Lock down activities (No. 4)

This new activity was loosely inspired by my post of 1 May featuring who I now know to be, Miss Panic. I did since find she has a couple of videos on PornHub as well as the, often very wicked, short clips on the Twitter site I references in my earlier post. The video for which I have provided a link, also has her on her signal, having her arm pit covertly licked,  in public.

Lock down activity No. 4 is that bitch-boy now has a garnish added to every single drink and every single meal he consumes.  Normally it will be a mouthful of spit deposited into his mug or glass before he begins to drink, or I drop a mouthful of spit onto each plate or bowl of food he is about to consume. (This is during all the vanilla times. Obviously during DS times, it is my nectar from a jug that is added instead of, or as well as, my spit.)

He must always say, ‘Thank you Mistress’,  when I have added my spit garnish, and I always then respond, ‘I should think so!‘ The lock down does mean this applies to every single thing he consumes every single day, day after day after day.

I love his expression of humiliation and hurt both when I drop the spit, and when I say, ‘I should think so!’ in answer to his thanking me. And I feel a lovely little power rush and a reaffirmation that I own this submissive human being and I can use and abuse him howsoever I please.

Sometimes we will be in a 100% vanilla activity, when I have chosen to use him for his wonderful vanilla company, say watching a great movie or box set. The atmosphere of near equality is pierced as I drop my spit and we have our verbal exchange. Then gradually the atmosphere of near equality slowly returns, rather more quickly for me than for him though.

15 thoughts on “Lock down activities (No. 4)

    1. Dear Lady Jessica, what a fantastic comment and lock down activity idea! I will make the meat of your comment my next blog post if that is OK with you. It deserves a much wider publication route than only to be sitting in the comments section!

      Thank you so much.
      Stay safe

      1. I love this post. Interestingly, I adore getting to lick my mistresses armpits, or consume her spit. This once dominant activity has now been removed as she noticed I was enjoying it too much which isn’t allowed, removal of any pleasure for me, even submissive pleasure, is like an obsession for her

        1. Same here. It started as a degradation but when she saw I liked it so much, it’s now a reward I have to pay dearly for.

      2. My pleasure and an honour to feature more prominently on your wonderful blog, of course, my dear.

  1. I hope BB thanks you suitably for being such a wonderful Mistress to him on a daily basis!
    he is a very lucky boy!

  2. OMG, this is the hottest thing ive read from you. my balls physically hurt reading this. wonderful;

  3. Dear Mistress Scarlet,

    thank you for sharing these details. I am submissive myself and recently found a dominant Mistress, who is also my full time life partner now. I had some “play relationships” with women before who were not my partner in life, but with regards to being in a “husband and wife like situation” I am on completely new ground here.

    Your description of the spitting activity arouses me a lot. I especially like the “EVERY” component, which makes it so much stronger in my perception. I could imagine this kind of activity with my “play” Mistresses right away.

    Obviously there is a “BUT”, why else would I explain the context so much beforehand …. ;-D

    BUT when I imagine this kind of activity happening between me and my Life-Partner-Mistress in our vanilla time … then I feel a weird feeling that is hard to describe. I have a hard time in general shifting between the three roles that I have in this relationship: vanilla day to day person, loving partner and BDSM sex partner (she likes the word “submissive”, since “slave” has a different meaning for her as in people she meets on parties/clubs/events/for BDSM only).

    The shift from one role to another is not always easy for me. On a sidenote: Shifting roles for her on the other hand side is much easier obviously, since she shifts whenever she feels like it, while I obviously have to shift whenever she feels like it, regardless of how I feel in that moment. Of course I am not blaming her for this or anything, since this is simply the nature of the relationship model we chose. I am just highlighting it, to point out why “role shift” is probably in general more of a problematic topic for the submissive part then for the dominant part. Especially for the submissives who are life partners with their dominant counterpart, since there the multiple roles are much more serious. While in a play relationship basically only two modes exist: 1) play-buddies in between sessions, and 2) Mistress and slave in a session. Easy.

    I wonder how the sudden shift in roles affects your bb. As you write “Then gradually the atmosphere of near equality slowly returns, rather more quickly for me than for him though.”. My Mistress and I experienced the same effect, when she does these “quick BDSM flashes” to me whenever they come to her mind. She does different things than your spitting ritual, like for example we have small canes in every room (multiple ones in the bigger rooms). That way she can reach for them within split seconds whenever she feels like it basically from everywhere in the room. Sometimes she reaches for them while we are in vanilla mode and hits me hard for no reason other than that she feels the sudden urge to inflict pain to me and hear me scream. Don´t get me wrong, this is absolutely ok for me and I love the randomness and swiftness of the act. Most of the time it is one explosively hard stroke where she invests all the strength she has into that blow … and it hits me out of no where, so I am not even remotely prepared, so that I bend and wiggle around in pain as I provide that scream of true pain that she loves to hear.

    The “problem” with that is the following. And that is why I am writing to you here: This sudden blow puts me into my submissive role immediately and just like your bb, I need a certain amount of time to get back into my vanilla mode then.

    In my submissive role/state my ability to think is severely limited. I don´t know if other submissives experienced the same, but for me my mind basically loses 90% of all its intellectual abilities the moment “submissive mode” is switched on in my head.

    All this leads to that I am unable to continue whatever vanilla activity my life-partner-Mistress and I did in that moment. This is very annoying to my Mistress and also to myself. For example: If we are watching a movie, then I will not remember the next approximately 10 minutes of what I am watching, since my mind is completely elsewhere leaving me with 10% thinking capacity. Means I will either have to stop watching the movie once the intellectual capacity returns, since I missed part of the story or we have to rewind the movie. Ok, sometimes we watch movies with me in submissive mode all the time and that is absolutely ok for me, since I simply accept that I will not understand anything of the movie and basically consider it as “moving pictures with sound” while my mind is all focused on my Mistress.

    Another example is when we were planning a strategy of how to get her recently rented garden ready for a tea party that she plans for her and some dominant lady friends of her. We did this obviously in vanilla mode … she suddenly felt a hunger for hurting me … and that made me useless for any planning thoughts afterwards. Very annoying for her. Same situation when she wanted me to plan a strategy with her of how to have a vaccation without breaking any Corona safety rules. She struck me … and had to wait for 10 minutes till I was able to function again.

    So after this long explanation, my basic question is … does it make sense to push a submissive spontaneously into “submissive mode” from “vanilla mode” for the simple fun of being able to do so? Don´t all dominants know that of course they can do so to their partner at any time, but that it might be more joyfull for them to use it more “strategically” instead of “playing around” with the switch in their submissives mind? Also I wonder if this “back-and-forth” might cause some relationship damage in the long run. Weird analogy but if you switch a technical device quickly back and forth between modes, it for sure gets messed up … maybe it is the same with the submissive mind?

    Best regards


    1. For some reason your comment started off in my blog spam folder, but it was found now and I will answer as best I can. I am not sure, though, you will like my answer.

      First I will say that bitch-boy is clear that when he is in vanilla mode, that is 100% my choice. I am choosing to use him for his vanilla company. I will often say, until further notice I will be using you for your vanilla company. So him being in vanilla mode is my choice and a role he is expected to perform as part of being my submissive and meeting my needs. That is the context of his vanilla mode.

      Changing the subject now, in my early adulthood I had terrible anxiety. A mainstream psychoanalyst was frankly pathetic and did not help me at all, wanting to go back into my past to find the cause, which he failed to do, it did not change anything for me. I then saw an amazing ‘therapist’. When I told him I was a very anxious person, he immediately corrected me, explaining that I should be saying, CURRENTLY, I am a very anxious person. That because of nueroplasticity, we can all change the bits of our personality we do not like. He then went to work only focusing on how I was at that time, and sure enough he eradicated my anxiousness. The point of my story is you can change.

      bitch-boy has never had such a problem and with all the couples I have interacted with, I have never heard of any submissive having the problem you have. I suggest you start practicing reducing the ten minutes down. Make it 9 then after some practice, make it 8 and keep going until its about 30 seconds which I would say is how bitch-boy is. You can change. I would suggest for instance that if you were in your 10 minute submissive haze and a venomous snake came into the room, or the room caught fire, you would exit your submissive haze instantly. I am happy to come back on any response you have on this.

  4. This comment is fascinating and your response is even more jaw dropping. I have been reading your blog for a while now and never commented before but this interaction almost forced me to comment and I have to slow clap. Your intelligence is off the charts. I hope these little interactions and your responses are not getting lost, you should compile some of these interactions into a separate journal. It can one day be used as a research tool for someone analyzing dominant as well as submissive mind. Just a thought. Thank you for sharing your life and details.

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