While doing something else

What was one of my favourite site themes on Tumblr has now appeared on BDSMLR, I am so pleased to say.  while-doing-something-else.  bitch-boy informed me he found it while he was doing his BDSMLR tease chore as he knew the theme is in my top 3.

It so sums up, I think other Dommes will agree, the atmosphere of REAL LIFE, long term, live-together,  Domme/sub relationships. So much time is spent with the Domme enjoying whatever she wants, excluding the sub, while the sub toils  in the background on chores somewhere or toils between her thighs, or while she sunbathes, or he is a foot-rest, or his face is a seat. Particularly while the Domme is; applying make-up, drying/fixing hair, talking on the telephone, watching TV, reading a book or magazine, eating a meal, doing one’s nails, on social media, engaged in a pleasant craft activity, chatting to a visiting female guest, ‘who is in the know’.

I have of course had bitch-boy re-blog many of the images to my BDSMLR site.

So different to the majority of Femdom images on the net where the Domme (usally a professional dominatrix), is having to focus all her attention on the male sub. Not that I have a problem with the dominatrix profession. Wonderful women!

Obviously I have to ignore the images of fucking and cock-sucking and male climaxes on this site. A girl can’t have everything!

On the topic of my BDSMLR site I now have 4,800 followers. Nowhere near the 20,000 on my old Tumblr site, but it grows steadily which I adore. I adore because so many people share the REAL LIFE tastes I have.

Almost no PVC or latex, or warehouses or dungeons or abandoned buildings. Domestic scenarios in the main, and only the women getting the pleasure and the thrills. Of course the males getting their submissive contentment when their head hits the pillow every night, even if there is little or no sexual satisfaction in their lives.

14 thoughts on “While doing something else

  1. I totally agree dear Scarlet
    Domestic every day situations are the real thing. Not the scraps on most sites that show Dommes like a prostitute and the femdom lifestyle as pure porn. I am so pissed off with that.
    Keep on this wonderful blog Scarlet. It is a priceless treasure…

  2. So perfectly said Scarlet. I had not spent anytime viewing Dommes on the net until you, through your blog, introdcued me to Tumblr and BDSMLR. But much of what I have seen posted there is women dressed for the apparent pleasure of men acting in a purely pornographic way. What I have also noticed is that in almost all of the photos the women looked bored to tears-not because they are bored with the hapless male but because they seem bored with the entire idea of Femme Domme. I find no credability with a woman paddling a male with no facial expression.

    However your posts do feature rreal women who are actually reacting to the slave’s misery and humiliation. I echo Ms Anne’s view that your blog is a priceless treasure.


  3. Is there a way your followers could submit images for your pleasure, I have many such images on my tumblr I feel would very much meet your approval, also many that wouldn’t so I wont link my tumblr here, also i wouldn’t want this comment misinterpreted as a plug.

    1. No, I’m afraid the only way is to have a Tumblr or BDSMLR site and direct me to it with a link. I am quite happy to plug good sites; and I can overlook images that do not meet with my approval as long as there are plenty that do!

    1. I feel you have attempted to dupe me for some reason. All the images of 19 April and after were apparently domestic FLR scenes, although many with supermodel type women, yet all the images before that date were of leather and PVC and rubber clad dominatrix women and their clients in dungeons. Exactly what frightens off and therefore impedes vanilla women becoming domestic Dommes.

  4. No there was no attempt to dupe you, I rebloged all the images I thought would be of interest to you so they would be at the top and easy for you to find and I refer back to my first comment.

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