Lock Down Activities (No. 1)

I thought I would share some ideas of activities to pass the time for those enduring stay-at-home lock down. I may post one or two ideas per week unless people have enough to do.

Toilet Roll Lines

First I have to chuckle as I write the word, toilet, when I think how this might be received by my US blog followers. A country that seems fine to use the word, shit, very frequently, (your shitting me, bull-shit, etc.), but shies away from the word, toilet! (Preferring, rest room – for a room with no bed, sofa or chair, or bathroom for a room with no bath). The room the rest of the world calls, the toilet, les toilettes, die Toilette, het toilet, el inodoro, etc. Anyway; enough teasing of my lovely US blog followers!

I mentioned toilet roll lines in my Journal No. 9 and in a blog post of July 2015. (I hope I am not boring people who recall the mentions and that there are followers for whom this will be new.)

Now the UK is in lock-down, as an extra activity to keep bitch-boy subjugated and occupied, and an extra recompense for me enduring lock down, I have brought back a regime of toilet roll lines.

The perfect writing implement must be used, (bitch-boy uses a very fine felt pen that has to be applied with just the right pressure). The regime is that he must make sure any toilet roll sheet I use has a line written on it. (I will give examples of the lines I require in a moment.) Each toilet roll must be unrolled a bit at a time by bitch-boy and a line written on each sheet. After enough sheets have been written on that might be used by me that day, then the sheets must be very carefully and neatly rolled back up.

If you have three toilets in the house then three rolls must each have at least say, 30 sheets with a line on. One roll for each toilet. And first thing in the morning, before I wake, EVERY DAY, bitch-boy must make sure each toilet roll has 30 sheets with a line written on. It is pretty hard to write the lines without ripping the paper. A tedious, degrading, never ending task and all that work simply gets flushed away. (He uses his own toilet rolls so he does not flush his work away himself.)

A typical lines would be one of these:

  • It is an honour to serve and to suffer.
  • I am a pathetic sissy little girl Mistress.
  • I worship and adore you cruel Mistress.
  • Please make me very miserable today.
  • Please thrash me to tears today Mistress.
  • Please deny me relief today Mistress.
  • belindakins loves playing with her dollies.

I pick one of the lines for one toilet and a different line for the other. From time to time, at my whim I change to a different line. Obviously during every visit to the toilet I get a little power rush and a feeling of pitiless decadence as I rip written-on sheets from the roll, use them and then flush away all that work without a care in the world. And if the line is, Please make me very miserable today, or, Please thrash me to tears today, well sometimes I do as I have been asked, just because I have been asked!

I don’t know what its like outside the UK, but here there have been endless images on TV news and social media of selfish, despicable people bulk buying toilet rolls for a stockpile, despite the fact that there is not and will not be a shortage. I however see such an image and simply think of poor bitch-boy’s task and how much more precious my toilet roll is than the stockpilers!

When I used this routine for a while in 2015 through 2016, there was a constant issue  of squirrelling away the written-on rolls should a vanilla visitor turn up. Quite a stress. So I ended the regime. But now, with zero visitors! Well it is the perfect time to have brought back the toilet roll lines regime!


My 16th journal –  LINK






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11 thoughts on “Lock Down Activities (No. 1)

  1. I love this idea. Mistress Scarlet you’re the best! Such a font of knowledge and suggestions. I’ve been struggling for early morning and daytime ideas since pipsqueak ceased going out to work. And, as you say, with nobody dropping by, there’s no current need for us to worry about squirreling away written-on rolls. My only slight concern is him wasting my toilet paper when stupid people have ransacked the shelves.

    However, I will definitely trial the idea, starting tomorrow at dawn. We already have a strict delineation of bathrooms. The main ensuite bathroom and guest bathroom are now both exclusively reserved for me (plus rare overnight guests). The downstairs ‘cloakroom’ is used by any of pipsqueak, myself and daytime visitors. Our 18th century garden privy has recently been opened up for pipsqueak’s sole use during the day.

    I shall have pipsqueak prepare the toilet rolls as you suggest; ANY ripped and wasted tissue will be punished. I tend to use a lot of sheets so I shall set the opening figure at 50 to be prepared for my ensuite and 30 for the guest bathroom, just in case I decide to go there, and 60 for the cloakroom.

    I shall be super-strict on appearance. I dislike loose and untidy toilet tolls. So I’ll warn him that I want them re-rolled up in a VERY neat manner, so I cannot even tell they’ve been unrolled. This may be impossible but he can at least try!

    I’ve chosen “What a wonderful new idea, Mistress” for the ensuite, “JUST IN CASE, MISTRESS” in capitals for the guest room, and “I promise to stick to my maximum of 4 sheets, Mistress” downstairs. I already restrict him to four sheets, following a maxim my own mother mentioned to me long ago; ‘one up, one down, one wipe, one polish’ that amazed me at the time. This applies to cleaning his cock cage scrupulously as well as his bottom. I combine this with random, strict inspections of his white cotton briefs to check for the slightest stains in the fly or gusset.

    Meanwhile, I recently had him set up the outdoor privy for his use throughout the spring and summer. It’s an old brick hut off the garden wall about 10 metres from our house’s backdoor. There’s an old wooden bench seat with an oval hole that our forebears used and their ablutions simply dropped to the earth below. But I prefer a stainless steel bucket that pipsqueak squats astride. He empties the bucket once a day by carefully bringing it into the downstairs cloakroom, flushing everything away, and cleaning the bucket. His own toilet paper in the privy can’t be written on. I managed to track down a modest supply of Izal medicated paper on Ebay. It’s like tracing paper, shiny and hard to use effectively. Perfect.

  2. We’re a little weird over here about the “oi” sound in general.

    Most of us don’t like the wort “moist”, either.

    I (very briefly) dated someone semi-interested in learning to be a dominant, and she actually made it a rule that I wasn’t allowed to use the word “moist”- she hated it that much.

    1. What a strange foible. So you had to modify your voice to avoid that noise? I think that would be a poignant act of service, to spoil such a mistress. Rejoice.

  3. I looked at it in 4 browsers: Edge, Chrome, Opera and Safari. It displays fine. Probably something on their computer.

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