A photo of his reins with cuffs

It dawned on me that despite using bitch-boy’s adult sized baby reins on him for so many years, I have never provided a photo of them. I put that right with this post.

There are several things to observe. One is that I have put my 12 inch ruler in the photo for scale. (This is the ruler that has smacked thousands of times on bitch-boy’s birth defect over the years and will do so thousands of times more!)

You will also see in the photo, the padlocks in the buckle hasps of the reins. I think the effect of the reins is doubled or trebled when bitch-boy sees and hears the padlocks clicking closed. Securing him helplessly into the reins for as long as I see fit.  You can clearly see the wrist cuffs at the front of the reins. Recently, for certain activities, I have been putting the reins on him, back to front, and then his wrists get cuffed behind his back.

You will also observe how I mark my padlocks and their keys with one or two spots of nail varnish so I know which keys to use for which padlocks. I have two sets of four padlocks employed with the reins. Each set of four use the same keys.

I hope this post was of interest.

My recently published Journal. Click on this link for details.


3 thoughts on “A photo of his reins with cuffs

  1. Long time admirer, purchaser of blogs, wannabe submissive for a beautiful domme.. point of my first comment, on the red cover of your 15th journal the title says ‘The Institue’ rather than ‘The Institute’. Usually I would pass over something like this but it looks like a pretty important place to have a typo. Hope this helps, huge fan of your lifestyle, please keep posting.

  2. Thank You for sharing this photo Ma’am. I’ve read several of Your journals and have seen the device referenced, but it’s nice to see it in it’s humiliating glory. And then there’s Your ruler…

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