Photos – shoes, bows, bells, sissy dress, etc!

28 October 2019  I have lately in my journals provided dates of blog posts that contain photos of equipment that is referred to in journal entries. I think readers find this useful and I think it helps confirm authenticity to see the actual things I use.

I have for some time put together what I call bitch-boy’s – full-on sissy little girl outfit. Obviously a ludicrous parody of a little girl! Not a real 21st century little girl. The various items have taken about three years to come together and it is the go-to outfit for maximum shaming of him; that I cannot find a way to make more humiliating. Especially as he has to hold one of his dolls when so dressed. He truly, truly, HATES it; especially when a mocking guest or two are present. Many of the items are padlocked into place which seriously adds to his sense of helplessness in his extreme humiliation.

Well I had a brainwave. Why not put all the photos of the various items of his full-on outfit all in one post. Here is that post.

Note the padlocks to his shoes and reins. The ribbons with bows I actually have on his wrists.

< His three dolls. Sally-no-socks, Suzette Simperkins and Likkel Dolly.

His head harness > is actually pink, not black. Notice the padlocks. His huge pink ribbon bow on his head clips onto the top harness strap. The padlocked harness can also be used to secure his dildo down his throat past the gagging point.

This is not bitch-boy but a sissy model. The dress has a padlock at the back of the neck. bitch-boy does not get to wear panties when wearing the dress which is even shorter on him than the model. His head bow is about 30% bigger than the one in the photo.

When in the dress he is usually in his DOUBLE PADLOCKED CHASTITY CAGE or has a CLIT STICK. (Use the links)

His Disney Princess umbrella which he has to use outdoors for light rain and as a parasol when it is sunny.

His Disney Princess pacifier which is padlocked into place. (You can just see the padlockable buckle hasp.)

Frilly cuffs for his wrists and his ankles. On his ankles they sit just above frill topped white ankle socks. The wrist cuffs are augmented with the bows/bells in the first photo.

19 thoughts on “Photos – shoes, bows, bells, sissy dress, etc!

  1. My dear Ms Scarlet

    What lovely things BB has! What a very lucky sissy, to be given such pretty adornments. Even if ultimately he earned the money that went to paying for them, it was still your decision, my dear Mistress Scarlet, that he should be decked out in such finery. I do hope he’s not ungrateful.

    My own skivvy, alas, has to subsist on more meagre fare. He has a few items of dress-up clothing, kept for special occasions, but in general I keep him in clothing better suited to his role – and to the name that he has come to accept. Simple cotton dresses bought at charity shops, together with practical aprons and tabards for household chores. The dresses get quite threadbare but skivvy’s sewing skills have come on by leaps and bounds and he can always make do and mend,

    It is harder to buy underwear second-hand, but a couple of years ago I came into possession of what should, with careful management, provide a lifetime’s supply. A rather distant aunt, a large lady in her eighties, passed away and I was responsible for sorting out her personal effects (skivvy did most of the actual sorting, of course). She was from the war generation that learned never to throw anything out that still had some use in it. She turned out to have an astonishing collection of bloomers, bras and girdles – much of it dating back to the fifties, by the look of it, patched and repaired over the years. Some with visible stains, admittedly, as she was rather incontinent in her last years, the poor thing, but the items are perfectly clean if a little tired. She was indeed a large lady and the bloomers especially are much too large for skivvy, as I prefer him skinny, but with good strong knicker-elastic and some gathering, they serve their purpose.

    Inspired by your writings, though, Mistress Scarlet, I am planning to give him his first dolly for Christmas (don’t worry about spoiling the surprise – he is not permitted to access your blog). However, I think the marvellous dolls shown here might cause him to get ideas above his station. I have it in mind to recycle an ordinary household object and then perhaps get skivvy himself to run up a few ragged clothes, to match his own. It will be a little companion for him to cuddle, as he cries himself to sleep at night, so it does not need to be anything fancy. My working title for the project is ‘Belinda Bogbrush’ but I’ll say no more than that for now.

    The reins, head harness and lockable pacifier, by the way, are simply delightful. Clothing has so many different purposes. At the most basic level, it can be for warmth and at a slightly more advanced level of sophistication, to display and to signal wealth. Can there be any more nobly decadent purpose, though, than outfitting an unwilling victim in clothing that is designed to restrain or prevent movement or sound – still more so if it does so in a humiliating fashion? I don’t necessarily want skivvy to look like a princess, but I do want him to stay exactly where I place him, in the posture I choose, in whatever configuration is most convenient. He seems to have difficulty in doing this sometimes, so buckles and straps are a must and a padlock or four can only add to my peace of mind. There are many styles of sissy clothing, but we can be confident that ‘lockable’ is never going out of fashion.

    Yours in sincere sisterhood

    Lady Jessica

    1. Thank you for the interesting comment Lady Jessica.
      You write, ‘I don’t necessarily want skivvy to look like a princess.‘ I wonder if you thought bitch-boy looks like a princess when all dressed up. I can assure you that as an older man, with a very stocky build, he does not one bit look like a princess! He looks ludicrous and unsightly! LOL

    2. Lady Jessica…. what an excellent post. i too serve my MistressWife as Her sub, and try and model O/our lifestyle as best able, similar to Mistress Scarlet & bb. However, like yourself, we need to cut our cloth accordingly, and i too often wear simple bloomers, corselettes, tabards etc. i feel quite pathetic at times, but embrace my life as a submissive and endure in contentment.
      Good luck with Your quest and i hope You post further in future.

  2. I secretly bought a pair of black patent Mary Jane’s once and secretly got pleasure from them. Then she found them. She made me wear those shoes everywhere everywhere

  3. OMG! No wonder BB hates dressing up like that period, let alone with visitors!
    How often is this BB’s attire? The bells are divine!

    1. He wears his hated full-on outfit between once a week and three times a week I would say. And always for at least 3 hours. And ALWAYS if I have a guest, especially a new guest.

    1. The weird but very pleasurable thing about it is that the head becomes larger and somewhat engorged after about ten minutes. so it looks even more ridiculous and of course the head is even more vulnerable!

  4. May I ask how long does BB have to wear the dildo in his throat? Did he need a lot of training to do this? Thank you for your wonderful blog.

    1. I have had him wear it for an hour. I now believe the time could be unlimited.

      It did take quite a bit of training. But showing him so many vid clips of women deep throating vast cocks made it clear to him that if they could do it, he could! Once he could take it down his throat for ten minutes, I realised that probably meant unlimited time. It seems I am right.
      He has to concentrate to resist the gag reflex for every minute though. He cant relax at all.

  5. So deliciously cruel in so many ways. You’ve taken away the very thing that makes one an adult…choices. Every decision has been made for him, and every decision regarding his outfit was made to emasculate and humiliate, so many constant reminders of his place and stature. As always, I both pity him and envy him, but I would have to admit the envy far outweighs the pity.

    Thank you so very much for giving us such a gift Ms Scarlet.

  6. Hello Misstress Scarlett I have left the army after ten years I am a sissy baby Dorothy now in my nappy and pink dress white tights pink glittery shoes like to googoo gaga I have told my GP who was a young woman I want baby Dorothy to expose myself show her my new dresses crawl in her office in a wet nappy.

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