, colour and content of the can, I really am going to have to deal with this sobbing and whinning what a drama.

        Scarlet I know I am far to soft, hence the interest in your informative site. Maybe if you could be bothered you could add a little spice to this reasonable punishment for Jane micro cock, (must share with you sometime how I and Jane agreed on this name for her),

        Well there you go Scarlet the things we have to put up with, all of a sudden I have a growing need for some attention.

  6. Mistress scarlet.

    I would like to provide you with a little information as to how early on in this new arrangement that we both jointly agreed on the name Jane micro cock, (I know Scarlet spoiled rotten she is).

    Standing in front of me and stripped from below the waste was a very red faced little boy, as I have decided petticoat discipline will be a part of your new life we need to agree on a name, let’s begin with a plain girls first name, after going through a few I just thought that the named suited him, (I had spoken at some length with him about the correct attitude expected in all things including showing real enthusiasm for the decisions I will be making regarding his future), So are we agreed then on the name Jane, oh yes Mistress it’s lovely thank you so much, your welcome Jane.

    Now Jane tell me again what you think you have between your legs?, he is dripping with shame, please Mistress it’s my cock and balls, are you sure? I screw my face looking directly at his cock, oh no I don’t think so Jane, well I have never seen one like that before, just hold on for a minute I leave the room and return with a pair of latax gloves, Jane who told you it was a cock, stuttering and shame faced Mistress no one, then what makes you think it is a cock? Please Mistress it just is, have you ever had it examined by a professional? No mistress, well my close friend’s daughter has just graduated from nursing school I wonder would she mind calling in to examine it, she may shine some light on the matter, because I have never seen one so tiny and I really don’t think it is a cock, what drama, (this of course never happened but the fear and shame in his face), the little tantrum that followed was easily addressed by my strap across the backs of his legs and bottom.

    Now sobbing in front of me I opened the gloves snapped them on a lifted his cock, I am sorry Jane you are very much mistaken if you think this is a cock, I have one little lump in between my fingers and can see to other little lumps below is this what you call your balls, please mistress yes, oh no Jane the whole thing down here well it just looks like a little mess to me, what is it doing now Jane?.

    Young lady I am simply trying to work out what were dealing with here and your getting yourself all worked up, does it make a mess when you rub it? Let’s see, (this is the only time I have did this, but he longs for attention from me down there this will never happen), a few minutes later with kness buckling and the little mess made, and ready for inspection, Jane what is this? Please Mistress she is now completely wrecked it’s sperm, I laughed don’t be silly sperm does not look like that, this is a weak colour and looks more like water that sperm, I wonder did you just have more of a girls orgasim than a boys because that is not sperm, Jane is a complete mess as I tell her to stay where she is as Mistress needed to carryout some research on the Web.

    I return 30 minutes later Jane standing where I left her, Jane wonderful news I didn’t realise there were others like you out there, maybe we could start a little club.

    I have now discovered what they call the little mess down there, would you like to know what they call it Jane?, yes mistress, it’s called a micro cock (her face what a sight) isn’t that wonderful we now know what we’re dealing with, yes mistress,

    Jane I don’t like your attitude one bit, I go to all this trouble and carryout research into your little problem and this is the gratitude I get in return, oh no mistress I really am grateful Thank you so much for taking the time, blah, blah, blah she really does drival on at times.

    This is just wonderful Jane I am so glad we were able to agree a suitable name for you Jane micro cock what a delightful pretty little name, how much do you like it Jane, oh its lovely Mistress thank you so much for allowing me to help, ah your welcome.

    I think this calls for a celebration down you go Jane. A hour later Jane is naked, red faced and wishing the ground would open up for her.

    That was just wonderful Jane what a well behaved young lady your turning into, thank you Mistress, now Jane mistress has gotten you a little gift I took from the bag a pair of girls plain pink cotton knickers and Matching vest, What a complete drama Scarlet, but that’s for another day.

    Posting does get me worked up now were did I leave James.

  7. Scarlet I’m enjoying a few days off sitting with a nice glass of wine, just thought to update you on coming events.

    I have for some time been considering the form of disciple James should be under.

    I was of the mind to introduce petticoat discipline, I have changed my views on this, James is younger than both I and Jane micro cock, your site has provided many new ideas for me, I have decided that James will be regressed to the status of a boy under the loving but strict care of a governess.

    How did I arrive at this decision?, James is quite a shy, likable but to me another natural submissive. I believe I explained how we met, what a change from the cocky and swaggering James that I first met, meeting people through a dating app is always a little risky but something about his profile caught my eye, what fools they truly are, thinking that some arrangement will be made to satisfy their silly fantasies, A long story short he is now in my grasp and will remain there, he can now hardly look me in the eyes, he simply can’t take the level of discipline that Jane can take and is becoming more and more fearful of me.

    As I write he is sitting on the sofa reading, (I know my soft side again), dut I don’t think his concentration is focused on what is in front of him, he is ready for bed in a little pair of boys pyjamas and I’m sure after the little chat we have just had he can’t wait to be dismissed.

    A little sample, James, look at me I would like to have a little talk with you and I want you to be completely honest throughout this conversation, I always know when I am being lied to or when you hide things from me, as far as I am concerned from now on you are my little boy under my loving care and attentions. I have nothing but the loving care of a governess to offer you, I feel that this is required to make you a better young man, you are to be educated along with Jane, (oh his face Scarlet).

    I will expect the correct attitude and enthusiasm from you when your schooling begins this coming weekend, I understand that you will be excited at your first day at school with your new class mate Jane, but understand I will expect complete focus from you regarding your studies, (his face what a picture), yes James you may speak, Mistress I thought that when we met that we could agree to work things out together about our relationship? oh James you silly boy that is all behind us now, I believe I am better placed to look after your future, do you not agree? shamed face and looking down he mumbled I’m really not sure, stuttering and red faced what will it mean?, what do you mean my schooling? , your my Governess? , your little boy?, but I thought, James your getting yourself all confused and upset, I have made a decision concerning your future and I expect you to embrace this totally, but you must be honest with me, if you don’t want this new arrangement I will understand and you can leave in the morning, Scarlet I knew he was caught, I’m not saying that I just thought, James that is enough,
    I have decided on your future and that is that.

    Scarlet the uniform I have bought on line hope it’s here for the weekend? Is just devine the shorts are elasticated and are almost like a pair of pants, no need for underwear then, shirt, tie, pullover, socks and shoes he is going to be just a wonderful sight.

    James and Jane will hold hands as they skip their way down my hallway to the classroom, (not sure if I can arrange this for Saturday it may be Sunday I have a few things getting in the way).

    Scarlet I can’t wait to get my hands on Jane, my caning arm is just itching, I will spank James before I put him to bed, after of course he has seen to my needs, he is not as skilled as Jane in this department but I suppose that is the point of education, James struggles with discipline, (and I thought this was what he wanted), silly boys what is one supposed to do? He will come on under my loving strict care.

    I may let a soon to be very sorry Jane micro cock update you regarding the weekend, that’s if of course she can behave herself.

    Come here James.



    1. Scarlet, The trouble with boys.

      James was soundly spanked be me last evening and sent to bed early, confused, and with total shame written all over his face.

      He has work this morning and he was told that I needed a quick word with him before he got ready for work.

      Standing in front of me in his little pyjamas, red faced and looking at the floor, James come closer and look at me, the little smack you received to your bottom last evening is completely your own fault, your attitude young man is really in need of much adjusting.

      When you return from work I want to be met with a grateful and obedient little boy is that clear?, (his face), yes mistress.

      Good, we have plenty more to talk about James, I slipped my hands into the waist of his bottoms pulling them down to his feet, (no underpants I don’t see the benefit of them where James is concerned), James you must understand that little boys like you do not have big boy hair down there, I will deal with this on your return from work.

      I stood turning him and giving him a playful pat on the bum of you go then have a nice day at work.

      Back in bed with one of my favourite toys in use, my mind is racing with my objectives for the future of James.

      Believe me Scarlet my aim is to have a completely well behaved, shy, confused, always trying to please his governess boy caught in my ever tighting grasp.


  8. Mistress scarlet.

    For all the world keep up your ground breaking work.

    James was over 2 hours late returning from work, maybe I have miss read the situation?

    In through the door he comes head bowed looking completely lost, what ever kept you James, sorry Mistress the traffic was, nonsense James, the traffic report I listened to on the radio provided no such problems in town, where have you been? look at me James you simply can’t lie to me, now I want the truth.

    Please Mistress I just stopped of at the park on the way back from work. what ever for? I was just thinking over things and, you silly boy thinking over things were you?, all the thinking required was done last night, I will give you something to think about boy, into the bathroom with you run the bath take everything off and wait on me, please Mistress I just thought that, James? , looking distraught he walked out of the room.

    10 minutes later I found a naked sorry looking boy, I intend to put an end to this thinking business. standing in front of me I took a wash cloth and dipping it in the bath took it to his boy bits, then with some shaving gel I began my work(he has not much hair on his body except for the under arms and legs), what a picture as along with removing his hair I began my lecture.

    What a silly boy you are, how dare you behave in such a manner, when I finish with this you will be introduced to my strap, (as explained earlier compared to Jane, James cannot handle much discipline I had never to this point given him a real beating this was about to change), into the bath and a good rinsing off with the shower, I dried him off, smooth as a peach, I continued, you are going to learn that under my supervision and care I expect total obedience at all times, taking him by the wrist I lead him to the classroom the fear in his eyes its just marvellous.

    I lifted down the strap and immediately began to strap him on the backs of his legs and bottom, he was jumping and howling as I told him that for single second not to think that this was punishment for going to the park, oh no my boy this is for lying how dare you, traffic indeed, just who do you think you are, what nonsense, you will learn never ever to lie to me you silly little boy.

    Scarlet he was in bits crying his eyes out, (another drama queen to contend with), since James you enjoy the park so much you will go there on Sunday and litter pick and when I decide to drop by there had better not be a single scrap of litter in sight, please Mistress, please he is bawling his heart out as I take him by the wrist to the living room and straight into the corner.

    I really am far to soft, reading your wonderful site has illustrated this clearly to me, This Scarlet will change.

  9. What a selection of the most sadistic, creative, sexually tormenting, denial and punishments I have ever read. You Countesses of Cruelty must, please, continue to publish the details of your strict regimes. Has there ever been such writing which arouses subs and dommes alike! Trully wonderful, I cannot wait for each new instalment, thank you.


    The pitiless canings with assymentry, and the agony of the Linnex treatment are so cruel, have you, creative Mistresses ever combined the two?

    1. I have not as a rule because I think once begging with all the heart has been induced through the agony of what single thing is happening, no increase in agony is required for me to get my kicks or to keep bitch-boy suitably subjugated and in submissive awe. This also leaves escalation potential should that be required for perhaps a SERIOUS punishment for a serious infraction, (although these are so rare now). As a punishment both torments at once would seem to be worth trying.

      BTW, are you a female and a Domme?

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