Innovation prevents mercy for bitch-boy

Well, yesterday, it was almost a month since I had allowed bitch-boy to spurt and if he did not get to spurt yesterday, for various reasons it would be  at least another week before I would be at home to facilitate a spurting.

9 November 2019  My concern over his prostate health meant I really wanted his spurting to be yesterday, BUT, I had a minor injury and having him spurt under the sole of my shoes was not possible. But I had not used my hands since the 4th March and I had no intention of him having that pleasure after being denied it for so long. All his spurts since then had been under the sole of my shoe. I was not going to let him touch himself, or for instance fuck the gap between my boots as I stood with legs together. No touching, no thrusting (like a man) ever! And always bound and gagged.

I had a brainwave. A little tool I’ve had for three years.

The bristles are REALLY sharp!

After a thorough dicki-discipline session with the ruler that went on for rather a long time and did mean the nasty rock hard birth defect was all sore and red, I squeezed the brush end together so it gripped nicely and, to the sound of miserable panicky whimpering and squealing, I pulled the brush down over the sensitive head and to the sore shaft and began to wank the object.

What was most amusing was the squealing turning to heavy breathing after a few minutes, but sprinkled with squealing too. And then he spurted. And as soon as the euphoria was over there was much whimpering and sobbing coming through the gag. Sexual release, but degradation and terrible soreness. Poor puppet.

12 thoughts on “Innovation prevents mercy for bitch-boy

  1. The no skin to skin contact is a must. He should be thankful that you still somewhat care about his prostate health and has the privellage of filth releasing on a monthly basis. Doesn’t really matter that it’s all sore because it’s not like it will be used anytime soon.

  2. Love the creativty of a real domme. They go out of their way to make use suffer. My mistress once used self made leather gloves with thumb nails in them to let me come after 4 months.

  3. Hello Scarlet,
    Sorry to hear of your injury.Hope it is, as you say minor, and you recover quickly.
    Not quite sure why you seem concerned about delaying bitch-boi’s spurting for another few days. I would think the torment and frustration is well earned and another few days is not going to cause any prostate harm.
    But I do like your alternative method of allowing the sissy relief. It is very similar to my use of a toilet bowl brush which I use to punish pussie. You have previously posted a few photos of pussie’s wee-wee pushed through the bristle brush head.

    A few suggestions for you if you continue to use the brush. First, as I know you are such a kind and caring person, you may want to lubricate bitch-boi worthless part so the brush bristles slide on easily. I like to use a heavy coating of capsaicin rubbed thoroughly into pussie’s wee-wee and balls before pulling the wee-wee through the brush head opening. However I will say that pussie does not see my use of capsaicin as kindness-oh well:).

    Second I do not give pussie any assistance in getting relief. I like to sit back and watch pussie hump the brush, or I sometimes make the sissy twerk which then moves the wee-wee against the bristles.I do not allow more than 10 minutes for pussie to do sissy dribbles so the sissy humps and twerks like mad. For more entertainment I like to tie a short piece of ribbon or twine with a bell to end of the brush-the tinkling sound is so cute!

    Once bitch boi spurts I strongly recommend that you be sure he spurts into a doggie bowl so he can get down on all fours and lick up the mess. I think I may have mentioned to you in the past that I often shave pussie’s crotch area before allowing the sissy to get relief. I put the publc hairs into the dish and then have pussie do sissy dribbles over the hair- makes for such an appetizing snack for pussie. Of course there are any number of delightful treats you can add to bitch bois spurts.

    Finally after pussie does make sissy dribbles and has had a nice yummy snack I keep the sissy in the toilet bowl brush for a few hour after as a punishment for making a mess. If I am in a generous mood I will apply a second coat of capsacin to help “soothe” the sissy’s sore wee-wee.


    1. I am not sure of it will be a few days or a few weeks, so I chose to keep him healthy. Where would I be without my slave to use and abuse!

      I will consider the pre and post ‘lubrication’. So wicked but subs are made to endure wickedness aren’t they.

      I usually capture his filth to go into a nectar semen ice chunk for when he is in sensory deprivation bondage.

      Lovely to hear from you Carla. I have started bb working on ‘the video’ editing!

  4. Interesting approach. There are various methods but, crucially, you’ve included the two elements my Mistress believes are absolutely essential: First, the submissive must never have any control over his sexuality or the sensations he experiences. By allowing him no ability to thrust and totally controlling all stimuli, you accomplish that nicely. Second, she is adamant that a submissive’s sexual release must always be in a context that is degrading.

    I will add that I, just once, was punished with a similar round brush with sharp bristles. It was absolutely brutal and I dread the possibility of ever having to endure it again.

  5. I feel so lucky NOT to be aloud to cum when I hear about other boi’s having to use a brush or having to eat boi cum they make. Mommy says little boi’s don’t make goowey messes. I do spend a great deal of time in a erection state so I guess some goow sneaks out unseen.

  6. I’m not sure if you have tried having him lay flat on his belly/stomach and have his defect layed out from behind. Then use your soles to crush it and have him spurt out the filth. I have done that before and I can’t tell you, the power rush I gained out of it was exhilirating.

      1. I most certainly did. I have read every post you have ever written on here and bought a couple of lovely book volumes. Happy stomping :)

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