An apology from me about

It came to my attention that for the last few weeks, if you have tried to obtain one of my written works from, you may have had problems. Apparently they were changing platforms. It seems most bugs have now been fixed for purchasers, (Not for authors!)

If you have had any problems I apologise. If you still have problems please leave a comment on those.

Apologies again.


(Obviously my written works are available from many other suppliers.)

5 thoughts on “An apology from me about

  1. It happened to me, too, as an author. Not being aware of their problems, I decided to publish my latest book and got stuck. They sent me a pre-written mail, very vague about when the problem will be resolved. I’m thinking of going to Amazon, in the meanwhile.

    1. Obs I am on Amazon too. The advantages of LULU are firstly they allow the author to keep a larger share of the sale price than Amazon and secondly, only LULU distribute to Barnes and Noble, Kobo, for NOOK, etc, etc,

  2. They emailed me to say they’d resolved it but they hadn’t haha. The download button for all pre-purchased journals has just disappeared there’s no way to get it to your phone. At least the blog is still as wonderful as ever.

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