Lady Jessica has upped my meanness (Part 2)

Well the content of my last post certainly was influential. Numerous submissive males subsequently confirming that Lady Jessica’s approach is very affecting indeed. And even more interestingly, several experienced Dommes, like myself, deciding to amend some of our activities or styles to ensure additional opportunities to raise and then dash the hopes of our little puppets.

I have a list of my current, favourite depraved activities and I peruse it before I start a full-on domination day of bitch-boy. It is like perusing a menu at a fine dining restaurant. It is so hard to choose! But what I don’t choose today, I can have the next time or the time after that! (Which is quite often the following day.)

After reading Lady Jessica’s wonderful contribution, I split my menu list between those activities that are mainly about physical pain for bitch-boy and those that are mainly about that terrible combination of extreme humiliation and extreme tedium. I did this as I realised that creating and dashing hope followed two sets of principles, depending on whether the activity is mainly about physical pain, or mainly about the combination of humiliation and tedium.

An example regarding an activity that is mainly about physical pain for bitch-boy is deterrent punishment. Before Lady Jessica’s post,  I would get to the stage where bitch-boy is pleading with all his heart, then I would become aroused as I carried on, (for a further ten to fifteen minutes), until I felt both a true deterrent had been achieved, and I had become so turned on I needed an orgasm. I would then simply end the deterrent punishment.

Now, after Lady Jessica’s post, I get to the stage where bitch-boy is pleading with all his heart, and after another say three or five minutes, I ask him, ‘Do you think you have had enough to be deterred from disobedience maggot?‘ He answers in an emotional panic of muffled noise through his gag that, yes he has, and I will answer, ‘Well I’m not sure about that. I’ll continue for a while longer to be sure.

And that routine is then set until the end. Every three to five minutes, I ask, he answers and I say, ‘I’m not sure about that. I’ll continue for a while longer to be sure.‘ Until finally when I ask, and he answers, I then say, ‘Yes bitch, I too think have had enough to be deterred from disobedience maggot.’ And I stop.

Each time I have asked, ‘Do you think you have had enough to be deterred from disobedience maggot?‘ his hopes have been raised that once he has answered, I will stop. But each time he answers,  yet I continue, his hopes to end the searing, burning strokes are dashed.

Such a simple technique that (A) has increased my feeling of meanness and my arousal considerably and, I have no doubt, (B) increased bitch-boy’s subjugation to me and his awe of me, through the punishment, made worse by raising and dashing hopes.

If there is interest in this rather ‘technical and systems’ aspect of domination, I will post again on the changes I have made in the activities that are mainly about the combination of humiliation and tedium. Unfortunately for my poor puppet, as well as now involving raising and dashing hopes, my analysis of these activities has also resulted in extra humiliation and in options of physical pain, neither of which were there before.


For info on my own BDSM manual, click on an image below.

4 thoughts on “Lady Jessica has upped my meanness (Part 2)

  1. Mistress scarlet.

    The best laid plans and all of that, why do I allow the mundane to over rule my natural nature?, such is life, and the reason behind you not receiving an update from miss drama queen herself, Jane micro cock.

    I have of course continued the education and training of the boy James.

    He now no longer spends time in my bedroom unless summoned for intimate duties, improvements are slow, none the less there is potential, (he has along way to go to meet the expert attentions of Jane).

    James is presently under going training in relation to the application of the cane to his bare bottom, again improvements are slow and little dramas a plenty to contend with, I am content that real progress is being achieved.

    I continue to remind him of the despicable lie he told me and how he simply will not be in a position to ever lie again.

    Sitting in his Birthday suit in front of me I stare past his eyes into the deepness of his very being the place were true, lasting and meaningful change is made, a strange world in which I love to explore and leave my mark.

    What have you learned and how will you apply this learning James?.

    Mistress I have learned never ever to dare lie to you again, that I must do exactly what I’m told when told to do it, I must always have an agreeable attitude, utmost respect and show real enthusiasm in all my learning. I will fully apply myself in all instructions provided by you. This learning will greatly enhance my opportunity to become a respectful, obedient, grateful and well behaved young gentleman.

    All very well and good James, but how am I ever to trust someone who finds lying so easy?, you simply cannot be trusted to be left unsupervised, I am restricted in the time I can spend on your training, therefore I am presently searching online for someone suitable to oversee your studies when I’m not available, (another little tantrum providing me with an opportunity to wield my strap), now in tears please Mistress just me and you, no one else please no, silence James. I have decided and that is that, I’m sure there is a young lady out there going through university who would just jump at the chance to sit a naughty little boy as you, or maybe an older retired lady with years of experience in dealing with little lying boys. I am convinced this is exactly the assistance needed for your upbringing.

    Each evening before your sent to bed you will ask for you good night spanking (his face), this will settle you down for the night resulting in a fuller deeper sleep and providing better consciousness in the morning for work and your later studies, is that clear James? , yes mistress, James? oh sorry mistress it’s a wonderful idea thank you for your concern and help with my upbringing, your welcome James.

    Now James time for your caning I think, up you get and into the classroom, head down and lightly sobbing and no doubt feeling very sorry for himself I followed him into the room. Over your desk James now!, you will remain in place while I administer your discipline, you will count out each stroke thank me and ask for another is that clear? yes mistress, (he simply can’t take the level of discipline that Jane can take), I begin, the first few stokes are met with an agreeable response from James, after this I’m afraid it’s all down hill, he is all over the place, pleading, begging, he has now lost count of the stroke he has just recivied, in tears he falls at my feet please I’m sorry I can’t I just can’t, oh you will my boy back over now a joy to watch, with no possible escape he places himself back over the desk again the next 2 stokes are delivered quickly he is now dancing in front of me in tears completely wrecked, James I’m waiting please Mistress how many?, silence over now, how many indeed, what has that in anyway got to do with you?, crying his heart out I land a stroke at the top of his thighs, he is now gone at my feet again pleading I look at him quietly as he promises me the world.

    Your will sit at your desk and complete 200 lines. “I am a little boy who tells lies and can’t be trusted by anyone, I hope my Governess is successful in finding someone to assist her with my difficult up bringing”. You will present these to me on completion and bring with you the school strap, I will inspect your work, I hope for your sake it is satisfactory, begin.

    Hours later, reviewing his work my strap in use he again is in bits, you will learn one way or another to never even think for a second of lying to me again.

    You may prepare for bed James, yes Mistress, back in front of me in pyjamas, well James have you something to say to me, Mistress thank you so much for your help and support in making me a better person, I have learnt so much and you will see much improvement in my behaviour, anything else James? please Mistress may I have my good night spanking?, really James I would of thought that after the discipline you have just received you would not need your spanking,well if you insist bottoms off please and across my knee James.

    His bottom is a mess but who am I to deny the boy what he craves, the spanking is short but effective in reducing him to one sorry little boy, standing in front of me in tears, James I require your presence in my room in exactly thirty minutes you will sit on your bed until then and think about how you will improve your attitude now off you go.

    After exploring your amazing blog I have now read your short stories, my favourite (of the war) followed by three set off for a holiday for two, excellent, your mind and pen a true force of enlightenment well done. I know I am playing catch up here but its on to your Journals next for me.


  2. My dear Mistress Scarlet

    You really are too kind: to me, that is. I was touched by your very complimentary words on my modest contribution and those of the many contributors in the comments. Making my own skivvy suffer is of course its own reward but how lovely it is to think that his regime brings pleasure as well to so many strangers on the Internet.

    And as for this post, Mistress Scarlet! Well, to think that I might have contributed in some small way to increasing still further the misery of bitch-boy’s existence brings on a physical shiver of pleasure! How lucky all our boys are not only to have women who bring purpose and structure to their lives, but also to be part of a global community that takes such delight in their pain and humiliations.

    It is an inspiring thought that around the world, right now, there may be computers and phones abandoned displaying this page of your blog, while in a neighbouring room, after a pause for the shrieks to die away, a soft feminine voice gently asks “Do you think you have had enough to be deterred from disobedience, maggot?”.

    I shall certainly be trying it.

    One little twist I enjoy (and, you know, I have been reading your blog for so long my dear, that I do not even recall if it originally came from you, so do forgive me if this is old hat), is to allow skivvy to set the parameters of his punishment. I believe that if he himself takes some responsibility for determining the consequences of his behaviour, it will focus his mind more closely upon the sins he committed. So, for example: following some moderate failing on his part, such as… oh I don’t know, hanging my ironed blouses in a different order from the way I like them, then I might inform him that a caning is due. Not the worst error perhaps, but imagine how cross I would be if I reached into the cupboard without looking carefully and pulled out a different garment from the one I was expecting, just because my lazy skivvy had not bothered to check the sequence! Skivvy would then sit down and write a short essay – no more than 2000 words, say – on the importance of good order in domestic chores, or perhaps more philosophically on why he seems unable to carry out even the simplest tasks adequately. Then he will bring me the essay, for me to check or to discard as the mood takes me.

    And then I will ask him to suggest an appropriate number of strokes. I place the cane on my desk, in full sight, to help him concentrate and I place as well a piece of paper on the reverse side of which I have previously written my own estimate of the appropriate punishment. Then he must request whatever number he thinks suitable. How many strokes, skivvy? Hmm?

    I give him time to decide. He is usually shaking in fear at this point, so I am in no hurry to move on: it is one of my favourite times of the day. But he must choose: asking me politely for the number of strokes that, in his considered opinion, he deserves.

    There is a bit of a twist. Once he has announced his own punishment, I turn over the card, so we can compare our estimates. I do not cheat: my own number will be written there clearly. If we agree, then that is how many strokes he will receive, and we proceed to that stage of the process.

    If he should have chosen more than I awarded… well, after he had so long carefully to consider the matter, who am I to argue? ‘You want 18 strokes, skivvy? Do you know, I was planning on only 12? Oh well… I suppose I could manage an extra six without too much difficulty if that’s what you really want. Let’s get you over the block.”

    But if he should choose a lighter punishment than I had envisaged… well, that is a more serious matter, Mistress Scarlet, as I think you will agree. Obviously, in those circumstances the little worm has utterly failed to appreciate the seriousness of the situation, or to empathise sufficiently with the trouble to which he put me with his thoughtless approach to hanging blouses, the selfish beast. My estimate prevails – obviously – and to it, we add three times the difference between the estimates. Thus, if I had chosen 12 strokes and he estimated merely eight, he receives my 12 plus three times four, for another 12, making 24 in all.

    In practice, I tend not to choose such nice even numbers, as I do not think the challenge should be made too simple. I might choose 11, or 15 or 23, for example.

    The scoring is thoroughly asymmetric. Quite deliberately. If he over-estimates how many strokes he needs, well: that is unpleasant for him as he could have had fewer but no real harm is done. And possibly some good. Underestimating, though, requires immediate correction, so the three-times multiple is very fair.

    It does admittedly put him in the difficult situation of having quite a strong incentive to go high rather than low. He knows very well that the three-times rule can lead to a breathtakingly agonising experience. Once, for example, he completely misunderstood my mood and decided he deserved eight strokes when I had him down for 25. So, after a little practice with the 17-times table, he received 25 plus 51 = 76 strokes. He was quite dehydrated from crying when I had finished, but of course I let him have some water as soon as he had finished the post-caning corner time and the few chores he was yet to complete.

    Although I enjoy thrashing him severely like that, though, the psychological torment when it goes the other way is a more subtle but equally delightful pleasure. Terified of repeating an experience like the one above he dare not choose too low a number! On occasion, I have had him down for a mere four stroke reminder and the silly skivvy has asked for 18 – which of course, I am only too pleased to hand out. The look on his face when I turn over the card in such situations is a treat, it really is. And of course – bringing the topic back to your so sweetly malicious post, Mistress Scarlet – in such circumstances I will always pause after stroke number four to remind him that if it were up to me, this would be the end of the unpleasantness. But as he asked so nicely, there’s still 14 to go! By request, so to speak.

    Yours in sincere sisterhood

    Lady Jessica

    1. I think the idea of punishment guessing was in my blog a long while ago. Certainly I do know about it.

      Although your triple asymmetric award system is very hot indeed! And the delicious cruelty of announcing it was your intention he receive a very minor punishment, knowing he will have guessed a far worse one, that his guess gets delivered, is just so perfect!

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