The Wonderful Rhoda and the Wonderful Dorinda!

Well I continue with the, so far very popular, posting of delectable comments I have received on posts on this blog, which most of you, it seems, will not have read.

A shorter such post then the last two on this theme. The first a summary of comments from the wonderful Rhoda and then a summary of posts from the Wonderful Dorinda.

I love the way the lifestyle and personality of such amazing, REAL, domestic dominants can reveal itself  though a series of small comments. And there is always so much to learn from other REAL, domestic dominants.

The Wonderful Rhoda

There are many “vanilla” rigid, immobilisation cervical collars readily available from physiotherapy stores and eB*y. A lot cheaper and perfectly acceptable when out shopping or “away from home”!

Try |Googling –
“OPPO 4190 Hard Neck Collar Brace Cervical Support”
“Futuro Wrist Brace” -to go under the gloves.

Disability/Mobility/Physio suppliers are a cornucopia of pervertables!

[In response to my post on using bondage in public without arousing suspicion.]


I have Nature Knows Best Chilli Muscle rub-available from Am*z*n.
Cheaper, hotter-read the reviews! Strongly suggest use gloves and have anaesthetic cream cream as antidote
Most importantly -no “heat rub smell”, almost no smell at all, so no problem “away from home”


Before spending too much money-an android phone can be used in this way-the app is IP webcam. Works on local wi-fi or internet. Just make sure everything is passworded/secure etc!!!

[In response to my post on remote slave surveillance and monitoring.]


Mohair bodysuit? Someone is being indulged! A quick g**gle says it would cost £270! A couple of onesies under a boiler suit-much cheaper and humbler! However, like the brick!

Apart from the problem of bolting the base to the floor, a “dog catcher pole” would be the icing on the cake!

[In response to my post on rotary clothes line misery.]


I find it sometimes nice just to have the house to myself, free to come and go without my smallbear having any idea where I am, who I am with or what I am doing for, perhaps, the whole day. I find getting the long term bondage set up can be a faff and, each to their own, physical torment is not high on my list-I prefer control and humiliation.

The easiest scheme I have is to send him on a long drive in his old small car (very suitable for a smallbear ), no radio and emptied of money, sweets or anything entertaining, with only an old brick mobile for emergency or if I want to recall him. Anything else that might be needed for, say, a breakdown, or a meagre meal, can be sealed in a large envelope handed to him as he leaves.

G**gle maps tells me how far the miles driven should be. Extra miles is a definite fail! Getting him to produce a timed/dated receipt at a distant petrol station for something useless or embarrassing, confirms his compliance and makes him get out of the car at a set time and place if I wish. Choice of clothes or, perhaps, a thick nappy prevents him “enjoying himself”, getting ideas above his station and adds to his embarrassment and removes excuses to stop!

I can give him the cheap smartphone, sealed in a plastic box so it can’t be switched off etc ,It has a very easy tracking app (search “gpstrackerforandroid” ) It tells me by instant email if he goes faster than I decide and when he enters or leaves preset areas.

Having details (such as setting the gps tracking etc), routes and tasks already worked out, I merely have to tell him, at a moment’s notice, “Drive to X, do Y and don’t come back until Z”. No need for time wasted by sorting out straps, earplugs, safety checks etc. He’s gone in a few minutes, under my control but not under my feet and nothing for me to worry about! I have even sent him on a quick errand and then, before he returns, send instructions as above so he never knows what’s in store for him. Bliss!


The problem with heat cream is it contaminate everything it touches. It is very annoying when one accidentally gets some on oneself!
When smallbear has some applied to his nipples or other places, I put a small dab cream on the pad of a large waterproof sticking plaster and stick where ever I fancy.
This stops the cream contaminating clothes etc and stops it getting on me! Keeps it “hotter” for longer!


Smallbear has to suffer the Teletubbies. Not a happy bear when it’s played through headphones, whilst wrapped up, in our version of TSD. No relaxing for him whilst I.m having some “me” time!


Any teat with a hole large enough for fast flow will drip and leak. I have tried several with smallbear. If I don’t want to hold the bottle, any teat will do. Not my problem it takes him a long time to drink his morning tea!
For a quick, large volume feed, a squeeze wash bottle works well. Trim the nozzle to increase the flow. These, and lamb feeders come in 1000ml so a boon over standard bottles
To give smallbear a compulsory drink, I use a sport hydration pack system. The bite valve is tied/sticky taped so he can’t spit it out to empty it by not drinking and the bag tied to a belt or similar! No excuses not to be well hydrated whilst well wrapped up for his housework or garden duties in this hot weather.
Be very careful if used whist they are lying flat-easy to choke. Been there!


One could overlay a white noise track, in the background at a volume to help mask other noises but still hear the “soundtrack”. The Aud*city audio software is reasonably user friendly.
I have a “What was that?” track. White noise with random thumps and bumps- smallbear says it stops him “drifting away”, trying to work out if I am close or there’s someone else in the house!
Also means I don’t have to tiptoe around if I am in the same room. (Aside-wooden floors often give the game away!)
Downside- needed a long initial segment to stop obvious repetition.


Regarding sand paper, I had smallbear glue very coarse “wet and dry” onto the weight-bearing/contact areas of a wooden, garden armchair.
Once strapped in and naked, it was very uncomfortable, very quickly. Had to be careful as, on one occasion, he ended up with nearly raw elbows!
Unfortunately, it was too conspicuous and too difficult to hide from the vanilla world, so had to be undone!


small bear has a poor man’s (!) version. In fact, two.
A length of pvc sink waste pipe, slipped over his small bits using the “stocking” technique and ten screw eyes tightened at will. smallbear has a short-one inch, for when not aroused and can be worn under vanilla clothing, and a longer, about three inch with a lot more screw eyes for when aroused.
A thin cord tied from the tube around the root holds it in place nicely.
Much easier to tighten/loosen the spikes, as needed, without needing the alan key. We had to blunt the screw eye tips as they are sharp enough to screw into chipboard!
Not as dramatic but effective and cheap!


Why hit the palms hard? I use a technique recounted by an aged relative used in his school in the Thirties.
Have the recipient hold out their hand and then, keeping the cane close, hit the palm in the rhythm of a train clicking along the tracks, four brisk taps, pause, four brisk taps repeat until desired effect achieved.
No angry swishing, minimal exertion, remaining cool and collected on your part. Slow building agony on the receiving end!


For the same effect, smallbear has a strongly elasticated, strategic hole in a onesie.

[In response to my post – Forgetting his birth defect is caged]



The Wonderful Dorinda

Thank you msscarlet:
I have looked at your blog and really enjoy it. I am a housewife in a 24/7 D/s relationship. You seem like you are a professional. Looking back over my life knowing what I know now about men and their desires to be submissive, I would have become a pro too.
I am very happy with my husband and his desire to serve me but I am now 58 with grown children and grand children. I lucked out with him marrying me and I learned about FemDom.
Point is a lot of my friends have not been lucky in love. So I try to tell them to take advantage of their womanhood and put the men to work for you, especially my sister. I have started her now to understand the gains and benefits. She now seems to embrace it and talks non stop about it.
If only more woman knew.


This looks like a great way to give my husband my pee from. I use all kinds of things for it but this looks interesting. I could have Beth fill one up for him too.

[In response to my post – A FEEDER BOTTLE FOR MY LITTLE LAMB]


Thank you for your comment Dorinda. Your blog looks great. I am looking forward to going through it. D


Wow, Thank you so very much for recognizing my blog.
I am learning much more about submissive males and their Doms here on your Blog.
Off topic, my Sister was over yesterday for Her foot and leg massage with pedicure from my husband. I love having him at Her feet too.


Wow, what an awesome short article about the gains of Femdom leadership. As you talked about with loyalty, converting and completely controlling an alpha, the ability to have insane orgasms as long as you have the strength to allow him to continue. As an older Woman a sub man that thinks I am his everything, each year his desire to prove to me this love and devotion.
Thank you very much, I wouldn’t mind posting it on mine, My goal was always to show Woman how to have an excellent man.

[In response to my post -Which Hardcopy and Online Mainstream Magazines?]



Great post.
I feel these fetish wear types of photo’s are more about the pro’s not a normal Woman. I dominate my husband full time in whatever I have on, mostly my daily hack around clothing. Many times in my sweatpants. A man needs to worship his wife in any clothing or surroundings she chooses.





5 thoughts on “The Wonderful Rhoda and the Wonderful Dorinda!

  1. Thank you Ms Scarlet for your wonderful blog, Thank you for sharing your relationship with all of us.
    I found that there are very few blogs about WLM, FLR, Femdom, that are written by women for women.
    I started my blog when I first came out of the closet so to speak. I wanted all women to know what a great marriage can be with the classic roles reversed.
    What happened though, is mostly men follow me, only about one tenth of my e-mails are from women, this is very disappointing to me. I wanted to get the word out from a somewhat normal marriage prospective. The men that email are wonderful though, I have learned a lot, I have learned that there are thousands of men looking for a wife like me. This is a very positive thing that came out of it. I believe most are very sincere. The way I generally determine if they are sincere is I have them send me a picture of themself masterbating with there load right after finishing. This request cuts my reply’s in half. If you can not do what I say then you are not for real.
    I am very happy that our life’s have changed, I believe we have made it. No divorce for me, my husband needs my directing, he lives daily to serve me. He can not get enough of me. I love this time of our lives together.
    As far as the pee thing goes, it is one of my most email comments topics. Many are saying it is harmful and bad to do, I have been practicing this for over 6 years almost daily with no issues. Each of us find what makes us happy, whats very special, is when you have a submissive husband that never complains about drinking it..
    I don’t blog much anymore because I feel I have told all already. We do this life style day in and day out. It is our normal mundane life now and will always be.
    I have been converting woman in my circle and feel maybe this is my calling, I have a great circle of close friends that have made the Femdom life style even better.
    Please keep up your beautiful writings sharing your life with us.

    1. Thank you for the kind words Dorinda.

      On the subject of drinking nectar, I have read that, unless the person supplying the urine had a urinary tract infection or a communicable disease by fluids, then the urine fresh from the body is in fact sterile and harmless. I too have been doing this for many years with zero adverse consequences, other than bitch-boy’s misery and degradation!

      There is also a niche culture who drink their own and others’ urine on the basis they believe it is good for them!

  2. Hi Scarlet,
    I do hope you are wrong when you most do not bother to read your blog and the ensuing comments. Your blog is a wonderful resource for those interested in true female domination/male submission.

    I think Rhoda’s comment about mohair body suits may be in response to my comments as to what I make my sissy husband wear both to make the sissy suffer and for humiliation. Rhoda writes.”Mohair bodysuit? Someone is being indulged! A quick g**gle says it would cost £270! A couple of onesies under a boiler suit-much cheaper and humbler!

    Actually if you google “mohair bodysuit” on ebay you can find them for under $150 US (I will leave it to others to calculate in pounds or Euros.) Also there are a number of custom knitters in both England,Germany, Bulgaria and elsewhere who will gladly work with a customer to custom knit a bodysuit in any yarn. I like a cheaper mohair yarn which I find knits up to be super itchy and uncomfortable for pussie to wear. At the same time mohair is usually fuzzy and fluffy so a mohair body suit tends to be very feminine-girly if you will. Perfect for humiliating a sissy. A nice thing about body suits is that they cover everything so I have no problem sending pussie out to do errands wearing the body suit with tights or legwarmers. Just to be clear, when pussie sent out as a man ( well ok sissy) so everyone can see the poor thing is wearing a womens/girls outfit.


    1. Thank you for the kind words. I am afraid I surveyed and found that many, many of my blog followers do not read the comments on blog posts. To be fair to them, when is the threshold moment to look at the comments, a week after the blog post, two weeks? I think that is the problem.

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