Anne’s Mom’s first involvement

I have  posted about mothers-in-law a few times and there has always been huge interest. Miss Anne has graciously provided a wonderful account of how her mother became involved in the domination of Miss Anne’s submissive. I provide that below. And if there is interest, Miss Anne will provide an account of the current day-to-day involvement of her mother in the continuing use and subjugation of her submissive.



My Mom for her age is one of the most open-minded and strong-willed people I know. She was also very successful at her job, a born leader, nowadays she has retired. But she was very unlucky in her personal life. She got married too young and my father was and still is addicted to drink and gambling, a bad father and even worse husband. My Mom got divorced decades years ago and she was obligated to work hard to bring me up. She is very clever and cunning like a fox, honest, stubborn and has a sharp tongue at times lol. Circumstances of her life have made her a little strict and controlling towards others, even to me when it was necessary and she likes things are done in her ways.

Back in 2012 after I had lived with my current slave for almost 2,5 years my work contract came to an end. I had no choice but return back to my own city and live at my Mom’s home until I get a new job and be able to move to my own house. The problem was what would be my slave, he theoretically could follow me and get a new job because of his profession, but it was impossible we live together because of the financial troubles at this time. I thought a lot and I decided to open my heart to my Mom and inform her for the turning in my life those past years. I had built a strong bond, relationship and mutual love with my Mom, there were a lot of times I was thinking of her as my best friend, not only my Mom. We had an honest and open relationship so I took the courage and confessed my new life. Well it was a real shock for her in many ways.

To cut a very long story, short, after endless chat she set aside her objections and agreed to meet and interview my slave. I recall this day in my mind, it was a hot summer day, I took my slave from train station, I was wearing a navy blue t-shirt, a mini denim skirt, which I knew he was in true love with, LOL, and light brown flat sandals.

On our way to Mom’s , one more time I advised him to be sincere, keep a low profile, be respectful with courtesy towards my Mom. Ok, obviously the hot day went a bit cold when us 3 all met in the same room. I introduced Mom to slave and he fortunately had the mind and good manners to bow his waist down and kiss her hand. We all chatted for a while about weather, summer etc then as I had agreed with Mom, excused myself to do some job on my laptop and left the room. After a couple of hours my slave all red faced left the house. Mom informed me the chat went well and tomorrow they will have another chat but she seemed satisfied with him. I kept high hopes and called the slave at his hotel room to listen to his point of view and he confessed in detail to me what they talked about.

Next day slave came in and went directly to the living room where my Mom was waiting him. After one hour, while I was surfing the net, I heard Mom’s voice call me. I went into the living room. At first I was in shock from the picture I saw.

My Mom was sitting on the sofa, her right leg over her left, wide smile on her face and my slave on his knees, was sucking her toes passionately with eyes closed.

Mom said “Anne this boy earned a place in his heaven and he will stay with us, here at my home, on a trial period and then we will go from there”. I burst into laughter while my slave was thanking her profoundly and that was the beginning of a new chapter in our relationship.

When later I asked Mom what was the main reason she finally accept him she answered. “The main reason was the fact I’m your mother Anne. He betrayed you, lied to you, made you unhappy, your tears were shed for his actions. He made you feel undesired as a woman. You might forgive him and forget, I might forgive him one day but I will never forget. No mother  will ever forget the person that hurt the feelings of her daughter.” That moment I felt pity for the slave, his fate was sealed.


Influence of Mom on his chastity device and releases


When Mom was first told by me about the chastity cage on the slave’s penis,  she looked like thousands of volts had hit her. Eyes and mouth wide open, speechless for a few moments, a red face. She could not believe there was such a device. Much more that a man was wearing this device. She told me the only reference about chastity belt in her mind was from her childhood and lesson of history in school,  about the knights who were putting chastity belts on their wives when they were going to fight in the Crusades. She was asking and asking questions which I honestly answered, finally she burst in a wild laughter to tears and said:

“What a pathetic loser wimp”  (in fact it means something even worse in our native language, it is an idiom and I cannot translate it exactly in English).

Then she asked for more information and I translated a few pages from the net for her about the chastity devices, the effect; and results of using it, prostate milking etc. Then I informed her about his frequency of orgasms and milking, the schedules and rituals I had established, my rules. Then she surprised me with a glittering look in her eyes and a wide smile.

“Anne as we all live under the same roof and as it is still my home, I think I must too have a say on his release and schedule, don’t you think?”

“ I suppose yes but I never thought you would participate in it Mom”

“I will not of course participate in your bedroom honey nor will we ever work as a team upon him in a sexual way; but I need to have a yes or no opinion when it comes to his pleas for Cumming. After all I host him here out of the goodness of my heart”.

At that time slave was on a schedule of one orgasm every month and also one prostate milking 15 days after his orgasm. He had to follow a ritual and beg for my permission to let him either have the orgasm or the milking.

After mom’s request, the next time he begged me for an orgasm and I accepted his plea, I informed him that Mom must also permit and grant the reward of his orgasm, so he should ask her. Next day I was having coffee and chat with Mom in the living room, I told her about the ritual for his release, and she happily agreed to hear his request. So I rang the service bell and the slave appeared running into living room in a few seconds, he bowed down and knelt.

I told him “boy I think you have to ask the permission of Mom for something, don’t you?” He answered “yes Mistress, thank You”.

Mom lit a cigarette and looked directly at his eyes as the eyes contact restriction rule did not apply on this ritual for the slave. A red faced slave began to ask his request for an orgasm and, as he was talking, he become more and more humiliated and also more humble and docile and ended up really begging my Mom for a release. I could not keep from giggling at him, but it was also exciting.

Mom asked some humiliating questions about his feelings, why he needs the orgasm, how do his penis and balls feel, if they hurt, how long he has been without an orgasm, why he thinks he deserves an orgasm, if he is really still a virgin male at his age, the reasons behind his enforced celibacy. Well it was a long interrogation and I could see the was in a predicament but he tried to answer honestly all the questions in hope of a release. Finally Mom asked him how does he get the orgasm, if granted, and he, red faced, answered that he jerks himself off, which resulted in loud, mocking laughter from Mom. Then she told him:

“Well boy, getting an orgasm in not a necessity in your life. You don’t see animals jerking off, do you? On the other hand you males jerk off even if you are married and have a regular sex life. It seems you are way too preoccupied with pleasuring yourself. This time could be better spent. Besides to able to jerk off, the chastity cage must be taken off for a few minutes. But as Anne told me, you say that the chastity cage has helped you to concentrate on her needs, stop making you a slave to your penis but a slave to her. What is more fulfilling for you? Being a slave to a Lady or to a piece of meat? As you already mentioned a male’s orgasm is over in seconds and afterwards he is usually useless for some time. How many males don’t just fall asleep? Also their wish to serve is greater before allowing an orgasm than after.  Often they become lazy and rude after. Would you wish to anger your Owner just for that few seconds of orgasm?  Absolutely not! Make me proud of you boy, bring a smile to my face. Wouldn’t you prefer to cum less often and so be a better slave?”

Slave looked pale, he seemed out of breath, dry mouth, he started to express his objections in a respectful and humble manner with quivering voice. Then Mom graciously said

“Well don’t be so frightened boy, I don’t mean you will never get an orgasm again. But I also cannot be generous with the frequency. Your current frequency takes too much energy and priceless time from your slaving service. You need some time to jerk off, then much more time to recover from the release as your sub feelings drop and you are not focused on your duties and making Anne’s life easier and more comfortable as it is the true purpose of your being in this world. This loss of priceless time is not tolerable any more. Instead of jerking off, you could focus and spend this time to improve other important and useful areas in your life. I have noticed you need extra training on housework chores, cooking, ironing and I’m going to be involved daily to this training and help you reach your really talents, skills and standards. You need to get exercises daily as well and it depends time of course and taking more time to serve our personal needs. Well boy my decision is to minimize for now your orgasm to one every couple of months and out of my good heart you will also get one milking per couple of months. At the end of the year we will see how it works out and we will make any necessary changes to better manage you.”

The slave seemed desperate and heart-broken when my Mom finished. He was wise enough to said “Yes Lady R. thank You.” Then he looked at me and said “Thank You Mistress.” Then he kissed our feet. It was the correct action by him or else he could pay dearly for any other kind of attitude. Then Mom added in a disdianful tone,

“Well slave I am sure you are thinking I am too cruel to you. In fact I am too lenient and generous. I hope you bear in mind the situation and the conditions of your life. I am an old woman about 20 years your senior, and you kneel humbly and humiliate yourself at my feet begging desperately to be allowed to jerk off, LOL. Oh my God, at this exact time, all over the world, millions of men make love with their wives or g/f, having sex with a woman. But you, a loser male virgin, beg me to let you just “jerk off”. I am sure the words pride and dignity do not exist in your vocabulary slave. I am soooo good to you loser and so magnanimous to let you even one orgasm. Now run into bathroom and hand wash all our clothes, it will take you a good amount of 4 or 5 hours and in that time you can think contemplate thoroughly about your new situation at my home”.

The slave with tears in his eyes thanked her, kissed our feet and was heading to the bathroom when Mom added the “last straw”.

“Ah boy, I almost forgot to mention. The chastity device will be replaced as soon as possible. Your current device is not appropriate. It is way too long, wide and comfortable to let you get half an erection and as we all know erections distract the attention and your focus on your duties; so you will expect a new cute device when I and Anne choose the best strict small, proper cage for you”.

Well that was the beginning that led him to very rare orgasms and milking nowadays in my service. I will add more about my Mom and her participation in slave’s daily training and punishments in another message. This one went too long and I face some internet connection troubles due to lock down far away of my home.


LINK to a lengthy account involving a mother-in-law

LINK to my journals


25 thoughts on “Anne’s Mom’s first involvement

  1. wow – and fascinating – what a lucky slave to find such a special and happy domestic situation in which to serve not one but two dominant women. Would definitely like to hear more about their lives together please Ms Scarlet

  2. I think even the strongest male would find it impossible to resist the control of a dominant wife when they are living in her mother’s house and she fully supports and participated in the female led regime.

  3. That report on Pansy is awe inspiring. I have some questions not meaning to be impertinent. Do they still give Pansy orgasms? Is his P A piercing used to hold his cage on? If he is given release, do they require him to eat his product?

      1. Ms Scarlet,

        Please will you email me as I would like to share a real life experience which will interest you.

        Thank you


  4. I love hearing about Miss Anne and her slave, she is my favourite “guest domme” you feature on your site. Please can we have more of her?

  5. I must say, Christine M is my favourite disciplinarian, and I die a small death each time I see new writing from her, particularly as it regards imposed punishment writing, and the tedium thereof. Many men, me included, have learned valuable lessons, repenting at our tedious leisure while the pen masters us. Of all the chains that can bind a man, time is sometimes the most cruel.

  6. Thanks to all for commenting, especially thanks to dear Scarlet who corrected my grammar and made the message readable for you all and Tom for his kind words.

    The reason behind me posting some events of my life is to support this great blog because I believe it is helpful for both Dommes and subs. But also to exchange experiences, suggestions, ideas with others in the lifestyle.
    It is not in my mind to spend the time of my day to write posts just to feed the male’s fantasy and help them to jerk off on my life.

    English obviously is not my native language so for me to write such a long message it is hard and takes a great amount of my time. As I wrote above, messages should give feedback, ideas, suggestions, even negative comments if one believes it.

    If I was in mood just to write and publish a fictional story then I would choose a site with stories and put it there.

    When the interest and participation grow further it will helpful for all us in the lifestyle.
    Just my thoughts of the moment and I would be interested to hear comments. Thank you.

    1. Hi Ms Anne
      I must say I have had the very same thoughts about why and when to contribute to Scarlet’s blog as you have.But unlike you I was not willing to put it out in print. I complelely agree that the two reasons to take the time to contribute to this blog is 1) to support what is, at least based on my limited observation, the one and only such blog that is truly focused on real women rather than fictional fantasies, and 2) to share and learn from other women and subs as well ) who are into FLR.

      I have shared some of my experiences with and even a video of my sissy sub here. But I have also been concerned that for most readers, what I have provided is nothing more than jerk-off material as you so apply describe it. I know that is unfair to Scarlet and what she is trying to achieve and it is certainly not her fault.

      So I find myself at a cross roads of sorts. There is much I would love to share with and hear back from other women but at the same time I have no desire to write just to satisfy the fantasies and desires of men.

      I also would welcome any thoughts about all this.


      1. I of course wish to give my thoughts. You obviously know my objectives for the content of this blog. There may be a few things you have not fully considered. (I have spent hundreds of hours pondering these issues)

        The first is that between 4000 and 6000 people view my bog each day. A proportion of these are females and quite often I will receive a comment from a female who begins by saying she has been reading my blog for years but never left a comment before. So just because a post does not receive a comment from any women, does not mean hundreds of women did not read it and benefit from it. Perhaps more than hundreds.

        I have learned many women feel they have nothing of value to add to the blog and so do not comment. Such women sometimes feel their domination regime has nothing new or different about it that they can share. I can understand this partly because they feel how can they compare to amazing women like you Carla, with such original and intense domination ideas and such a large number of people who join in. Or compare to Miss Anne who is 24/7/365 and pitiless AND has her mother 24/7/365 involved. Or Christine M and her fantastic innovations. Obviously I could go on about how amazing many of the contributors are which silent readers find intimidating.

        And then some people feel they are not good enough at communicating by writing. None of us can for instance match the beauty of Lady Jessica’s writing.

        When I do get a comment from a female who begins by saying she has been reading my blog for years but has never left a comment before. they ALWAYS say how much they learned from what other women (and some males) contributed to my blog. So my first point is that an absence of, or minimal comments does not mean a post has not been valuable to many women.

        My second point regards the males that read my blog. I think these can be stereotyped into three groups. First, those that Miss Anne refers to as wananbe subs. They think they are submissive but they are not, when faced with what real dominant women want to do to, and with, a submissive male. As was brought to a head over my posts on Christine’s M’s regime. I happen to love Christine M’s regime. I will always feature her updates. The fact that these posts angered wanabe subs who then leave my blog is perfect. There were real subs who responded that Christine M’s regime was too much for them BUT they welcomed reading about such regime’s and deeply respected Christine M. And subs who dreamed of being Christine M’s sub.

        Then we have the sub males who are under the domination of a women. They often have interesting and useful contributions to make about what THE WOMAN enjoys doing, which you have made reference to Carla.

        Then we have the large pool of true submissive males who have been dominated by a woman but that has come to an end, or who have never been dominated by a woman. Firstly I must say that if it was not for this large pool, us dominant women would not be rare and precious. The huge number of these not dominated males ensure the ratio of dominant women to submissive men is about 1 to 100. We owe this large group our power. If it was not for this large pool we could not hint to our subs, words to the effect of ‘… accept domination my way, or go, I can replace you in an instant……… you are very lucky to have me, thousands of males would do anything to be my sub. So you accept what I want/do …‘ etc.

        Secondly these males learn from the detailed comments and accounts wonderful women like you and Miss Anne (and the many others) make on my blog what REAL LIFESTYLE FEMALE DOMINATION is all about. They have to drop many of their fantasies and understand what they will be accepting if they are lucky enough to find a Domme. And that Domme they find can be forever grateful to women who are involved in my blog, that the sub does not have false expectations and falls easily into real lifestyle submission.

        Thirdly many of these males become even more submissive having read all about real domination and work even harder, and with a more realistic approach, to seek out a Domme, or to persuade their existing partner to become a Domme. Thus increasing the size of our secret world.

        And finally we come to the issue that seems to offend many women who do contribute. Submissive males jerking off as they get aroused over reading about real female domination. It used to disgust me. It does not any more. I now look at it like this. (A) Each time they jerk off, they are further conditioning themselves to be submissive and to hold dominant women in awe. (B) They have a profoundly affecting sexuality that leaves them craving something they might never ever actually experience. I consider jerking off all alone is a tiny compensation for a whole lifetime deeply unfulfilled. Never getting to experience what every cell in their body craves for – being the full time sub of, and being dominated by, a real lifestyle Domme.

        So, that is where I am at after two decades of thinking abut all this. Sorry I have rambled. And I implore you to continue contributing snippets of your life. You may have got some good ideas, or a sense of not being alone, from reading contributions on this blog. We can only get the fresh ideas and the feeling we are not alone, if many wonderful Dommes like you continue to make contributions to the blog.

        1. Hi Scarlet , I would consider myself
          as someone who considers female domination erotic and love reading your blog but at the same time I can never imagine being a sub myself as I do not honestly want to live that lifestyle as I really value my freedom!
          Personally sometimes I also feel that line between domination and abuse gets blurred and at that time I really feel bad for those subs .
          I don’t agree with you that someone who enjoys femdom and is not or wants to be sub is living a unfulfilled life . It is more a matter of personal choice . People can fantasize about something without having to live it , that is beauty of human mind and that is what makes us different .I am sorry if I am offending someone but just wanted to express my opinion on this subject.

          1. You are not a true submissive, you simply find some of the scenarios erotic. And you do offend true submissives when you say the line between domination and abuse gets blurred. They can walk away if they wish. If it was abuse they would not feel awe and worship for their Mistresses, they would dislike their Mistresses. The true submissives to which you refer neither need nor appreciate your feeling bad for them. That is derogatory and condescending and denies the existence of their sexuality. Surely you can see that.

            1. I would like to add to what Ms. Scarlet said about true submissives not needing or wanting anyone feeling bad for them. I would think a test for a true submissive would be seeing or reading about what they endure at the hands of a truly dominate women, they would not feel pity or see abuse but feel envy because they would want to be in that submissive’s place. Someone who is not a true submissive wouldn’t understand the dynamics being played out.

        2. Thank You Ma’am…i’m relieved to hear that You will always feature Ms Christine’s updates. Although i am not Her servant, reading of Her regime, much like Yours sets the tone for the way a submissive should behave…the level of exacting detail She requires in Her boy’s housework is a great example for the rest of us.

        3. Mistress Scarlet,

          thank you for such a thoughtful explanation of your objectives, and this thorough classification of your male readers.

          I think, and hope, that I fit into the category of genuine submissive males, even though I have admittedly limited experience of real life domination. I totally agree with your description of this profile.

          The mere presence of beautiful, dominant or assertive women fills me with awe. I feel totally unworthy even to be allowed anywhere near them, and am filled with a keen sense of my own inferiority and worthlessness.

          Far from thinking of the experiences of the slaves described on your blog as some sort of abuse, I only ever experience feelings of jealousy and envy towards them when I read about their lives.

          This jealousy is mixed with a certain amount of trepidation. I do not underestimate the hardship of belonging to a superior woman who truly enjoys inflicting pain and humiliation, and making slaves work as hard as possible.

          Amazing women like Mistress Francesca, Mistress Carla or Ms Anne.

          But even though I know how difficult the life of their slaves is, I am filled with the desire to serve them, and I only wish I could take their slave’s place or experience the same kind of treatment by my partner.

          Any opportunity to serve a woman fills me with an indescribable feeling of joy. No matter how demanding or difficult, menial or boring the task may be.

          I realise that the only purpose of my life is to serve, and being given the opportunity to fulfil that purpose is something for which I must be eternally and deeply grateful.

          In fact, the crueller the punishment, the more demanding the slave’s owner, the more she humiliates him and the harder she makes him work, the more I envy him.

          I would be lying if I pretended that I did not get any erotic thrill from reading this blog. Of course I do. But those feelings are completely outweighed by the desire I feel to become a more useful and obedient servant.

          Your website is a constant source of inspiration. It encourages me to be even more submissive and obedient. It helps me to understand the superior female perspective (even though, as a submissive male, I can never hope to grasp the full complexity and subtlety of a woman’s intellect).

          I learn so much from reading women’s accounts of how they use their slaves. Every post and every article is an education which contains pearls of wisdom that I treasure and try to live by. It helps me to become more sensitive to my partner’s feelings and think of ways in which I can serve her and encourage her to take advantage of my submissive nature.

          I can truly say that, for me, your blog fully achieves all of its objectives: helping me to become more submissive and dedicate myself more and more every day to serving women and trying to become a really useful, hard working slave.

          It is an indispensable resource and I hope you will continue your mission to inspire women to exploit submissive males like me for their advantage and entertainment for many years to come.

          Apologies for such a long, rambling comment.


          slave 307

            1. Thank you for your kind words and your advice, Mistress.

              My partner knows about my submissive feelings and has taken the few first steps towards trying domination with me. But I know that it does not come easily or naturally to her, and above all I want to avoid making her feel uncomfortable or forcing her to cater to my wishes if it is not something she wants to do.

              Your alternative blog is a wonderful resource for those beginning to explore female domination and supremacy, and in due course I will introduce it to my partner, when I think she might be ready and open to further exploration.

              For the time being, though, I don’t think she is quite there yet, and I want to make sure I take it slowly and at she goes at her own pace.

              I love her very much and I know I must be patient and try to introduce dominance and submission carefully into our relationship without ever rushing her. In the meantime I try to be as obedient and helpful as I can, but without pressuring her to engage in more explicit domination.

              As ever, you website remains a great inspiration and source of learning.

              slave 307

  7. Mistress Scarlet.
    I am one of the many submissive males who’s interest in the FemDomme lifestyle was sparked by Madam Magazine, back in the early 1070’s. Thank you for featuring some of the letters, particularly the one’s featuring Dominant Mother-in-Laws and corporal punishment. Please include more on this subject if you can.
    sub edward.

  8. I agree that I am not a true submissive so I am not be best placed to understand true feelings of sub. However I don’t entirely agree on your other point as I believe it is little more complex .
    Walking away from a relationship might not be an easy option for everyone as has been shown in many studies on domestic abuse . Also sub might not always feel awe for his mistress but at times feel resentment when he feels he is treated very unfairly . All power in FLR relationship resides with domme and I believe it is important for her to not abuse that power in way that negatively impacts the overall health and well-being of a sub.

    1. Given you know nothing about the mind of a true submissive I am amazed that you are confident to contradict me and contradict the true submissives who all report exactly what I have described. In 20 years, I have never heard of a true submissive who maintains a feeling of resentment towards their Mistress. But you know best.

  9. What a wonderful account of the boy’s strict upbringing in his Wife’s and Mother in law’s home. I truly enjoyed it and would love to read more. Thank You Miss Anne for sharing this and thank You Mistress Scarlet for Your wonderful blog!

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