Inspired Clever Domination!

Another wonderful real life Domme, Miss Hannahbelle has begun leaving comments and exchanging emails with me. In her first comment I was so very impressed by a couple of instances of extreme cleverness, especially the second of the two. The cleverness employed motivated by a delightful drive to maximise the effects of her dominance.

I will first share the content of Miss Hannahbelle’s comment though:

He has had absolutely no orgasm whatsoever in the past two years but he endures almost daily edging sessions where he is securely bound before I take great pleasure in driving him to the edge over and over again with no relief for him. Eventually I’ll lock him back up before releasing his bondage, never  – before he is locked back in his cage. Quite often these edging sessions will last several hours and I have been known to have him secured for an entire weekend whilst I drive him to insanity.

I am very keen that he doesn’t try and fall into a sort of trance where he can drive down his libido whilst in chastity. I want him constantly horny and aroused but with absolutely no way of doing anything about it. I know all his kinks and desires (it’s amazing what you can get a guy to admit to when you have him moments from the edge!) and I use these to keep him turned on.

As for his tasks my favourite has been getting him to walk around our neighbourhood in varying states of humiliating dress. Initially, in order to earn an ejaculation, I gave him the option of taking a number of enemas and then having to walk a predetermined course around the nearby roads whilst wearing 7 inch high heels. I allowed him male clothing but he had to wear the heels. He attempted the task a few times but failed badly within moments of leaving the house. Essentially he just can’t walk in the heels, they are too high for him. So I gave him another chance. He could choose to replace the 7 inch heels with 6 inch heels which he can walk in. However, instead of wearing his male clothes he would have to wear his latex maids outfit, corset, stockings, gloves and collar. Were he to decide to go with this choice, then he wouldn’t be able to chose the other one ever again, this would be his commitment.

The conflict he endured in making this decision was wonderful. I gave him 24 hours to mull it over and torment himself. Should he take the risk of being seen in full maids dress but have more chance of completing the course in heels he could walk in or should he try and improve his performance in the higher heels, reducing his chances of being seen in humiliating clothes but making the chances of completing the course much less likely?

Neither choice is ideal but if he wanted a chance to ever cum again he would have to chose one. I just love the torment he went through in making this decision.

So, for me, the first instance of extreme cleverness, was to extract from him his darkest fantasies under the power of the edging desperation and then use those very fantasies to keep him sexually aroused and so very frustrated, when he otherwise may have flagged.

And the awesome second instance of psychological cleverness: Giving him two terrible things to choose from to earn release AND giving him a long deadline to make his choice, (a long time to be in anguish), AND (the coup de grace), telling him the option he does not choose is gone for ever! So massively ramping up the enormity of the terrible  decision!  Wow.

Below I provide some excepts of additional correspondence from the amazing Miss Hannahbelle.

……… When we met he was in a chastity cage. He was terrified I would be scared off but also had the confidence to try and start a relationship with me. He recognised the innate need for him to be under someone’s control and so, whilst scared what I might think of him, he felt he had little to lose if he wanted to be truthful to himself. Somehow the stars aligned for us both as what he didn’t know at the time was that I did have some experience in the world of domination, having spent some time working as a pro-Domme apprentice to pay my way through my second year at university. I enjoyed my work but had never really taken it into a relationship beyond a bit of bondage. Our relationship has changed all that now! Meeting him has really fired my dominant side and he has responded in kind too. I do wonder if he regrets some of his decisions though. I love the great conflict inside him of being absolutely desperate to cum but also loving that he has found someone who is willing and able to keep him locked, denied and frustrated.
In terms of his kinks I use them on him in all sorts of ways, many of which work wonderfully in conjunction with our lifestyle. He is a keen rubberist and I am very happy to dress him up in lots of layers of rubber, but I always ensure it has a feminine edge to it. He is also a high heel addict, and I take every opportunity to wear heels to arouse him. But I also took the opportunity to get him wearing heels more (he had done so a little in the past) and have been training him in wearing higher and higher heels. I have even bought him ballet boots but he can barely stand in them at present. One day maybe I’ll really train him up in them!
………… Fantasising about being locked in permanent chastity is one thing, living it is quite something else. The same about fantasising of being rubberised compared to having to walk outside in public in rubber sissy clothes.
………………….. I was pleased to hear that you padlock bitch-boy’s heels on him. I have used high heel locking straps regularly to assist in his training. I’ve spent a long time getting him up to the 6 inch heels and I must say he is fairly proficient in them. As I mentioned, the 7 inch heels are a real struggle for him though, which gives me some great leverage over him. I have actually installed a treadmill in our playroom and love to watch him practicing on it. Recently I’ve bought him a pair of 5 inch mules which he is really struggling with because of the lack of ankle strap. They are so sexy on him though and I love to tell him that. He does have very sexy legs, especially when in his latex stockings!
I’ve just spent a lovely hour with him in his strait jacket and ankle spreader locked on him whilst giving him a long and frustrating blowjob. I sat on his face for most of it and loved hearing his begging and moaning through my pussy. He’s currently cooling down with an ice pack on his cock whilst I write you this email. I’ll head back and lock him back in his cage in a minute. I’ve also mentioned that if we end up having to self isolate then he can look forward to some seriously prolonged edging sessions.



29 thoughts on “Inspired Clever Domination!

  1. I love how they met and the fact that he was wearing a cage! I would do that now if ever I was getting into a new relationship.

  2. This inspiring post, made me think once again of an idea I nurtured to change the status of my slut boy to one of permanent, total chastity. In the last year I thought more than once about that and probably now I’ve reached my decision.
    For those that didn’t read my previous post, I’ll briefly give a resume.
    I keep my boy in a very strict discipline regime and his cock is caged 24/7, but every few months, for prostate health reasons, I milked him with ruined orgasms, under the soles of my riding boots.
    The he got also whipped severely, just after that, so he felt a greater pain…
    Now I think it’s time to put him in TOTAL, lifetime chastity.
    I’d like to get some advice from other Sisters…

    1. Its an interesting topic. I too have often wondered about the evidence for the medical advice. I have never heard of scientific standard experiments being done where one group of men were told to orgasm every couple of days while another group were kept in chastity for years, and then over the next couple of decades, they were monitored to see which group most developed prostate problems! And I have never heard of a male with a prostate problem diagnosis having been asked how often he ejaculated.

      And there are the priests and monks for the last 400 years who were supposed to be completely orgasm free. They weren’t all paedophiles and liars. Some must have been obedient to their calling. BUT I have never heard of priests and monks having a high incidence of prostate problems! I wonder if anyone has actual science based data?

      1. Thank you all, and you, dearest Sister, for the interesting comments!
        I think I’ve cum (pun intended) to a decision.
        I’ll keep on making him squirt pathetically under my boots, but I’ll do it at much longer intervals, without any fixed rule, while letting him think I could soften up (lol) and decide to make him spurt, making him push his tiny clit through the hole on the stage, give him a few rubs with my boot soles and then ordering him to get up, because I changed my mind…
        I’m sure his expression will be priceless to observe on his face (he won’t ever dare to protest!..) and it will give me other delightful orgasms…

    2. This sounds deliciously devious, but perhaps you should play a game with him before making his sentence too final. I do worry that if I announced that my slave’s chastity were to become permanent then he would just lose all hope of an orgasm and give up. One of the things that keeps him going is the prospect of an orgasm in the future, even if he doesn’t know when this could happen.

      If you do decide to make it permanent then make it so that he knows he’s going to hate every waking second of it and make it something of a ceremony. The welding of the cage, with an audience of onlookers, all of whom are telling him what an awful fate awaits him. Fuck with his mind.

  3. Well, I Must say that the thought of being in isolation with this Mistress, Locked into a Spreader Bar and being Edged for a Few weeks makes me want to be Under Her Right now before the doors are Locked, any room for Another slut Mistress?…….PLEASE?

    1. I’m sure you would, although reality can be very different to fantasy. Unfortunately for you my slave is also my boyfriend so I’m not looking to add to my stable.

      1. Miss, I was in the not too distant past Owned myself by a very Beautiful Mistress, unfortunately this is no more but I have to say for me personally the Reality WAS Much, Much Better than the fantasy Miss…

          1. Miss,
            I Have to say that Your Tongue is possibly as Sharp as Your Nails, You made me laugh for the first time in a few weeks due to the Agony of what this Virus is causing All of us, especially those of us who are alone..
            A) She Was Very Dominant I do have to say..
            B) I do have a Very Good imagination so therefor as a rule I have a great amount of Fantasies.. Though, not unrealistic.l…

              1. She Was, I Miss Her Every Hour of every day but I have to respect Her desision to move on as You would in any sort of relationship, I think it’s somewhat harder to when Someone has been Your Partner, Lover, Mistress, Best Freind etc, also Knowing that that is probably the Only Relationship “Like That” that You will ever find, people have said to me, “You Had Your Perfect Relationship for 20 years, most of us Never have it”, I’ve tried to explain that in some ways it’s worse because You actually know what You are missing, I’ve tried to move on with Dating sites aimed at BDSM & Female Led but they are 100% Fake from what I’ve experienced, there’s no one really looking for someone submissive or they are in a lot of cases purely after money, there’s a LOT of Wannabes out there and that’s Mistresses and submissive, tried the local Munch but that sort of meeting isn’t really me, so… I’ll probably only have memories of Love and the feeling of being owned that Only a sub can feel…
                I Love Your Posts BTW Miss Scarlet..

                1. I agree with the people have said to you, “You Had Your Perfect Relationship for 20 years, most of us Never have it”,

                  I can assure you that the Dommes on BDSM sites are not 100% fake. In the past 5 years I have known two Dommes in my small circle of acquaintances who were genuinely looking for a male sub. So even if they are 99% fake t is not 100%.

                  And you say the local munch isn’t really you. I accept real Dommes looking for male subs are very rare, but I suggest you are not prepared to put in the effort required to find such a rare and precious entity, rather than, they do not exist. One of the two Dommes I mentioned above did find her sub at a BDSM night club event, the other on a BDSM dating site.

  4. I don’t think there is a connection between the prostate problem and the frequency of ejaculation.
    If there was such a connection, the males would be so noisy about it.
    Consider the correct example about priests. If there was a connection then why so many sexual active males suffer from prostate cancer and other prostate problems?

  5. Wow this sounds like very intelligent domination like you say.

    The other day I found some videos of a truly excellent Domme. Strangely, it was on PornHub. Usually I find the “domination” videos on here are contrived and ridiculous

    However, in this case they are clearly a real couple living the life. The Domme keeps him in constricting, spiked chastity and is physically and mentally brutal to him. She uses endless edging, sensory deprivation, pegging etc she messes with his mind promising him release before changing her mind at the last minute and locking him up as he whimpers. For something on a porn sure it was very good to watch

    She is called Mistress Tiffany. I can share a link if you like (not sure if you like that being done?) so thought I’d check

  6. I always felt men saying “have to keep the pipes clean” was akin to having blueballs. It was a way to make sure men got to get an orgasms. My urologists has never asked me if I was keeping my “pipes clean” when getting a prostate exam. I just came off 3 months of no orgasm and only a few orgasm over the past year and when I got a PSA test it came back 2.3 which is really good. So not keeping the pipes clean didn’t seem to affect my PSA results.

    Also, I didn’t have my first orgasm until I was 27 years old, wet dreams, yes. I am now 65, so starting later in life with cleaning out my pipes didn’t seem to give me prostate problems later in life. Urologist said I had a slightly enlarged prostate, but normal for my age.

    I wouldn’t gauge anything sexual with what priests may be doing or not doing. I always figured there was more sex going on in the convents then at sex clubs.

    I hope you are not contemplating eliminating BB orgasms. I like the regime you have now. I think he needs that incentive to keep things interesting and in line. Love your blog!

    1. Hmmmm. Are we uncovering a myth???

      No, as things stand, I do not intend to eliminate bitch-boy’s ejaculations. To much amusement from see them pathetically come from under the sole of my footwear. But I have learnt, ‘never say never’ when it comes to DS. So who knows in the future.

  7. wow and double wow! Miss Hannahbelle sounds divine!!
    wonder how Miss Hannahbelle’s boy is coping with the extended Lockdown completely at her mercy?!

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