Lady Jessica has upped my meanness (Part 3)

Well in my last post, I stated that if  there is interest in the rather ‘technical and systems’ aspect of:         applying dashing hope principles to the activities to which I subject bitch-boy, that are mainly about the combination of humiliation and tedium,            I would post again. There was interest, hence this post.

I did write in my last post that as a result of the analysis and application of the Lady Jessica dashing hope principles, options of physical pain have now been added to the activities that, before, were almost exclusively about the combination of humiliation and tedium. Poor bitch-boy.

I will use as an example, an activity my blog followers know well. bitch-boy having to spend an hour or three colouring-in with the aid of his big dolly Suzette Simperkins. Given the routine he must follow it is staggeringly humiliating and at the same time mind numbingly tedious. I will not describe that activity further but move straight to the new dashing hopes aspect it now involves.

Before there were dashing hope aspects, bitch-boy would simply have to colour-in with his dolly until I decided the activity was over. usually between an hour and three hours. Now after perhaps forty minutes I go through the following routine for the first time, and then repeat the routine every fifteen minutes or so after that.

‘Do you think Suzette Simperkins has had enough colouring-in time pansy ‘ Obviously he  answers, in his lisping voice, ‘Yeth Mithdreth, I do think Suzette Simperkins has had enough colouring-in time. ‘ Then I answer,

‘Well I’m sure she hasn’t. Why don’t you ask her?’ He then asks her and answers, pretending to be her, that, she has not had enough. (He would not dare have her answer otherwise, as I had said, I was sure she had NOT had enough.) Then I respond,     ‘Well as she has not had enough yet, let’s give her another thirty minutes. (Instead of thirty minutes, I may say, ‘an hour’ or  may say, ‘a couple of hours’.)

I repeat this question and answer routine every twenty minutes or so, for as many hours as I want. Then when I am ready to end the activity, I go through the question and answer routine but at the appropriate point I say,   ‘Well I think you’re probably right and she has had enough. Why don’t you ask her?’ He knows he can then ask her, and answer pretending to be her that, yes she has had enough, and the activity is at an end.

So, with the new principles in operation, his hopes are raised and dashed a good number of times. I am embarrassed to say the pleasure/arousal is considerable each time I dash his tentative, desperate hopes.

Now, moving onto the matter of options of physical pain that were not before included in the tedium/humiliation activities.

At random moments of the activity, I padlock his wrists into the cuffs on the front of his baby reins and say:

‘The marks from your deterrent punishment have faded and you know how much I like to see them while you suffer your humiliating tedium. On your knees and forehead now!’ I then apply the cane and follow the deterrent punishment dashing hopes procedure while I do.

Or, I padlock his wrists into the cuffs on the front of his baby reins and say:

‘My pleasure would be increased if your birth defect was all burning and sore while you suffer your humiliating tedium.‘ I apply one stripe of Linnex to the object and then say, ‘Do you think one stripe is enough to give me my extra pleasure?’ Obviously, full of anxiety, he answers. ‘Yes Mistress.’ I then say, ‘Hmmm, I don’t think so.’ And I apply another stripe and then I ask again.

And so the routine continues until finally when he answers my question and I agree with him that, Yes, I too think he has had enough stripes to give me the extra pleasure my whim desires. By then he may have had anywhere between two and ten stripes of the nasty Linnex!

A dashing hopes routine is also used for how long I might have him with his dildo padlocked into place down his throat past the gagging point while enduring his humiliation/tedium activity , and for sitting on coir matting while enduring his humiliation/tedium activity. (If, submissives,  you have never sat on coir matting after a caning, I can tell you, going on bitch-boy’s reactions, that after the ten minute mark is passed, and on up to an hour or more, IT IS AGONY. And the moment he may be allowed to rise from it, the pain for half a minute or so, sometimes reduces him to sobbing. I do sometimes have him rise, and after thirty seconds sit down again, just for the amusement of that aspect.


My Journal 14 remains available as paperback and ePub as an eBook, both on and it is also available on Amazon KINDLE.

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I believe it is now also available on NOOK, KOBO, Scribd, Apple, Barnes & Noble, etc.

I hope you enjoy reading these fine detail accounts as much as I enjoyed the activities described.



11 thoughts on “Lady Jessica has upped my meanness (Part 3)

  1. Dear MsScarlet

    Do you sometimes imagine the feelings of your sub-boy (in a particular situation), if it were yourself?

    high regards,

    1. Not as if it were me no.
      I do pay keen attention to how miserable he is through humiliation and/or physical discomfort/pain and/or tedium. This attention ensures he is being well subjugated and that there us plenty of fuel for the fire within me!

  2. If the Mistress Jessica is the one i think it is then she really can be a cruel Mistress when she likes to. I must say though that the cruelness of a Mistress can be highly exciting to the mind of a submissive masochist. Think about it is enough to give me an erection!!

  3. The Images i see on your Bsdmlr website are a real turn on for me and excite my submissive nature a great deal. Is n’t it strange how we identify with images and conform to them in our imagination. The images on your website make me go ever deeper into my submissiveness.

  4. You are so, so cruel! And yet i cannot help reading every blog article with a combination of fear, lust, and a desperate desire to submit. Thank You so much for sharing Your wonderful skills and stories.

  5. I cannot help but to wonder what it would feel like to have to sit there so humiliated, coloring like a little girl, desperately waiting to hear the sound of your voice to make it all stop; hopes that are raised…and then dashed when you take time out of your adult activities. Of course bb probably doesn’t even begin to hope before an hour, perhaps taking Lady Jessica’s approach and give him a reprieve on the first question would raise his future hopes from the very beginning…

    Thank you so very much for your blog, and for bb’s blog. I would give anything to be in his place.

  6. I was wondering if you plan to extend the “dashing hopes’ principle to bb’s orgasms. Instead of the stomping platform, perhaps his begging may lead to a rare hand job.Of course, he would also need permission from his girlfriend, the right wedge shoe.
    I recall bb has stated that his greatest hope–or regret–is the loss of PIV sex. Is there any way to offer him hope of that prospect, only to have it dashed? Maybe a single chance on his birthday, with you designing a different task each year all with steep odds. Then he would get an entire year to hope before his dreams were dashed on his special day every year in the future.

    1. The “dashing hopes’ principle is already being used regarding bb’s orgasms. Hope for on orgasm on the stomping stage, following a conversation on the very faintest remote hope of a hand job.

      I cannot use the dashing hope principles for PIV for him as he knows I would NEVER allow PIV. He knows I adore that I have ensured all the years so far that have been built up with him as a born again virgin and I could never allow those built up years to be eradicated by one PIV session.

  7. Mistress scarlet.

    Deepest curtsey, with a heart full and sincere apology, I never, ever would disrespect any lady, it is not my place or in my nature to think in such ways.

    Mistress Denise has kindly dealt with my failure to provide you with the answers you requested, I have learnt an important lesson and for this I am forever grateful.

    I am instructed to explain that to my shame I have been disciplined in away that has corrected my failure, I will never give my own views on anything again, I truly have learnt to do as I’m told and nothing more.

    Please forgive me and my unwanted thoughts, I will never forget my place again. I will be asking for permission to sleep from my beautiful and loving mistress, her time and attention I fully appreciate, my lesson has been completely learned.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my apology, I can only hope that you can excuse me for foolishly believing that you had any interest in my thinking, I am now fully understanding of my many, many faults and can only hope to be an improved little girl.

    Deepest curtsey with the highest respect. Jane micro cock.

  8. Mistress scarlet.

    Mistress Denise, thought this was funny.

    I have been denied my request for permission to sleep. I am now beginning a 20 page essay on why grass is green, Mistress Denise told me that when completed I can rip it up and put it in the bin, she can’t be bothered inspecting it.

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