Source of these GIF videos??

Not to everyone’s taste I know – diapers. But first I will mention diapers used simply as part of en enduring sensory deprivation bondage session. For 4 hours or more; almost essential for the collection of the victim’s urine. Why am I mentioning this? Many of you will know that  I use diapers and inflict enduring sensory deprivation bondage sessions on bitch-boy, especially if I have a female lover over.

Well this is a GIF involving diapers as part of an enduring sensory deprivation bondage session. It is on my BDSLR site here . It is rare to see this on the net, and even rarer that she urinates in a jug which is tipped on his fresh diaper before it is secured on him. If you have read my Journals you will know I do this too, detailed in at least one of my journals.

I am hoping to find the video on a free site from which the GIF has been taken.

Some of the delicious attributes listed below are in this GIF, but the next GIF I will mention has them all!

  • pitiless chastity control combined with
  • a casually but sexily dressed, sexy woman,
  • partial ignoring, (she is on her cell phone the whole time),
  • deep shaming with enforced age regression,
  • a totally relaxed Domme,
  • a domestic location, (not a dungeon or warehouse).


I know even more of you may not be interested in diapers, when combined with enforced age regression and petticoating, but I CERTIANLY AM!

This second GIF involves all of the attributes listed above, (I LOVE IT!!!!), and is on my BDSMLR site here. I would DEARLY LOVE to locate from which video this GIF was made!



Just a reminder about my new Guide entirely written to help entice vanilla women into trying domination. Further details HERE.  There is also my alternative blog; again entirely written to help entice vanilla women into trying domination.







13 thoughts on “Source of these GIF videos??

  1. Dear misress,



    I've been connected to diapers since I was 8 years old. My mother was upset about my bladder problems. She did not discuss the situation, but bought winches after a very short time. No disposable diapers, but cloth diapers. Sometimes it went well for a while, then again and again I was wet. My wife knew that and used diapers to raise me. It is so that I realize that I am not a real man, but a baby who needs diapers. There was no real satisfaction for her. Petticoating, good that you address that. My clothes often consist of short dresses - also with a petticoat. Chastity on my part is normal. I have 2 CB2000 which are put on when I am alone or when I am visiting. It also happens that I have to serve as a sissy cuckold. I am well brought up, I think, because I obey Mommy's instructions. To put another man's cock in my mouth and blow hard - I could not imagine that, but I obey and do it. It was not easy to be outed in the family as a baby. It is important, I think, to always obey in an FLR. I now have slightly longer hair and mommy very often gives me baby-like hairstyles, yes girlish. I don't contradict a baby ponytail. Even if I'm outside of the apartment, what mommy says will be done. I always have to go to bed very early, she would like to have some rest in the evening to devote herself to her lover. Mostly I get ready for bed around 7pm (night pampers, rubber pants diaper body). The pictures you sent show what will be done to me. Not in a cage, but I have to stay in my room until I am allowed to go out. I am happy when mommy is praised by her friends and she is proud of me for making me a little baby. What is difficult for me is when she lets others watch when I get fresh pampers from her, 
    Greeting pampersben

      Gesendet: Mittwoch, 04. März 2020 um 07:25 Uhr Von: "Mistress Scarlet's Blog" <> An: Betreff: [New post] Source of these GIF videos??

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  2. Thank you. I should have added to my post that I never give payment details to such outlets which is why I was looking for a free source, like say Pornhub.

      1. I don’t see my comment here, but I sent you the link in a previous comment, so you should have it now. Having to sit in that piss filled wet diaper as it cooled down must have been pretty horrible for him.

  3. This site is a very interesting find. A quick, brief bio of myself may be in order. I am the epitome of the word dichotomy. I finally transitioned in life after being well into my adult life as a trans woman. In the many year having done so, I’ve become so ubiquitous that I can’t remember the last time even remotely being the object of an odd look from anybody ranging from children, teens, adults, or older males or females. I’ve become “that lady” they passed by. Enter several years ago, coming to be a fan of an online VR game where I took on the role of a 2-3 year old little girl. As a result I have unleashed a “little” side of me that is throwing just shy of a tantrum by not being able to come out and play when she wants or needs to. In discovering adult women actually knowing how to deal with such little girls has somehow given me comfort, thank you vewy much.

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