More from Christine M and from Ms Sonia Meloni

Well we are spoiled! First is a comment from the amazing Christine M on subjecting her puppet to extreme tedium for her sadistic pleasure and maintaining his subjugation.  This is in response to the post from the fabulous Miss Anne on the same topic. (It is interesting but understandable that enforced high standard ironing is a tedium torment employed by Christine, myself and, I think, by Anne.)

Then we have a piece from the awesome Sonia Meloni, on that switch moment I posted about, when vanilla changes in an instant to DS!

I will start though with a couple of paragraphs on my current favourite humiliation/ tedium torment for my puppet.

As most of you will know I use humiliation-tedium A LOT on bitch-boy for my sadistic pleasure and for maintaining his subjugation. You may recall in an earlier post I wrote about one activity, (for which there is a very detailed description in my, recently published, Journal No. 16,)  –  bitch-boy, over and over again, performing a number of nursery rhymes with actions to all his dollies, and interacting with each of them verbally about each and every rendition. He is in an upstairs room and I set up the video baby monitor and I am in the sitting room getting on with whatever I wish. From the baby monitor I can be serenaded by the sounds of his profound misery as he performs, which I can check on with a glance at the baby monitor, from time to time, to check his nursery rhyme actions are being performed too.

He does not have me in the same room to at least get the compensation of seeing my body in my skin tight or skimpy attire. He does not even know if I glance at the screen or have the sound turned up to hear him. Although he does hear my orgasmic cries every 20 minutes or so. I get so turned on because he is so extremely miserable, understandably! He HATES IT, REALLY, REALLY HATES IT! But he has to keep going for a minimum of an hour, or more usually two, or more! I visit him briefly two or three times, carrying my dressage whip, just to remind him what the cost would be to him to fail to perform perfectly for as long as I wish.

Anyway enough about my use of humiliation/tedium tormenting. On to Christine M!

Christine M – Humiliation / Tedium


This is written to share Anne and your requests for views on tedium. It is in many ways an odd aspect for a dominant to enjoy, but I do get a great thrill out of being able to bring such misery and frustration to my husband. He is someone who thrives on variety and hates detailed work. He’s a ‘big picture man’, which sadly for him, makes it even more delightful to treat him in this manner.

Firstly, I do not believe he should ever consider completing household chores as tedious, even if I add aspects that make the tasks more tiresome and repetitive. Chores are being completed to keep the house clean and well-presented; to keep our clothes looking good, so we dress smartly; to remove the drudgery of performing those tasks from my life, thus enabling me to do more enjoyable things; and to ensure I, and my guests, enjoy the ambience of our home. I expect him therefore to take great pleasure and pride in working vigorously and conscientiously to complete these tasks, to my VERY EXACTING standards. I also love it when visitors comment on how beautifully clean I keep our home! Of course, I take all the credit, after all, I am the one who ‘manages’ the work.

At least one evening each week, he has a full night of chores. This allows him to spend more time with me on other evenings, and keeps him in his place! I accept he might consider that, having worked all day at a stressful, high intensity job that, after an enjoyable meal together, an hour fervently scrubbing down the kitchen; followed by over two hours thoroughly cleaning two bathrooms and the dining room; before finishing off the evening with three hours of ironing, with precise instructions on how everything is to be folded; is very demanding and wearying… That’s what he did the other night though!

And woe betide him if his work is anything less than perfect, or that he does anything other than thank me profusely for scheduling his chores and STRICTLY supervising his work! And whilst this means it is usually gone midnight before he gets to bed on such nights, he had better be very enthusiastic in pleasing me when he does! I simply do not accept tiredness as an excuse for anything.    NB This is only one or, very occasionally, two nights in a week; most other nights he might only have 2-3 hours of housework; or if we go out, he will likely have no chores.

I have really provided unnecessary tedium only to the daily kitchen cleaning, as I detailed in an earlier post. This was to display and contrast my power and his servile position, and it was his first chore. It does provide such a wonderful contrast to our roles though.

There was a time he might have let out sighs, or rolled his eyes, completing tasks that bored him; he has learnt better. And now, though I know he absolutely dreads the tedium of cleaning the kitchen floor on his hands and knees, every day; he buckles down and gets it done, while I relax in the next room.

Writing lines has been the real focus of tedium in his life. This is also why I have a detailed [schoolgirl] uniform for him to wear, I can but imagine the dread he has as he goes through the rigmarole of dressing as required and then sitting down for many hours writing without a break. I could not imagine doing it, especially night after night! A 45-minute detention in my school days was soul-destroying, to be doing 6-hours of writing, after a day of work or travel, is a horrifying thought, some might even consider it abusive!

Yet, he often spends night after night, writing page after page; locked in the sheer boredom of the writing, the tedium, the dull, dreary, lonely, silent, monotony. Some evenings, I also add some exceptionally tedious ‘twists’ to his line writing. With his essays, he has the added struggle and exasperation of structuring the essay and thinking about what to write. A six-page essay written on narrow lined pages, with the topic, a thought-provoking philosophical concept, requiring his own original ideas; is not easy at all!

So, why do I get such a thrill from setting the awful, lengthy tasks that I do? I guess it is the power it gives me. It’s just a few minutes effort for me to provide many hours of toil for him, what a beautiful contrast? I love knowing that it is such absolute misery for him, and it excites me when I see tears in his eyes from the sheer exasperation of the task, especially when he makes an error and has to start the page again!

And on top of it all, he is caged and totally frustrated! Really though, it doesn’t matter why I enjoy it! The simple fact is, I do! That’s all that matters! And so, he is assured of many, many more hours of mind-numbing suffering and deprivation to come! (Mind you, he does have the bright hope now of earning one release option if he completes his task on time!)

Warmest regards


Sonia Meloni

Now onto the fabulous Sonia, who has exquisitely commented before.

My dear friend and sister,  regarding your post on vanilla times and THE SWITCH, I thought of the vanilla times I have with my slaveboy, when we get out for shopping or window shopping, have dinner, etc.

Obviously he loves those brief moments, when we seem an ordinary couple, and he tends to relax, probably thinking that I’ve gone soft, or something…lol So it’s particularly nice and satisfying for me to bring him suddenly back to reality with little reminders…For example, at the restaurant, I extend my leg under the table and push my heels hard on his groin, making the the pins of his chastity cage pierce his cock…The grimace of pain on his face is priceless and is a delight to me if other clients are looking at him and notice his funny behaviour..!

Other times, when walking (he always must be two steps behind me, never on my side) I intentionally drop a bag on the ground and while he gallantly kneels to pick it up, I hiss, “While you’re there, kiss my shoe!” and I can she him getting red in the face for the humiliation, while he obeys, brought back to slave status!

Sometimes, when Patrizia, my love, is with us, I wink at her, she understands me immediately and says, out of the blue, something like: “You know, when we get home, Sonia is going to torture you, for my sake, to get me nice and excited for her…”

I can see the suddenly desperate look in his eyes, as I know how much he hurts from the burning humiliation of being cuckolded, being a passive, frustrated witness to our lovemaking…fully knowing he’ll NEVER get to make love to me like my Patrizia does, {or in any way] …And that thought, so delicious for a sadist, obviously, makes me wet right there, on the spot!

And yet, almost everyday, getting back from work, he brings me small presents, like a bouquet of flowers, a chocolate box, a small piece of jewelry, a box of my favorite slim cigars…As I’m soft-hearted, after all, I sometimes reward him by letting him sniff, at safe distance my pussy, saying, “You’ll never get to touch or feel it in your lifetime, bitch!”

It’s a life of happiness, my dear sister, full of intense, satisfying orgasms that keep me healthy and beautiful like a young girl!

Hugs and kisses,


7 thoughts on “More from Christine M and from Ms Sonia Meloni

    1. Anne I have saved your comment so that I can put it into a post once you provide the information about his tedium torments / ironing. Please do not worry about your English. It is fine and I can make minor amendments if ever required. I look forward to more from you!

    1. Mostly this is when copying a lengthy tract from a dull text book.
      Every xth word to be written in a different colour, every yth word to be underlined, every zth word to be UPPERCASE.
      Or instead of counting words, it may relate to the letter they begin with.
      Then perhaps calling him part way through the night to change which words are capitalised, underlined or coloured differently! That really confuses him!
      Making him insert the sequential line number from the original text in one colour and the sequential paragraph number in different colour. e.g. Line 1 – Paragraph 1
      And more

    1. Ms Anne, I have combined your two comments into one blog post which I will post at the weekend. I could not find anywhere when you have before explained about the five coloured pens for his line writing, Could you explain that please.

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