Amazing Samantha’s Amazing Regime Progress!

The amazing Samantha’s first contribution was on 5th January. Her second was on 31st January. We now have her third contribution and, oh my, how things progress at a pace for her pleasure and for poor, (but lucky), pipsqueak’s subjugation! I need say no more than leave you to enjoy this post from a very intelligent and very dominant woman who knows what she wants and what she deserves.


Samantha’s Update

I have learned the value and enjoyment of tedium relatively recently. When pipsqueak and I began a little over a year ago, we mainly explored D/s via role plays, a few times a month, and sex ‘play’. Frankly, vanilla times still dominated our life. Only chastity was 24/7 and even in that area I was lenient, to an extent I was topped from the bottom, as I followed his body language about when he needed relief.

I agree with Christine M and others it is in many ways an odd aspect for a dominant to enjoy. It feels mean and somewhat pointless. But once one starts playing with tedious chores and mind-numbing activities to any extent, it can become addictive. That’s my experience anyway. Role plays are a diminishing part of our life together, as are vanilla times. There is much less definition between activities now. 2020 is the year of blurred lines into a 24/7 lifestyle.

Pipsqueak, my husband, started this on his terms. I have gradually taken over on my terms. Therefore it’s much more about what I want now. I do still enjoy vanilla times and that will never change. I’m simply not into having a perma-doormat. But I demand and expect a much more constant arrangement than he originally envisaged. Tedium has the double benefit of giving me freedom whilst keeping him out of mischief. It has also changed both our mindsets.

Being 62 and retired, pipsqueak had lots of time on his hands. I found myself slowly adding aspects to make things harder, and ratcheting up my standards. I also changed my attitude. I began by being overly grateful as he took over chores from me; washing up, cleaning, polishing, ironing, even cooking to an extent. I’d be appreciative, thinking that would encourage him to do more and better. But I had an epiphany a few months ago and almost overnight started using the stick, not carrots, to manage him. Scarce orgasms are carrots enough without smiles, saying well done or thank you.

Scarlet has been helping me with my residual pangs of guilt about this lifestyle. These came about as I transitioned from casual to permanent Domme. Thanks to her I decided to put pipsqueak back to work. In truth, there was no way I could generate enough tedium in his daily life at home with me. Also, when he first retired, I enjoyed having him home all day after all those years commuting and at work. But as the months passed, I enjoyed more solitude again. So at Scarlet’s brilliant suggestion I recently found him a menial job at a Care Home. He now reports to a woman housekeeper and cleans patients’ bathrooms 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, according to a rota. It’s early days but I’m loving everything about it.

One might have thought it would be reasonable to reduce his workload at home to compensate. Not a bit of it. He no longer has to make us lunch, which is a cutback of sorts. But he’s now like most working husbands in D/s marriages, completing his chores in the evenings and at weekends. My new favorite moment of the day is when he gets home and comes into the kitchen to make a cup of tea. He finds the sink full of used mugs, cups, saucers, glasses, plates, cutlery and pans I’ve used during the day and stacked there for him. It’s such a simple but emphatic way of letting him know who’s in charge.

As Christine comments, there was a time when pipsqueak too might have sighed and rolled his eyes at what we called ‘my tricks’. No longer. I use sticks to ensure that he accepts all his tasks without showing any protest or rudeness. In fact, my goal isn’t merely to stop him showing opposition. It’s to stop him even feeling it. What is the norm now must feel like normality as well.

I agree the thrill is partly the power. I make the mess he tidies. I wear the clothes. He washes and irons. I use the toilet. He scrubs. But it’s more than that for me. It’s also partly payback after three decades of a traditional, patriarchal marriage, which I loved and resented at the same time. And it’s a sadistic buzz. My libido has been turned on its head these past 12 months. I’m sure that’s almost entirely due to our lifestyle. Like others, I find being orally worshipped at night, when pipsqueak is exhausted by chores, has a special thrill that nothing else compares with. I’ve been lying on the sofa watching TV and finishing my wine in preparation for sex, while he’s been mopping and wiping and ironing. And I can’t help chuckling that, deep down, this is what pipsqueak actually wants, even if he hates it.

10 thoughts on “Amazing Samantha’s Amazing Regime Progress!

  1. Dear Samantha wonderful progress, you deserve all the credits.
    You must be a very open-minded woman to take this turn so late in your marriage and pipsqueak (what a wonderful choice of a name) is very lucky.
    I loved the last paragraph of your message, I think this includes in general the most dynamic part of such a relationship and most of dommes enjoy exactly that.
    I found this sentence from Samantha to perfectly fit to my likes too ” Like others, I find being orally worshipped at night, when pipsqueak is exhausted by chores, has a special thrill that nothing else compares with”. Lovely!
    Maybe all the dommes here should express our feelings for the dynamic of contrast in such relationships and exchange ideas.
    I have found reading other dommes’ comments and thoughts very helpful to me to take a further step on dominating my slave. Last idea I took from Crhistine M is dressing him in a schoolgirl’s uniform when he is writting tedium lines. That led accidentally to a hilarius and at the same time embarrassing event me. I will share it with you another time.

  2. Dear Anne,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    There are 2 types of contrasts I now love. The first is the disparity between how I spend my days and how pipsqueak spends his. But the second is the contrast between our ‘old lives’ and new. For almost all our marriage, most of the time, it would be me making the childrens’ supper, then cooking our dinner, serving, washing up, wiping, clearing, etc. Pipsqueak wasn’t a terrible husband. He contributed. But in the main it would be me finishing up after he’d gone to watch TV or even to bed. I’ve since asked him several times, was it any surprise I wasn’t ‘in the mood’ by the time I came to bed?

    And is it any wonder I’m much more often in the mood nowadays? But here we come to an important third contrast. I’m well aware he masturbated behind my back due to what he considered a ‘lack of sex’. I am not prepared to do that. He is making up for a great deal of lost time. I don’t allow solitary masturbation in our house. I’ve always liked sex to be a shared experience. So he remains locked and chaste and doesn’t waste his energy or libido ‘looking after himself’ any longer. If, as he often is, he’s tired by the time we retire to bed, he needs all his reserves to focus on me. I’m rarely tired now and I’m often in need of pleasure, whether that be only a foot or back massage, a quickie orgasm to help me sleep, or full blown and extended sexual devotion.

    I agree, Anne, it’s been very helpful for me to read and reflect on other domme’s comments on here. The issue of ‘contrast dynamics’ is absolutely one of the most important. I’ve had to struggle with occasional feelings of guilt over the past year. Miss Scarlet has been helpful to me in that area. Ironically, though, I felt more guilt last year in our earlier days when my mistreatment of pipsqueak was only occasional and to an extent mild. Whereas now that I’ve slammed my foot on the accelerator these past few months I’ve generally felt less guilt, or at least less self-reproach, most of the time (still not all tho).


    1. Dear Samantha, thank you for your wonderful post. I am intrigued to know what feelings of guilt you had and to what extent? My wife and I have a very vanilla relationship but during lockdown I’ve noticed a change in her behaviour similar to some of what you have described. For example, I am working full time (10 hours a day) from home at the moment but my wife’s job is on hold (she’s still be paid though) and so she has taken the opportunity to spend her days on hobbies, chatting to her sister and friends etc. However, despite not working, she is very happy to put her feet up with a glass of wine and watch tv and let me tidy up when I finish my work at circa 7pm each evening. She really doesn’t seem to feel any guilt and seems to becoming very accustomed to her new lifestyle. However, just a mere glimpse of the soles of her beautiful feet has (even though she doesn’t even know it) the effect of making me feel happy and privileged to undertake chores that she does it reality have plenty of time to do.

        1. Dear Mistress Scarlet, thank you. I would love to have the courage to share your suggested blog with my wife but am sacred that it will be a step too early and far and could negatively impact our relationship. To be honest although I fantasise about it, there is also a fear in the back of my mind that if she was enthusiastic about such a lifestyle that I may not be as capable and able to endure the kind of regimes that the wonderful ladies that post on your site impose for their partners.

          1. The kind of regimes that the wonderful ladies that post on my site, are regimes that took around 20 years to evolve to. And there are many regimes that never evolve so interestingly.
            I will think how you might frame it so it is low risk suggestion.

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