My Journal No.16 is published

My 16th journal is now published.

This Journal is all about what goes on under my roof, or at least within the boundaries of my property! It will shed more light on my last post about how I have jumped another step change in cruelty which I mostly put down to having so much time on my hands and also having come to the conclusion that bitch-boy truly is unbreakable! Within a day or so of some significant use and abuse over many, many hours, he is back to normal.

Journal 16 is available as paperback and ePub as an eBook, both on and also available on Amazon KINDLE.

KINDLE by country.   US   UK    DE    FR   ES    IT   NL    JP    BR    MX    CA    AU   IN

In time it will be available on NOOK, KOBO, Scribd, Apple, Barnes & Noble, etc. I will let you know when it is. I will also then provide a Universal Book Link from Books2Read.

21 thoughts on “My Journal No.16 is published

  1. Our print version has arrived ! ( A little late, but its here ). Although we had seen the cover on this blog often, it was only with the book in hand that we really appreciated the wonderful picture, and all it represents.
    Now… lets see what is inside….

  2. I’m really enjoying your 16th journal and I’m sure I’m not alone in finding your regime with bb both fascinating and terrifying. I read a passage today that mentioned you do not allow lesbian domination on your BDSMLR blog, however just yesterday I saw a picture on your blog of a young lady seated at her desk having her shoes worshipped by another lady sub. Is this the kind of thing that bb would be punished for?

    1. Quite a coincidence as it was an image I chose to re-blog myself linked to today’s blog post on this site. I could not help myself as I perused that BDSMLR site. I was clear the female sub showed no nudity which helped my constant dilemma. On some BDSMLR sites there are countless Lezdom images I absolutely adore but in the main I stick to my rule on the topic and certainly bitch-boy ALWAYS sticks to my rule!

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