Spikes got longer!

22 November 2019 You may recall my post about my purchase of the item below (LINK).

If he is fully erect, the spikes screwed all the way in do appear to be quite agonising! But, as you all know, bitch-boy’s birth defect is a little under average size.

On top of that issue he is sometimes so fearful of the lovely spiked collar that his erection begins to diminish when he sees me approaching with the collar.

It seemed to me that, were the grub screws to be a bit longer, the device could be well employed on a less than fully erect birth defect.

A little technical research on the internet led me to discover that I could buy stainless steel, M5, cone tipped grub screws in a number of lengths; and so cheap!

Here is the result.

On the left you can see three grub screws in a line. At the top, an original length grub screw. Below that, the two sizes of longer grub screws I have purchased.

Obviously the very longest screwed in too far would cause damage, but I can assure you that from now on, even a half erect birth defect will be feeling suitably, painfully skewered!

I must publish a disclaimer with this post. I have created a mechanism that could cause serious harm. Do not copy me unless you are confident of using it without causing serious harm.

In my next post I will discuss a related issue: – With all types of dickie discipline, the different pleasures when applied to a very hard birth defect, versus a very soft and flaccid birth defect.

My recently published Journal. Click on THIS LINK for details.

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