The most provocative images

The femdom area of the internet is full of photos and drawings of apparently dominant women. But my favourite images are rather rare. My favourite images relate to my previous post on Enduring Domination Sessions .

These are photos and drawings of a women who look as though they could well be dominant, but are relaxing on a sofa or comfortable armchair or sun lounger. No dungeon, no PVC clothes, no thigh boots or corsets, etc, etc.

Any age, dressed in marginally sexy clothes or everyday clothes, possibly some nice heels that would be comfortable to walk in. And what is she doing? Perhaps looking into the camera, but the target of her momentary gaze is not her main activity. She is watching TV , or doing a craft – like knitting, or reading a book, or chatting on the phone, or enjoying some social media time.

She could not be any more relaxed and contented and is fully and happily occupied. And within her field of vision, or perhaps in another room – possibly under the gaze of a baby monitor, is her puppet.

Wherever he is, he is writing lines, perhaps while dressed as a schoolgirl, or dressed as a little girl and  colouring-in with dolly, or playing a Disney Princess board game with dollies, or locked in a tiny, sound proofed and pitch black cupboard, or bound in sensory deprivation bondage, or cleaning a floor with a toothbrush. He has been at this an hour or more and will be for an hour or hours to come.

And as I wrote in that other post, the activity will not be a one-off. He knows, not just today will he endure those hours! He will do the next day, or two days next week, and the week after, and will be doing so for years to come! The sense of miserable helplessness cannot be moderated by thinking, ‘just get through this and I’ll never suffer this again’. Oh no!

This is serious and real domination that many of us are lucky enough to enforce. No PVC or corsets, no dungeon. Profoundly intense feelings for him and for her. When I see such an image of the woman I have outlined, I imagine the pleasure she and I would enjoy either at her house or mine. But in vast femdom area of the internet, WHERE ARE THESE IMAGES!!

I am not even so ambitious as to have such images that also include the suffering male. That would be too much to ask. (The wonderful, now defunct for many years, hard-copy Madame magazine did sometimes have such images. I guess because in the main it catered to Dominant Women as much as to submissive men. )

I do apologise if my theme is repetitive this month, or over the years, but I remain perplexed at the paucity of images, videos and content covering the depraved, potent leisure time theme I make reference to. Submissive males; how do you feel about this issue?

16 thoughts on “The most provocative images

  1. I must admit I love to see ” normally dressed” dominant women being served it makes it more believeable. The photos you used as an example are perfect.

  2. Ms Scarlet,

    I agree with you. The image of a woman dressed normally doing normal things whilst the absurdly dressed male is toiling away on some tedious and pointless task is a powerful representation of Female Domination; opening the door for a visitor would be a casual event her and an incredibly humiliating, life changing event for him. What does it do to the psyche of a man to dressed for so long and so often in clothes you dreadfully fear anyone ever seeing you in?

    While I must admit I am aroused by a woman dressed in leather, I prefer a simple pair of leather pants or elegant skirt over some obscene outfit designed to appease the base instincts of the male. While a woman can present a powerful image dressed in a t-shirt, jeans, and a pair of boots, it may not make for pornography that people are willing to pay for. And while a male sitting for hours writing out lines or coloring his little girls coloring book may be a powerful experience for the Mistress and her boy it would be difficult to film, which is where I think most of the images come from.

    Again, I agree with your assessment that images depicting the porn version of Female Domination far exceed the powerful images of a real relationship. I must take this time to thank you and bitch boy for finding these all too rare images on the internet and sharing them on your Bdmslr site, although I can’t help but to feel sorry for him as I can’t imagine the effect it must have on him to scour so many sensual images without any means of release to give us those all too rare finds.

    And once again, thank you so very much for giving us so much.

  3. “The sense of miserable helplessness cannot be moderated by thinking, ‘just get through this and I’ll never suffer this again’. Oh no!”

    This was a profound statement Ma’am…and it makes clear Your dedication to making the male suffer. i have written copious punishment lines and thought that very thing…”just get them done and over with”…but what if i knew the finishing of them was only a very temporary reprieve because tomorrow or two days from now i would be writing this same line again…over and over and over! i see the benefit of such a regime and the hopelessness that it entails.

  4. I agree with your thoughts. I am continually disappointed by how difficult to find images showing the control and ownership in such an empowering, complete and constant way. Rather than some short-term dynamic that is completely different and ultimately far less meaningful for either of them.

  5. The vast majority of femdom imagery seems to cater to the male’s fetishes, the stereotypical view of femdom, (dungeons, leather, whips, etc) which is mostly pure fantasy. It’s well-polished and all the women are attractive and everything is perfect. But, it’s not real. It’s aimed at men, not necessarily submissive men and the market is huge.

    A dominant woman dressed in everyday clothes at home relaxing, while her sub cleans the floor or kneels in the corner facing the wall or is doing some monotonous repetitive task. Now that’s more believable. In my opinion, this sort of imagery is aimed as much towards dominant women as it is submissives.

    Having to endure an unpleasant activity for a long duration knowing that it isn’t a one-off and will be repeated time and time again for years, is very potent. That is true and real femdom.


  6. May it please Mistress Scarlet ………………………….

    A Mistress who is bored by the presence of an inferior, stupid and worthless slave is simply responding to the fact that it is beneath Her — socially, intellectually, emotionally and morally. She would be bored spending an evening with a worm, would She not?

    With respect, Mistress, a Domme screaming and yelling at Her slave is, regrettably, sinking to its level. The mark of true power is that She does not need to raise Her voice to command Her chattel. On the contrary, it should be trained to pay constant attention to Her and to obey the slightest signal. A lifted eyebrow, a wave of Her hand or snap of Her fingers should bring instant response from Her slave.

    If it fails to obey at once, and thank Her afterwards for the privilege, then is the time for the whip. Still, a severe and painful punishment delivered without losing Her temper or self-control is the most perfect expression of dominance. Nothing the slave can do will provoke Mistress to lose Her temper. If Mistress is disappointed in Her slave’s performance, on top of the normal displeasure She feels from lack of loyalty, then shame is added to the pain of a flogging. The fear of disappointing the most important being in the universe is as powerful as the memory of a painful whipping to make a slave more useful to its Owner.

    …………………………respectfully begging to kiss Your feet,

    1. It is not boring to have a slave undertaking a humiliating and tedious activity for a very long time. It is actually quite pleasurable for the Domme. BUT, the Domme need not focus her attention on the slave once he is put in motion. The Domme can enjoy a second pastime, paying little or no attention to the slave. So the Domme gets the power-rush and pleasure of him enduring and added to that, the pleasure of the second pastime.

  7. Yes, yes, yes Madam! I agree completely. However do you ever consider why what you’ve describe resonates so very powerfully with alpha women and submissive men? I have a humble theory. Here goes. I think it’s the fact that ostensibly the representations you’ve described (genuine, not fantasy) are completely passive – at first sight nothing at all is happening …. the lady doesn’t actually appear to be “doing” anything ….. and yet the reality is the very opposite: she’s relaxing within herself at the same time as the sub is suffering and enduring for her gratification. These pictures therefore elevate the domme/sub relationship from the fantastic to the ….. everyday …. the normal …. . I think it’s this fact most of all which gives the images their incredible power and makes subs inwardly tremble. As you say there are very few women out there who enjoy this level and intensity of domination but when you see it made real …. oh my goodness me ….

    1. You may have noted that almost all of the Dommes who leave comments on this blog enjoy this level and intensity of domination. I think it is the natural result of the evolution of a relationship when the Domme has learned there is nothing wrong with pitilessness and she has TOTAL power over her sub.

      I think your theory is pretty close.

  8. The only proviso I have is to do with clothing. I’m amazed that some of the comments here glibly assume that a lady wearing “traditional” domination gear is doing so for the benefit of the sub, as if a genuinely alpha female would dress to please her puppet??? As was once stated to me forcefully by an alpha female: “everyone is different”. Any real sub will know that his preferences will always remain irrelevant to his owner. In this light for him to assume anything is stupid, presumptive and downright disrespectful.

    1. I am not sure to which comments you refer and it does not sit well with me for you to call commenters stupid, although I agree that sometimes a Domme will enjoy fetish clothing for her own pleasure.

      BUT, it is clear that many femdom images on the internet involve actors and actresses and the actresses’ clothes are designed for sub male’s fantasies.

  9. It was never my intention to be disrespectful Madam. I still believe that however many images there are out there of women wearing “traditional” clothing no sub should ever assume in her presence that a domme is doing that for his gratification. To assume that, in fact to assume ANYTHING, is for him to skate on very thin ice indeed.

  10. I completely agree Ms Scarlet the images of a Lady dressed in normal clothes compared to her ridiculousness dressed sub is a powerful image. She may be relaxing in a dress, perhaps from a good quality store, Karen Millen type etc. knowing that her sub had to iron to her exacting standards. Her shoes or boots worn to make her feel good would have been lovingly polished.

    That is what is so powerful about your bog and writings, even in your first published journal of the description of the humiliating outfit bitch boy had to wear while you and your Sisters and Mother wore everyday clothes that wouldn’t look out of place in a restaurant or bar.

    For what its worth my ideal of a confident and assertive Lady would be. A smart dress just above knee height, well fitted with a nice lining, knee high black leather boots with a heel that could be easily walked in, a full length cashmere coat and the quality accessories of leather gloves, handbag.
    Of course the ideal situation would be for the sub to be walked behind on a lead, but I’m afraid society isn’t ready for that yet, however one day, who knows.

  11. I find images of women in leather, whips etc a bit of a turn off.
    I much prefer the mental side of domination, the giving up of free will which is intoxicating.
    Therefore, the woman having to dress for it calls into question who is actually in control, it may be the sub!!
    If the woman is making little or no effort, it is pretty clear who is the sub.

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