Brief Interview with Jordan, Cortney’s servantboy

Given the extremely positive and numerous comments in response to the post about Mistress Cortney and her servant boy, I publish this post in which are the contents of a brief interview with Cortney’s servant boy, Jordan. I am sure this post will be received in the same very positive way.

The only comment I will make is about Jordan not now knowing if he is a switch or not. It does seem to me that many submssives are capable of deriving some pleasure being dominant to another submissive.

Certainly my lesbian submissive, Play-toy, took CONSIDERABLE pleasure seriously abusing bitch-boy. And bitch-boy would find pleasure in ‘interfering’ with a female sub in profound and vulnerably exposed bondage. Not that he ever will get to do so! (I know this though because of once being contacted by an attractive female sub who fantasised about being put into profound and vulnerably exposed bondage and being ‘interfered’ with by a mixed gender couple, and I checked with him. But I decided against.) But given the choice of a life of only topping, or of only being submissive, both Play-toy and bitch-boy would not hesitate for a nano-second before picking a life of only being submissive!

I guess a short period of topping would be a novelty pleasure for them, but they know without being properly dominated, they would be miserably discontented.


Cortney asks the questions:

The Brief Interview

How does submission appeal to you and some thoughts on your day-to-day.

I’m often thinking of you and how I can serve you. Or sometimes to be honest I’m thinking I really wish I didn’t have to do this right now because every aspect of my life is controlled through you so there’s often times I’m doing things that I wouldn’t do if it was up to me. And not doing something I would want to do.. So it’s a constant thought of you, and it gives me this weird feeling – I can’t really explain it – just the contentment and it definitely makes me happier through the frustrating stuff. Sometimes it doesn’t necessarily make me happy in the moment – it isn’t obviously pleasurable – but then later on how it makes me feel is weirdly happy I guess. When you control me and dominate me it satisfies something inside of me that nothing else does, but I don’t know why and I don’t know exactly how to explain it.

What thoughts were you having around the time you were realizing you were submissive?

It was just more in the bedroom. I think I was just a switch – and I think I maybe am still a switch in certain ways – I don’t even know if I am a switch. Like honestly, I don’t know. I feel like you’ve just been beating the fucking dominantion out of me. I rarely ever fantasize about that stuff. I can’t even remember the last time I did. When I am fantasizing it’s just about you and it’s always me being submissive to you and wishing I could have you.

I don’t think I really wanted to be submissive so much (before the relationship) as I liked the porn aspect of it. Then, there was lots of stuff I’d seen, starting with ass stuff, I didn’t think I wanted an ass in my face because it was kind of gross. It’s like how your disgust factor goes down. This is really embarrassing. I feel like I was into it for the fantasy of it and then as soon as I would cum it would be like “oh, thats fucked”. I didn’t like the idea of being submissive because I was kind of always submissive socially and that often made me feel bad about myself.

Did you feel guilty or dirty from the first time I was sitting on your face?

Yeah, definitely. I loved it! But it also made me feel like, embarrassed and I wouldn’t want anyone to know. For me, I don’t like the taste of ass. It’s not like “mmm it tastes good” ya know? Everyone talks about “so tasty” and “delicious” and it’s not like that for me. I don’t know if it actually is delicious to other people. It’s not about the taste being good it’s like the – maybe I didn’t understand it back then – but it’s kind of like the degradingness of it.

What would you say to someone that questions or doesn’t understand D/s or a FLR? Like, if someone calls me a controlling bitch or thinks I’m manipulating you, how would you defend it?

I would tell them I’m really happy and this is something we’ve worked at together, it’s not a one-sided thing even though it may seem that way from the outside. I’m putting in effort, as well as her, to maintain this. I’ve relinquished my control to her, of my life, because that’s what satisfies me. And she’s giving me the gift of taking that control and giving me something that I need, that no one else can give me. Much the same way as any other relationship works. To each their own, if you don’t understand it, I guess.

13 thoughts on “Brief Interview with Jordan, Cortney’s servantboy

  1. Oh I can definitely get more material. I questioned him right before I was heading to bed and didn’t realize it’d become an entire post. :D But I already have more questions for his next interview, and if anyone else has questions for him I could add those in. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. I thought the final paragraph was perfect: the D/s relationship was something they both worked at. Cortney and Jordan clearly have a very high degree of mutual regard and thats wonderful to hear about. I wonder how many relationships in the vanilla world would stand comparison?

    1. Exactly. It was me thinking about how fragile so many vanilla relationships are the I know of, but how sturdy and deep DS relationships I know are, that got me into wanting to bring more women to dominance!

      1. … and if I can follow up by saying that many people in the vanilla community would find the idea of mutual affection and respect in an FD D/s relationship just astonishing.
        I’m thinking that a paragraph setting that out in blazing lights should be somewhere near the front of your new manual so ‘explorers’ would have reassurance that whilst the new world they are exploring may be exotic, surprising, exacting even nevertheless, affection and tenderness are still key
        … well, just my take on it.

          1. Dear Mistress Scarlet.
            I think its pretty good and you have hit the nail on the smack on the head.
            If you really twist my arm for a more critical comment, I would ditch the word ‘mean’ and choose something which does not taste so sour.
            What about Exacting, Strict, Stringent or Picky? My favourite would be ‘picky’. It has a nice easy informal feel to it.
            Isn’t it funny: a few weeks ago, you were mulling over the idea of a ‘Beginners Guide’ and as soon as your followers found out, you were deluged with positive comments. Sounds like you are pushing at an open door to me. Good on you!
            Best wishes, Ben

  3. Scarlet your last comment raises a question for me. I had thought the idea of your blog for beginning dommes was intended to help couples who want to explore domination with the assumption that, if woman so wants, the exploration will lead to full time domination. To me “occasionally dominant” is more like the couple role playing than true domination. Is this just my misunderstanding?
    As to affection, closeness and especially trust- they are all critical to the development of a true FD relationship. In my admittedly limited experience I have found that unless the submissive trusts the Domme totally, and know that she still cares for him (but maybe in a way that is very different than the affection lovers have for each other), the relationship will fail.

    1. I am wrestling with this issue. Yes I absolutely want the exploration to lead to full time domination. But, trying to put myself into the mind of a woman who has never been dominant, and being ‘pushed’ by their male to be dominant, what sounds less intimidating? What sounds like less of a disruption? Less of a commitment? I think moving from zero domination to occasional is the first step that reduces the potential anxieties. But I am torn I have to say.

  4. Certainly starting out with occasional domination is an excellent first step for both the woman and her sub. However I continue to view “occasional” domination as play only, and most likely still controlled by the man’s fantasies and not the woman. If that works for both then. The question becomes how the relationship will deal with the strain of the woman wanting real domination and the man resisting. It seems like there is a Pandora’s box being created, and what comes out when the box is opened may be both surprising and difficult to handle.

    1. I’m not suggesting a lifestyle of occasional domination.

      My alternative website is for women who have never dominated at all, let alone as a lifestyle. Are you trying to put yourself into the mind of a woman who has never been dominant, and might be being ‘pushed’ by their male to be dominant? What sounds less intimidating for her? What sounds like less of a disruption for her? Less of a commitment for her?
      I think moving from zero domination to occasional is the first step that reduces the potential anxieties. Once they are comfortable with occasional sessions, then they will naturally move onto it being a lifestyle I believe. As you yourself say, occasional is an excellent first step. As the paragraphs in question are only about a first step, it seems we both agree completely! :-)

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