Total denial for the over 30s?

[29 March 2020]     Well my post of 23 March raised the question of whether total denial of ejaculations has an adverse effect on prostate health, or is it simply a widely repeated myth. I included excerpts of two research reports which were ambiguous on the matter. There were quite a few comments on the post including one which supplied another research report.

TO ME, THE MOST INTERESTING ISSUE COMING OUT OF ALL THREE REPORTS was; it seems that once a male is over 30, ejaculations may well no longer be relevant to a healthy prostate, (even if ejaculations earlier in life may be).

Many of us Dommes have subs who are over 30, over 40, over 50, or even over 60! Is the ejaculation future rather bleak for them now? It would be wonderful to find yet more research reports that cover the issue of ejaculations for males over 30 years old having a benefit, or no benefit, to prostate health !

Below are summaries of the three research report extracts.

……………The studies ………. both report that a high frequency of ejaculation early in adulthood has the greatest [beneficial] impact on [lowering] the risk of prostate cancer decades later, they call attention to the role of events early in life, when the prostate is developing and maturing…………

…………………. a 2003 study from Australia found that males who frequently ejaculated when they were younger appeared to have a reduced rate of prostate cancer later in life…..

A report from the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study [found]  ………………… the incidence of prostate cancer was significantly reduced for men having more than 21 ejaculations per month between the ages 20 to 29 years [old] ……………..

18 thoughts on “Total denial for the over 30s?

  1. Well I had many orgasms and ejaculations early in life. So maybe that will protect me now. Currently I don’t have very many orgasms at all. Today is the 338th day since my last orgasm. I have gone 485 days between as well. No ruined or full or partial… nothing. I seem to be healthy and I hope to continue so. Thanks for your blog!

    1. Interesting. I think the low participant number combined with the ambiguous results of this study, combined with the many studies that show a different result’ leaves me strongly leaning to sexual activity after 30 NOT reducing risk, or, the magnitude of risk increase from inactivity being so profoundly swamped by other factors, like genetics, as to be an irrelevance.

  2. Male over 50? Please get an annual PSA test so you may detect prostate cancer early when it is the most treatable. A side effect of prostate surgery is inability to get erections.

    1. If only a PSA test was actually helpful! The horror of prostate cancer is how futile the PSA testing is, compared to how prevalent the disease is. Many men have a high PSA result, have invasive treatment causing side effects of impotence and or incontinence, yet never had a prostate cancer at all. At age 55 there is a 27% chance a PSA test showing a prostate cancer problem is WRONG rising to at age 75 it is a 65% chance a PSA test showing a prostate caner problem is WRONG!

      ………..a growing body of evidence that shows the benefits of PSA screening may not outweigh the potential harm of unnecessary treatment……

      ……….while the amount of prostate cancer diagnosed has risen dramatically since PSA testing began, there has not been a proportional decrease in the number of men with metastatic tumors. It appears screening may be detecting a disproportionate number of lower-risk cancers, while missing many of the most aggressive tumors, which may advance too rapidly to be found with periodic testing……..

      The only accurate test I have come across is a newish specialist MRI scan, designed specifically to identify prostate cancer development. I am thinking of getting an annual one for bitch-boy, paying a private healthcare provider.

      1. Thank you for your thoughtful reply. In my case an elevated PSA led to a series of annual biopsies that identified and tracked the slowly growing cancer in my prostate. Eventually it became clear that I should have the surgery for it.

  3. gulps!
    Well used to denial and achy balls but this would mean fluffy has benefited from 2 decades of extra orgasms than he should have!

    Re: the summaries of the three research report extracts – speaking from my own experience, ‘high frequency of ejaculation early in adulthood’ – which in my heyday, was 3 to 4 times a day (when even the vibration from an idling engine, if you sat in the wrong area on a bus ride, could cause embarrassing tenting when the hormones are raging) pretty much every day, is the norm for teenage boys.
    Beyond my own personal habit, from being at a navy boarding school between the ages of 11 and 16, I also know there was a lot of nocturnal fervent masturbatory activity in the dorms under the blankets, both private & upon occasion competitive!

  4. Well, those studies are great news…. even though i’m a male in my late 50’s i did a lot of “jerking off” in my young teenage years and each time the doctor checks my prostate nowadays he confirms it all fine and in good order. I admit that even in my tender teen years, my obsession with cover girls was my source of my admiration and heightened lust and constant sexual thoughts leading me to explore an array of different pastimes! As i approached my twenties, a new phenomenon took over my fantasy life and these were women who were to be found in the Women’s Physique World magazine where hundreds of beautiful strong muscular women adorned its pages!! Wow for a young guy like me at that time, this was heaven, as each new publication of the WPW would keep me going, riding wave after wave masturbating numerous times a day and bringing myself to mind-blowing ejaculations daily!
    Now in my late 50’s i still enjoy, just about daily, a wonderful time on my own taking myself to the edge and then backing off and then edging again and finally ending in one of those mind blowing ejacs! As i mentioned earlier, i am blessed with a healthy functioning prostate! So yes, i believe the research is on the right track!!

    1. Hmmm. I am not sure your lifestyle is any evidence at all in support of, total denial after 30 having no adverse effects for the prostate, considering you have jerked off every day from your 30’s though into your late 50’s! ???

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