Lock Down activity from Carla

The following lock down activity from the wonderful Carla is self explanatory. It was prompted by my recent post on the archive of Petticoated.com letters. It is a wonderful activity that can, and I am sure will, be continued when lock down is over. Below is a photo of Carla and pussie but it is from my archive and is not directly related to the post below.








Hi Scarlet,

Hope all is well with you. I must thank you for the posting the treasure trove of petticoat/sissy discipline material. I had never heard of the Petticoat Discipline Journal or any of the earlier publications referred to in the posting. While some of the letters become repetitive, many are filled with wonderfully creative ways to totally humiliate and punish a sissy. I also note that many of the letters describe intensely embarrassing public sissy humiliation. As you know this is something I often subject pussie to with great amusement on my part and others who participate in the poor thing’s public outings. If my recollection is correct of the other women who have submitted comments to you, only Ms Anne has subjected her sissy to humiliation in front of others-and that only to her Mom.

Your posting has resulted in our instituting a new form of cocktail hour entertainment. Each evening, around 6 pm or so, Todd (my boy friend I cuckold pussie with), his daughter Megan and I have cocktails served by pussie.

(Todd’s daughter’s college closed down due to the corona virus and she asked if she could stay with us for a while. I won’t take your time to discuss how we got there, but soon after Megan arrived we let her know all about pussie and that we treat the sissy as the menial housemaid it is.  pussie begged me and then both Todd and me a number of times to not allow Megan to order it about. For whatever reason, the sissy pleaded and begged even more to not allow Megan to join us for the cocktail hour readings. Megan was most offended by pussie’s request and now spanks the sissy even harder than I do! )

Anyway, you may recall that in the past I had pussie read to Todd and me from your published books. We all decided that it would be great fun to have pussie entertain us during cocktail hour by reading the Petticoat Discipline Journal letters you posted. So starting from Vol. 1 letter 1, pussie has been slowly reading to us each evening anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.  To add to our amusement I put a paper clip on the sissy’s tongue before it begins reading so that the sissy lisps and must speak ever so slowly so as to clearly pronounce each word. If any of us cannot understand a word, pussie must start again from the beginning of that letter.

I have been using a regular sized paper clip. I am now thinking that once it is safe to do so, I may have pussie’s tongue pierced and a small gold ball inserted, I think this may give pussie a permanent lisp while at the same time increasing the sissy’s ability to provide oral pleasure.

Megan has been given the task of picking out pussie’s cocktail hour outfit. (You will recall that pussie has a wool fetish so, given he is in 24/7 chastity and does not get to cum very often, wool items make him even more desperate.)  Most times Megan has the sissy dress as a cute schoolgirl in a fuzzy angora or mohair sweater stretched tightly over the its 42DD well filled bra, very short kilt type skirt, wool leg warmers, knee socks or frilly ankle socks, mary jane T-strapped 3″ heel shoes, matching bows in the sissy hair, full makeup and woolly  mittens.

After serving drinks pussie stands at perfect attention in front of us. No bending of legs, no slouching. As you may have noted, pussie has no panties on. Rather the sissy is put into his spiked chastity cage to which I have attached a large bell. When it is time to begin, pussie must shake up and down ringing the bell, which of course results in the spikes digging into its little thing. pussie must also “ring” the bell after the sissy has finished reading each letter and then, again when it begins reading the next letter.

pussie hates to have to ring the wee-wee bell as the sissy knows just how ridiculous it looks shaking up and down with its caged wee-wee on display. As the reading progresses, and the spikes continue to dig in as pussie shakes up and down,  the sissy will both beg to be allowed to stop and will become less energetic. My response has been a few well placed kicks to “encourage” pussie to shake its wee-wee more. I am thinking of shoving a capsaicin coated bug plug up pussie’s a-hole the next time we see it slowing down.

I also decided that as the Petticoat Discipline Journal letters are filled with wonderful ideas, pussie should act out those ideas where possible. And when I say letters, I include any of the articles, Ask Nanny advice, and other materials included in each volume in the library. So if a letter says that a sissy is made to dance, pussie must stop reading and do the same dance for us. If a letter says the a  sissy must read, or act out, a nursery rhyme, than pussie must immediately do the same.

There are special rules for spanking and corner time references. ( If only I were as computer capable as Christine LOL). If a letter discusses a spanking, paddling or caning , pussie  suffers the number of spankings etc mentioned in the letter. If the letter does not specify a number, then the first time a spanking is mentioned in a letter in a Volume, pussie receives 10 spanks. The second time an unspecified number is referenced, pussie receives 20 spanks. Each time thereafter the number of spanks is doubled!

So for example if an unspecified number is referenced in Volume 1, letter 1, pussie must bend over, raise its skirt and received ten with the referenced implement. Then if the next time an unspecified number is mentioned; lets say Volume 1, letter 3, pussie again must present its bare rear for 20 with the referenced implement. If in Volume 1 letter 4, the letter discusses the sissy receiving a caning, pussie received 40 wacks of the cane. We do not distinguish among spanks, paddles canes, etc .

It may be that pussie only reads 5 or 6 letters a night. So if, on the next night, pussie begins reading from the same Volume, the spanking numbers start from where we left off the night before. So using my example above, on the first night pussie had only read up to Volume 1, letter 4, with the last letter earning the sissy 40 wacks of the cane. On the next evening pussie would begin with Volume 1 letter 5. If in that letter there is mentioned an unspecified number of spanks, then pussie would receive 80 spanks ( double from the last letter read of that volume, the evening before). We do begin anew with each Volume.

The sissy whimpers and cries like a little girl as the spanks, paddling and or caning applications add up.

As mentioned above, pussie suffers the same miserable fate when corner time punishments are mentioned. And corner time is in addition to , not a replacement for spankings.

I am sure you can just imagine the humiliation,  trepidation and fear pussie experiences as it reads each letter. I must say pussie’s daily readings have made for a most enjoyable, amusing and, yes, exciting cocktail hour. I mentioned this to my sister, Tyler, and she suggested that using Zoom, we invite her and some others to join us for a virtual cocktail hour and pussie show. We are going to begin doing that tonight.

As always I would love to hear from the other women who contribute here to get their reactions and suggestions.





My 16th journal

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13 thoughts on “Lock Down activity from Carla

  1. Oh my! i think i actually feel sorry for pussie…this must all be excruciatingly humiliating and often painful…to perform like this in front of Mistress, Her boyfriend and a younger Woman is beyond embarrassing…and the addition of the spiked cage! Thank You for sharing Your experiences Miss Carla and as always thank You for publishing this letter and Your wonderful blog Mistress Scarlet!

  2. Dear Mistress Scarlet. Dear Mistress Carla.
    Speaking from personal experience, a tongue stud is very unlikely to give your boy a lisp but definitely does have the potential to increase your oral pleasure. It would be wise to wait until your boy’s tongue was fully healed before you invested in a gold tongue stud because the length of the tongue bar needed at first is much longer (to allow for swelling) than the correct length three of four months down the line, but your Practitioner will advise. I hope this comment is helpful – and not too geeky!
    Yours respectfully, Ben A

  3. Wow Carla! 
    Congrats Dear, all the credits to you!
    I loved the cocktail time, all of it Carla. 
    It is sooooo hot and the humiliation must be unbearable for the pussie. 
    he stands at attention before you all, he shakes the ring bell and participates in the letters oh how good you are with the pussie. 
    he is the star in cocktail time the focus of your interest, how gentle you are!
     F…k it is so hot to have drinks with your boyfriend and your sissy-cuckold to serve you both and much better even the daughter of your bf.
    Oh I love you Carla, I am your biggest admirer!
    I would like to ask some questions but I don’t want in public, if dear Ms Scarlet is kind enough to pass you my questions or my email I would love to contact you.

      1. Thank you very much dearest Scarlet!!!
        So kind of you. I will send them shortly.
        I have to deal with an inadequate performance first. *giggles*

  4. Ben matny thanks for the information about a tongue stud. I will admit I am dissapoined to learn that using a tongue stud will not result in a permanent lisp for the sissy. But I love knowing how it will increase its ability to provide oral pleasure.

    Ms Anne-I will be glad to answer your questions when I get them from Scarlet.

  5. I think with all the bad names or nick manes pussie has, the worst of them is being referred to as an It. Being dehumanized like being nothing more than an animal or birth defect is really bad, but an It is total worthlessness to my thinking. A lot of his names are not bad at all like Pussie that is a good name and a pretty one too. Something sissy can be good or bad depending on the purpose. Some women like in Japan will dress up very sissy like and everyone adores them. But an It is very, very, BAD!

  6. Mistress Carla,

    what a fantastic idea your special cocktail hour is. And how fortunate pussie is to have such a cruel and inventive owner.

    I hope he fully appreciates just what a lucky slave he is. If I may say so, the addition of the paperclip to his tongue to make him lisp and make his reading more difficult is a stroke of genius.

    And making him ring a bell hung from his spiked penis cage is absolutely delightful. He must make a truly pathetic sight, and provide you with great entertainment. Which is, after all, a slave’s only purpose in life.

    I think you are very wise to include Miss Megan in your humiliation of pussie. It is wonderful to read that she already beats him so hard and so obviously enjoys choosing his outfits and watching him perform during cocktail hour.

    I hope you encourage her to treat the slave with absolute contempt and never to show him any mercy at all. Worthless creatures like us don’t deserve it.

    Seeing the wonderful life you have with her father, and how your slave serves you both so diligently, she will hopefully want to own slaves herself one day and benefit from their hard labour and obedience.

    You are giving her the benefit of a wonderful education which will ensure her future happiness and comfort.

    Naturally, pussie must work extremely hard and give exceptional service at all times while she is staying with you, so that he can demonstrate to her the advantages of owning a submissive male.

    The experience of dominating him and punishing him will, I am sure, help her to get the most out of her own slaves later in life. It is clearly his responsibility to show her just how hard a slave can work and how useful he can be.

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. We are truly blessed to be able to read about your life with your slave.

    In submission,

    slave 307

  7. Dear Mistress Carla, may I ask whether you merely put the paperclip on your slaves tongue or do you actually clip it, like as you would for a few sheets of paper?

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