Dickie-discipline on erect or flaccid

My last post got me thinking about how the pleasures are different, but of almost equal magnitude, when applying dicki-discipline to a fully erect and straining penis compared to a soft and flaccid penis.

So my dominant sisters, do you agree with my thoughts below?


The erection can be induced by combinations of a long period of denial of sexual relief, by a Cialis pill, by him seeing my partially clad body, by his defect being touched erotically with my skilled hands; so rare for him.

The dickie-discipline cruel pleasure comes firstly from the  constant tease. Oh how he would love to cum. But although he is hard and teased relentlessly, it is pain and discomfort, not cumming, that he gets. The pleasure also comes from being able to be so unfair as to tease him verbally about how he must like the torment he is suffereing as the little defect is so hard and standing up asking for more. So it would be wrong of me not to give it more of what it’s asking for. Whether this is a very, very hot flannel wrap, stinging nettles, Linnex embrocation cream, smacks with the 12 inch ruler, etc.

Then, with things like stinging nettles or a very, very hot flannel, there is the pleasure of the defect’s increased size. More flesh to aim at and more to wrap ones hand around with the flannel, (although as I understand it the pain is the same – hard or soft.) Also when it is hard the marks from spikes of penis collars show deliciously.

Finally there is a pleasure from how vulnerable and helpless the defect looks when hard and being punished. Standing up, so exposed and so vulnerable.


The biggest cruel pleasure when tormenting, with Linnex embrocation cream or smacks of a 12 inch ruler, a flaccid birth defect,  is that there is ZERO sexual arousal/pleasure for him. No erotic pleasure, FOR HIM at all!

He is a true slave being tortured for his owner’s pleasure and he has no eroticism at all for compensation. It is all about MY power rush and my sexual arousal from my ownership of him, my tyranny. That is exhilaratingly decadent and hedonistic. My heartlessness itself is also exhilarating. I can revel in how BAD I AM!

And there is the very stark contrast of the magnitude of my pleasure, especially sexual pleasure contrasted with his physical misery and mental feelings of despondency. He is suffering because he is the play-toy of a cruel Mistress who has no mercy, no sense of fairness and he has no escape. And his owner will never get bored of what she does. Year after year after year.



For info on my own BDSM manual, in several formats, click on an image below.

16 thoughts on “Dickie-discipline on erect or flaccid

  1. I much prefer to punish my husband’s fully erect penis as I find it most arousing that it will grow to its full size even he knows it will not enjoy my games. Then there is the lovely the lovely sound of a wooden ruler on his naughty object and a fully engorged knob is such a tempting target. Not to mention how much easier it is to apply some “soothing” cream.

    1. I do agree that each attribute you list Rita are a pleasure. But obviously I get pleasure from attributes of when its flaccid too. So pleased you responded on this though, fascinating.

    2. Before my lady punishes my erect member , my hands are bound behind me. She wants no protection for it when she administers any punishment she chooses. She likes to ruin my orgasms in this manner, as she has seen on CRUEL MISTRESSES videos. When I do ejaculate , she punishes (slaps, whips, spanks nit for having no control. She prefers seeing me throbbing, wiggling , twitching helplessly for her amusement.

  2. When it comes to Linnex, my boy begs me to only ever apply it if he is erect.
    What he really wants, I believe, is the few minutes of pleasure while it is teased to erection. If he is to be so tormented, he needs those precious and erotic (and rare) moments of sensual joy to compensate.
    Also I recognise that there is a high level of erotic submission present, subspace, when he is aroused. He needs the domination, while dreading the pain; but even he knows they have to both be present.
    When it is applied to his flaccid organ there is nothing but pure, UNDILUTED pain. There is not a moment of pleasure, nor desire from his submission, just the fiery pain and misery.
    Better still is if it is applied to his flaccid defect, after he has come. The pain then seems to be further magnified. Sadly, I rarely get this opportunity of heightened cruelty as he comes so rarely!
    It is of course much harder to apply Linnex when it is flaccid, so I gently warm it in the microwave, on low, to make it softer and easier to apply copiously.

  3. I don’t know if this is the case with your slave. More always I subspece when I am bound and tortured by my Dona. And it turns out that the more she tortures me the more I travel!

  4. tieThe sissy is denied relief for weeks at a time, so as your readers can imagine, the slightest touch will result in an erection. Interestingly I have found the sissy does not begin to get aroused when I lock its wee-wee into the spiked cage. In fact the wee-wee tends to shrivel up. But given its frustrated state, just a little bit of teasing whether with my hand or foot will get the poor dickie to begin getting hard. Another fun way to get an arousal is for me to sit on the sissy’s face looking toward the caged wee-wee. I take a fuzzy wool sweater and slowly pull it up over the sissy’s wee-wee and balls over and over again. I laugh and taunt pussie about that it better not get an erection or it will suffer the spikes, but of course there is no way the sissy can control its reaction.
    I love watching the wee-wee getting hard, rising up through the cage rings, and as it passes each ring more barbs dig into the shaft. Slapping or bouncing the caged dick brings writhing and squirming, accompanied with pleas and begging to stop. When the wee-wee reaches its maximum length-no more than 4 inches- I will make pussie stand letting the cage fall down between its legs, causing more pain. Then I may tie a bell to the end of the cage or maybe a some weights.
    Such a delightful way to entertain my self and friends -and I do mean entertain!!


  5. I am intrigued by the sorts of discipline that can be inflicted on the flaccid defect. Nanny sometimes expresses regret that I am circumcised as she would quite like to nip a clothes peg onto the foreskin to stop piddles during No.2 potty training. She sometimes draws a comedy sad face on my mushroom head with an indelible sharpie just for the added comedy value of making my thing look like a sad, crying worm. Although this is not physical discipline it is painfully embarrassing, especially when I’m forced to display it to the derisive laughter of female visitors.

  6. Most of my experiences with dickie discipline are on the flaccid member, as I am too intimidated by Nanny to become erect. The mockery that greets this fact adds to my deep shame and low self esteem during my nursery visits, compounding the issue and reinforcing limpness as the norm. Nanny has a friend called Rita who is over 60, quite large in frame and very busty. I am made to suckle at her heavy pendulous breasts as Nanny knows it terrifies me, but even so Ms Rita insists I remain flaccid inside my nappy. This would be almost certain anyway but to ensure it, part of the routine is for Nanny to empty a whole ice cube tray down the front of my nappy prior to my breast ‘feed’. A couple of ice cubes would melt quite quickly but 14 ice cubes barely melt at all over ten minutes or more and my wee-wee shrivels to the size of an acorn and my scrotum clenches up as small as a walnut. I’m usually crying within a few minutes and Nanny will check and confirm to Ms Rita that I’ve achieved baby dick proportions before Ms Rita heaves out one of her big white bosoms and drops it onto my face. I have to keep suckling as best I can through my tears. Nanny will occasionally smack my thighs to start me crying again should I start to contain my sobs. It is very degrading indeed to be over Ms Ritas lap, face swamped by her heavy breast, mouth plugged by one of her big teats, whilst Nanny watches and reprimands me for my dirty behaviour. Ms Rita insists I make loud sucking noises at her nipple as both she and Nanny find it very funny, so I am forced to make a babyish fool of myself for their delight. My nappy is cold and damp. As the cubes shift and melt, icy rivulets run down into my bum split making my anus tighten in shock. Afterwards, Ms Rita attends my nappy change to make fun of my blue/grey stump. Nanny likes to point out the immense difference between Ms Rita’s womanly endowments and my weedy little frozen ‘toddler dick’. Nanny sometimes uses English Mustard as nappy cream – a rubber gloved finger pushing it up my bottom and a dollop on my penis head. Less painful I’m sure than Deep Heat but more than enough for this wimp. Nanny has not yet used nettles, but she uses crushed seeds from her garden as an itching powder which she is happy to sprinkle liberally down the front of my nappy. She gets a big laugh out of seeing my hips jumping about in my cot like I’ve got ants in my pants.

  7. I have had the pleasure to serve several mistresses that during discipline could care less if I was erect or flaccid. My balls were game to bite, whip, squeeze, shave, yank tightly, and just torture. Erections make the balls harder to punish. I’ve been milked first then spanked. I have been whipped until I come as well. Most ladies preferred that I remain limp during an intense whipping. The same with strapon play they didn’t care if I was soft or hard or if I ejaculated. I was screwed until THEY CAME even if I came already. My wife/mistress desired I save myself for after care when we gave each other oral. My wife now makes me conserve semen but take the blue pill satisfying her to several orgasms without coming denying me relief. Her fellatio is so skilled she can suck me making me scream in pleasure until it hurts then deny me an orgasm. When she does allow me to come in her mouth she feeds me the entire load in an intimate kiss making me swallow. Personally I get turned on both ways because it is mistress choice. A slave must be taught that life is not about his cock but pleasuring his mistress. I think balls are sensitive so dominant women can teach them lessons they deserve.

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