My Perversities set out

Below is a truly delightful poem by an author who must of read a great many of my journals! I write that because the poem absolutely nails my depravities. Those very cruel, pitiless things I adore to do. And so timely coming straight after my previous post on my use of shaming outfits.

By: pansiekins.

When a boy becomes a man, he’ll try any tricks he can
To behave as if he’s master of the house.
So dress him up in frocks; bright pink ribbons, bobbie socks
And you’ll find he’ll be submissive as a mouse.

Oh, at first he’ll make a fuss, but there’s no need to discuss
His objections; for his Mistress, as he’s bloused
Simply laughs at his hot tears; his cries fall on her deaf ears
And his begging merely makes her more aroused.

For Ms Scarlet it’s pure bliss, when her subject bows to kiss
And to lick her boots in hopes that she’ll relent.
For her mercy he implores, while before her on all fours
But she pays no heed to any such lament.

Made to stand up in his dress, he blushes hard in his distress,
As his bonnet is attached, and floppy bows.
Ankle bells for when he dances, ribboned wrists for when he prances
Round the room with arms held out in dainty pose.

But Ms Scarlet’s fiendish plan, for this girlish half a man
Is not based on solitary sissy play.
She’s invited all her friends, to observe him make amends
And to laugh at this ridiculous display.

Some are pleased without surprise, by the sight that greets their eyes
For at home they each have sissies of their own.
Lady Jessica, Christine; Miss Anne – elegant and mean
Rule their households from a strict and regal throne.

But there’s other guests invited: giggling madly, all excited,
Ladies in their twenties, eager all to see…
BB’s deep humiliation, and his total subjugation
And how shameful and degrading it must be.

“Does he like to dress that way”, they inquire and: “is he gay?”
But Ms Scarlet simply laughs and shakes her head.
Then she claps her hands for hush, BB stands with crimson blush
And explains, while sadly wishing he was dead.

“I’m a thilly thithy girl”, he sings out, and does a twirl
“In my frockth and lathe, I know I look a fool.
But if onth I dithobey, then I know that I will pay:
Bent right over for the cane, just like in thchool.”

“Tho I hope that I’ve amuthed, and you’re now quite dithabuthed
That I get the thlightetht thrill from thith dithgrathe.
Thith ith only for your pleathure, ladieth lounging at your leithure,
Tho feel free to kick my ballth or thlap my fathe.”

So the younger guests had fun, while the older ones looked on
Full of pride at these young ladies’ cruel delight.
And with glee anticipated, that cruel fate that surely waited
For their husbands and their boyfriends that same night.

For each such young guest on leaving, had a party bag all heaving:
With pink things for life in frillies and restrained.
Males: the fashion’s spreading, so the future that you’re dreading
Of a petticoated life is fore-ordained.

2 thoughts on “My Perversities set out

  1. I can truly understand the humiliation and shame that comes from speaking in a manner that is not considered a masculine or manly way. The fear and torment that goes through one’s mind knowing that in a few seconds they will have to speak to someone who will be surprised by the way it sounds and the words used. I do not think that it would make much of a difference if it were a lisp, underage, baby-talk, sissy, or anything more, it is very shaming and humiliating. I remember onetime Mommy and me going to the produce store, it is a small store and a new lady cashier was working. Mommy said oh they have a new cashier; oh, she is very pretty isn’t she? Yes, Mommy, she is. A little later Mommy gives me a bag of oranges and tells me to ask the new lady cashier in my almost baby talk if I would get any change back if I bought those oranges with a $10 bill and how much it would be. Not only is it embarrassing and uncomfortable it was difficult to get an answer. Not only was she in shock and disbelief of the question and situation she had a hard time understanding that telling me that the oranges were $3.99 a bag was not the answer I needed. I was in no state of mind to do the math and I am not the sharpest stick in the woods, so I started to guess what the change would be until she told me outright. I was so glad that Mommy went to the other line when we checked out. So very embarrassing.

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