A seriously hot regime!

Below are four comments I have received over the last month from a slave in Italy who is lucky enough to serve full time an amazing Mistress. If you fastidiously read all comments, you will have read the first three, but the fourth has never been published as a comment. You will not have read that.

The regime imposed is serious, eclectic and I find it very hot indeed! Involvement of the Mistress’s mother and, cuckolding, with chastity and denial, and male maids are firm favourites of mine! Sissy Slave M is writing in a second language so I am sure you will forgive him if the English is not perfect. Or as I do admire him for writing in a second language!



Honorable Mistress,
On Monday morning, May 11th, I returned to work for the first time since 9 March, the day on which the lockdown was made in Italy.
Luckly I got a fairly well-paid job in the public administration sector and so Mistress have not suffered negative consequences from an economic point of view.
My thoughts go to the many who, on the other hand, this pandemic is tragically leaving in difficulty.
Obviously this is not the right place, but I must say that the Italian government, despite many mistakes, is managing this crisis quite well.
Going back to what I meant, on Monday I left the house for the first time in more than two months and the feeling was, for me, much, much stranger than for my fellow citizens.
Given my condition as a slave sissy, the lockdown was, for me, quite intense.
First, for the whole period I was always in the feminized version of myself.
For years the Mistress has allowed me men’s clothes only for work and for some inevitable ‘vanilla’ circumstance reduced to the bare minimum.
If You consider that many relatives and friends of the Mistress know about our relationship, You can understand how what remains of my male being is truly reduced to a minimum.
Never, however, had I lived as sissy and in sissy clothes for over two consecutive months.
In addition, for her amusement, the Mistress forced me to remain tied in one way or another for the entire period.
When the Mistress did not impose more restrictive and elaborate forms of bondage on me (which happened for several hours a day) I always wore a high, almost postural collar, bracelets and anklets.
A short chain (30 cm) connected bracelets and anklets and bracelets was connected to the collar by another chain that did not allow me to lower my hands below the waist.
The Mistress firmly believes that a sissy must be seen and not heard, so I was gagged most time of the day.
Even for a sissy like me used to sissyfication, bondage, punishment and everything else, experiencing this total continuity 24/7 for over two consecutive months was very hard.
Normally I wear the chastity belt 24/7/365 even at work and my underwear is always sissy, however the effect of total continuity of submission has been devastating.
The Mistress, then, was even more rigid, severe, sadistic, uncompromising and cruel than usual for the whole period.
For her, in fact, rightly accustomed to her freedoms, her friends, her interests and hobbies and her lovers, imprisonment at home, even a beautiful house with a garden, was very frustrating and she vented her frustrations on me .
Not a day has passed without me being subjected to the most cruel keystrokes.
I spent endless hours completely immobilized in bondage or wildly fucked by the big strap-ons of the Mistress (she loves the pegging on her slut, as she calls me in these cases) or humiliated in long video calls with her friends.
Many times, at the height of humiliations or punishments, I collapsed, I burst into tears and I implored even just a little of pity.
And obviously I haven’t received.
In the same time I noticed that the Mistress was getting great relief from making my condition of submission more extreme and this helped me a lot to overcome the most difficult moments.
Furthermore, the absence of any pause, even the slightest, to my sissy slave ménage had the effect of making the Mistress’s mark on me indelible and my love and my total devotion and submission are, if possible, further increased.
It is as if this total coexistence had extremized our awareness of our respective conditions in the world. and when on Monday morning I was totally unbound for the first time in over two months, the partial relief was enormously overcome by a feeling of lack.
As if part of me had been removed.
And when the Mistress, before I left the house, showed up at the door in her dressing gown and wearing a pair of incredible slippers (similar to the ones you wear on the cover of volume 12 or volume 8 of your juornals) I threw myself to her feet, desperate and tearful, unable to move away from her.
Only when she kicked me out assuring me that she would always be my Mistress and that her cruelty was yet to grow a lot, I finally managed to go to work.
Sissy slave m.



I don’t know if it can be defined as shaming but of the cruelest clothes that the Mistress sometimes imposes on me is this hessian underwear that you can see in this link.


It is made to measure and, often, Mistress requires me to wear it under a maid uniform while doing housework.
In particular, she likes to make me wear it when her fun of the moment is to have me as a lower level scoundrel.
In these cases, I must wear the hessian underwear.
Above of it, in addition to the inevitable corset (which makes contact with the terrible material even harder to bear) the most worn out of my maid uniforms, full of tears and of mending, at the foot a pair of equally worn domestic slippers, a disheveled and deformed wig.
She impose me a very heavy metal collar, wristbands and anklets joined by heavy chains and a heavy ball to the foot.
To this she adds a penis gag and in this humiliating estate I have to do the housework without the aid of model tools and, therefore, sweep and wash the floors on all fours, wash the laundry all by hand and so on.
Hessian underwear is terribly uncomfortable, stinging and annoying and working on it in chains, it becomes absolutely intolerable after a very short time. Then often the Mistress canes my ass before getting dressed and then the terrible material rubs on the red skin and becomes even more unbearable.
It often happens that the Mistress has me in this way and then I go out with my friends leaving me to my sufferings.
Often during those long and tiring days I happen to burst into tears for my condition but, even more, for the unbearable feeling of hessian underwear.
When the Mistress comes home and see me in chains dressed as the last of the servants and exhausted from fatigue and suffering, she gets excited to masturbate almost always.
Once she cums, she enjoys humiliating me for a few hours before finally taking off my cruel underwear while I, despite the sufferings she imposes on me, thank her humbly by licking her shoes and swearing my eternal love and eternal submission.
sissy slave m



Honored Mistress Scarlet,
I thank you immensely for your noble answer.
Of course you are totally right and I offer the most humble and submissive apologies for the precious time that I have wasted you with my pathetic comment.
I understand that the description of the game rules alone have been of little interest to you and I will also try to explain the dynamics behind the game.
Firstly the game is my only chance of having an orgasm.
My condition is of total chastity 24/7/365 and total submission.
This makes me perpetually excited and frustrated to the point of despair.
As a consequence of this, my veneration and submission to my Mistress are infinitely amplified.
Not if it’s the same for everyone. In my experience, the absolute cruelty of the Mistress in imposing such a severe chastity regime has meant that my total love for my Goddess increased day by day.
I believe it is the result of my innate submission, but every humiliation, punishment and cruelty of the Mistress, however absolutely infernal to bear at times, produces in me a feeling of devotion and attachment and love and, at the same time, of awe that they make of my status as a slave is the only one possible for me.
So even though living a condition of slavery and sissyfication that many would consider hell (and sometimes I also consider it as such), I also live in an atmosphere of absolute and perennial excitement and absolute devotion to Mistress.
In the days immediately preceding the game, of course, my anxiety and expectation grow uncontrollably, as does my fear that my mistake or a whim of the Mistress will blow up the possibility.
It does not happen often, because the Mistress likes the game, but it happened that without any reason the Mistress, just because she can do it, postponed for days, but also for weeks, a game session and I confess that, while I kissed the Mistress’s shoes to thank her, I couldn’t hold back the tears.
At the same time, just before the game starts, another and different anxiety arises in me.
While, in fact, my frustration and my desire lead me to hope with all my heart that the drawn card is lucky, on the other hand, my submission makes me almost torn about it.
I find myself thinking about the fun, if not the pleasure, that my suffering and frustration bring to the Mistress and, therefore, receiving the orgasm seems to me almost a lack towards the Mistress.
When the game finally begins, the Mistress makes me kneel in front of her after making me undress leaving me in stockings, suspenders, corset, heels, wig and maid crest.
She ties my hands behind my back and stands before me.
I have to start begging her to let me try the game, trying to be convincing in humiliating myself and exalting her because there is always a possibility that she will think again.
She looks at me, depending on the mood, with absolute indifference and contempt or with cruelty and fun.
When she is satisfied with the pleas, she gags me and takes the cards.
The moment before the discovery of the card is incredibly emotional for me.
After an often very long period I finally have a chance, even if not too high!
And I wish with all my heart that the card is of hearts, possibly a J a Q a K or the ace!
And at the same time, despite being terrified of it, I think the pleasure of the Mistress when a card unfavorable for me comes out, above all the two spades,and my soul of submissive almost hopes to have to receive the cruelest card to satisfy the sadism of the Mistress and for to feel even more the adoration for her that is born in the moments of greatest suffering and humiliation.
And then the card is turned …
If it is a card that does not give me orgasm, as often happens, the Mistress immediately passes to the punishment provided, cheerful and amused, while I suffer my destiny with resignation but also, in some way, with the relief of knowing that the my frustration and suffering are pleasing to my goddess.
And if it is a card that gives me ruined orgasm, instead, the Mistress immediately applies a condom to my cage and, with a vibrator, stimulates the chastity cage from the outside insulting me and spitting me in the face or slapping me. She bring me on the edge and then remove the vibratori leaving me to my wretched ruined orgasm. So she takes my gag off and feeds me on my seed before going on to punishment.
The rare times, however, that the paper gives me a full orgasm, I see the Mistress a slight disappointment and this, in the euphoria of those rare moments, is a cloud that obscures my pleasure. Then, after I have had these rare orgasms, Mistress becomes even more sadistic in punishment, that are more difficult to suffer after I came.
I can’t deny that, all in all, my real hope is to draw a card that will give me ‘ruined’ orgasm, in order to still be able to experience a little miserable humiliated relief while still remaining in my desperate conditions of continuous chastity.
As for the ace of hearts, which would grant me freedom to enjoy at my leisure, it only cames out 3 times.
And all three times I could not help but beg the Mistress to decide my destiny and she, incredibly magnanimous, tied and gagged me and masturbated mi with her hands.
They have been the only times since I know her where the Mistress gave me direct sexual contact for my pleasure
I love my Mistress, my bondage and chastity and our relationship.
I hope I have explained things better and I still humbly ask for forgiveness for the stolen time.
Slave and sissy maid M.



Honored Mistress
June 2, in Italy, is a national holiday and this year was even more important because it was the first national holiday after the lockdown.
For me, pathetic sissy slave, it was also the day when I could try my luck with the card game that I described in a previous comment on this post and that is my only chance to have an orgasm.
My last unspoiled orgasm dates back to August 18, 2018 while my last wretched ruined dates back to November 2019 so then you can imagine my despair.
Sunday 05-31 Mistress informed me that on June 2 she had invited her mother, sister and two best friends to lunch, all four fully aware of my condition, and I should have served them as a sissy maid. In the afternoon the card game would take place in the presence of all the guests on condition that my service was impeccable.
Devastated by the prospect of humiliations and sufferings that five sadistic and ruthless women could impose on me, I tried to plead with the Mistress, obviously receiving a severe beating and, therefore, I waited resigned and anxious for my destiny.
On June 2, therefore, I awoke at 5:00 A.M. to wear my short sissy maid uniform, which leaves partially visible both my chastity cage and the but plug that I wear. Black stockings, suspenders, corset, shoes with 10 cm heels, wig, make-up, crest, collar, bracelets and anklets joined by chains (more symbolic than restrictive this time) completed my outfit.
So I started preparing lunch for the guests and cleaning the house.
I brought my wife breakfast in bed at 10:03 A.M. and I received 30 cane shots (10 for every minute of delay) before I could continue the food preparation for lunch. My mother-in-law was the first to arrive. As ordered, I cheerfully greeted her at the door with a humble reverence. At one of his gestures I humbly kissed her shoes and, at her order, licked the soles. Then I made her a drink and I continued cooking and similarly answered the door as each female guest arrived.
By 11:30 A.M., they had all arrived and, while they happily chatted about their business on the patio in the garden, I attended to drinks for them as requested while continuing, in the meantime, the preparation of lunch.
When lunch was ready, I served the ladies at the table and several times the ladies asked to eat while the pathetic sissy slave licked her shoes under the table.
All the time none of the ladies paid me the slightest attention and in fact they totally ignored me, talking happily to each other and simply turning to me with orders: “sissy! wine!”, “Water, slave!”, “Lick the soles worm! “,” the coffee cockroach! ” or commenting amuse my miserable condition and the huge difference in status between them and the miserable servant.
After I served lunch, I collected part of their leftovers in a dog bowl, from where I was supposed to eat them later, and, upon Mistress’ order, I had to go to each of the ladies while each one spits on my miserable meal.
So ladies retired for more chatting and other women’s games and I retired to the kitchen to do dishes and scrub the kitchen floor. I had to make the kitchen spotless, in between serving drinks and snacks to the ladies.
After I completed cleaning the kitchen, I was summoned to them for direct service.
First, each of the ladies gave a rating from 1 to 10 on the quality of the lunch and my service.
For every vote below 10 I would have suffered 10 lashes on my bare butt.
The Ladies expressed their judgment one at a time: Mistress’s friends assigned me 9, the Mistress’s sister and Mistress 8 and my mother-in-law 6. In total 10 votes less than the maximum and 100 lashes on my poor ass.
They then made me lean forward on the patio table, tied ankles and wrists and whipped me in turn, amused and excited by their sadism and my suffering which resulted in constant pleadings and tears.
After the punishment I had to stand, in waiting, with snack trays and drink trays in hand, to be ready for any snack or drink request made or for direct service doing foot massages or other services for the owners.
Then the Mistress announced that it was time for the card game.
She then undressed me, leaving me with only the shoes, corset, but plug and wig on, tied my hands behind my back and ordered me to beg each of the guests for permission to play.
One after the other I had to prostrate myself in front of the ladies, tell and affirm my condition as an inferior, useless sub human, confessing my state of BAV and, at the same time, to swear my absolute love to my Mistress precisely for her cruelty and how to be his sissy slave is my only possible condition and, in conclusion, to implore their permission to try my luck with the cards
One after another they laughed at me, they had fun slapping me to tears, spitting in my face and mouth, before granting me, one after the other, the coveted permission to play.
The humiliation and anticipation, the pain of the recent punishment and fatigue of the long day of service had thrown me into a condition of total prostration and physical and mental suffering and, at the same time, of desperate excitement.
The Mistress, therefore, shuffled the cards, positioned the three chosen cards on a small table and invited me to choose.
With my heart racing, I chose a card and waited for the Mistress to turn it over.
K of hearts! My head exploded with relief and joy!
It meant being able to masturbate licking Mistress’s shoes! Heaven for every slave! I must do with the but plug in ad after I will receive, as per the rules, the due punishment! But nevertheless, it was an orgasm at the feet of my goddess! A real orgasm! Tears of joy have started to cross my face again!
The Mistress then moved away and returned, after a few minutes, wearing a pair of black patent leather slippers with 10 cm platform and 20 cm heels. The dream of every slave. My dream. In her hand she held the key to my chastity cage.
When she was about to put the key in the lock, however, my mother-in-law intervened. I can’t say if everything was planned or if it was a cruel inspiration of the moment.
My mother-in-law said hard and annoyed that it was incredibly selfish of me to accept that card! That it was inconceivable that an unworthy slave sissy like me agreed to receive an orgasm while his Mistress, for the previous three months, because of the lockdown, had not been able to devote herself to her pleasures and hobbies and, above all, had not been able to see her lovers!
It was an incredible proof of lack of training and insubordination on my part the fact of placing my pathetic pleasure before that of the Mistress!
Not only the Mistress had to give up an important part of her sacrosanct sexual pleasures, but now she also had to witness her pathetic sissy slave who masturbated with the most selfish of pigs!
The other ladies immediately agreed with my mother-in-law and, on the Mistress’s face, I immediately saw a sadistic smile light up.
I, devastated, had listened to my mother-in-law’s words, grasping their inevitable cruelty and injustice (after all, the Mistress had always orgasmed, even in these months, over and over again every day and at her complete pleasure while my last cum was rising months and years) and at the same time the words of my mother-in-law seemed full of fairness! If the prolongation of my suffering and frustration helped the Mistress to better endure the limitations of the lockdown, now just finished, and to resume her life with greater serenity, how could I be so selfish to accept an orgasm!
Yet my frustration was too strong.
The Mistress, amused, replied to her mother that it was true, that she was right, but that the rules were the rules … therefore, turned to me, she asked me what I thought of it.
Desperate, split in two, I began to stammer apologies about my despair and pleading for the card to be respected.
But she then decided to use her secret weapon. Started teasing me and licking my nipples.
Perhaps also due to the fact that my cock is always in the cage and is practically never stimulated, my nipples have become, over the years, ultra-sensitive. Real mini sexual organs whose stimulation produces a devastating, almost painful, and incredibly frustrating excitement given the presence of the chastity cage. Furthermore, it is a kind of excitement that further nourishes my submissive nature and makes me desire with every drop of my existence to be increasingly cruelly subdued by my divine tyranny.
Among the laughter of the other mistresses, therefore, the Mistress led me to a state of distressing excitement in which my whole body trembled uncontrollably and wept with despair and mumbled phrases without complete sense.
When she thought I had reached the right cooking point, the Mistress returned to ask me what I thought of the issue.
And my slave soul, before my body and my mind could intervene, was licking the Mistress’ shoes and begging her with all my soul not to consider the card but to exchange it with the 2 of spades (which means three months before the next attempt and a cruel punishment made of blows and bondage from immobilization).
With tears in my eyes, desperate but in love, I heard the Mistress agree among the roaring laughter of the others and, after the Mistress left me magnanimously licking her divine shoes for a long time, I immediately underwent the following punishment in total sub space and I spent the rest of the day and the whole night painfully in bondage until the Mistress released me this morning to send me to the office.
Now I am writing right from the office for the urgent need to describe this incredible experience of mine and to thank my Mistress for her cruelty and for the abysses of submission in which she sinks me daily with increasingly cruelly.
I apologize for the long post
Sissy slave m


For info on my own BDSM manual, in several formats, click on an image below.






13 thoughts on “A seriously hot regime!

  1. Honored Mistress
    I can’t express in words my gratitude for the honor you did to me by publishing my miserable experiences as a pathetic sissy slave on your divine blog!
    I thank heaven every day for having led an unworthy and miserable sissy slave like me in the presence of my divine and cruel Goddes and I thank with all my soul my beloved Mistress for the firm and cruel regime that she imposed on my existence.
    With the permission of the Mistress and yours I will continue to send you experiences of my miserable and pathetic slavery.
    sissy slave m

    1. I myself am in love with chains. I notice that the chains she had for you were quite heavy and strong. Lucky slave to be so lovingly chained by your cruel Mistress.

  2. Now that is a strict regime! I read it in vicarious trepidation, fascination and awe. I was shocked by the end. I couldn’t imagine many subs could submit to such extremes. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  3. How delightful and despite the greater and more serious goings-on in the world, what a boon Lockdown has been for FLR relationships

  4. Honored Mistress
    Some of Your Honorable followers define my slavery as strict and extreme.
    My slavery in probably strict but I don’t belive it is extreme.
    I believe that a lasting stable relationship between a Mistress and a submissive and slave who is intimately aware of his role is never extreme (except of course common sense and the law): it should be exactly as the Mistress wants it.
    In my case it is so and this makes it perfect, however absolutely cruel and sometimes inhuman my condition may seem.
    My relationship with the Mistress was born directly as a relationship with a BDSM background and was never in any way ‘vanilla’.
    When we met, the Mistress had already developed a strong interest in BDSM in an active role, which she manifested (more than now) also in daily clothing.
    We met at the college and immediately I fell in love with her and my BDSM fantasies (which I had since my adolescence) filled with her, whom I imagined as my cruel Mistress, almost always ending up masturbating by imagining myself at her feet.
    We went out a couple of times and I showed myself as submissive as I could.
    At the third date she entered the topic by telling me that the only interest she had for me was to dominate me.
    She was too independent and happy with her friendships and relationships to have a boyfriend and, as for sex, it excited her to dominate men but to get ‘fucked’ (she said just like that) only by real ‘stallions’ and certainly not by a guy like me. Obviously, I agreed to become her slave.
    Then began a relationship in which she called me only when she wanted to dominate me in a BDSM session. We met,she dominated me,, cums and once satisfied, sent me home without even letting me masturbate.
    I was more and more madly in love with her and begged her to allow me to see her more often and gradually she began to summon me to her house to do her housework and, starting from there, our current dynamic of total submission was triggered 24/7/365.
    A dynamic in which the Mistress saw her sadism, her absolute absence of scruples in inflicting the worst humiliations and tortures on me and the absolute absence of pity for me grows and I saw my deep submissive and slave nature nourish and grow as well.
    She never allowed me to penetrate her, never gave me a blowjob and only three times, in the 19 years since I was hers, she masturbate me, on the three occasions when an ace of hearts came out in the chastity game of cards.
    However, I deeply believe that our relationship can be qualified as ‘love’.
    Certainly I love Mistress and I love her because she satisfies the deepest part of me that, since adolescence, has always longed to be subjected to a cruel dominatrix.
    (And mine was a wonderful childhood without trauma and between loving parents – if anyone wanted to know).
    At the same time, the Mistress has shown me repeatedly that, while not hesitating in keeping me in constant and cruel submission under her heavy yoke, she cares about my closeness and my well-being.
    She supported and helped me in my studies and in reaching my professional position.
    She supported me when I lost my parents and when I was sick.
    Moreover, even in the moments of the cruelest humiliation, while she is perhaps fucking her lover, I read in her gaze that, somehow, the lover passes by (to be replaced perhaps by another) while her slave, more and more submissive and increasingly humiliated, is destined to remain for her pleasure.
    So I my slavery is strict, but i don’t think we can talk about ‘extreme’
    Of course, my mother-in-law, my sister-in-law and the two best friends of the Mistress are fully aware and involved in our ménage and, for them, I’m always and only the sissy slave; at the same time there are lovers of the Mistress who are often made aware of me (with my infinite suffering and humiliation and degradation).
    Furthermore, one of the Mistress’s pleasures is to leave me in particularly uncomfortable, humiliating, painful, boring or tiring conditions (or if possible all together) when she do not need me.
    The Mistress then likes to invite ‘vanilla’ friends to the house and be served by me anyway, but in these cases I do it dressed as a man and the Mistress turns to me as, in the 50s, a husband would have turned to his wife who serves he and his guests devoted and smiling.
    The Mistress, however, has total respect and consideration for my work and, on vanilla occasions with work colleagues, she behaves like a perfect lady and everyone is envious of me for my wonderful wife (if only they knows…)
    Furthermore, while always remaining submissive and in a sissy and / or bondage version when we are at home, it may happen that the Mistress talks with me almost as a friend (a sissy firnd of course). Sometime (in rare occasiones) she allows me some entertainment such as short surfing on the internet (now only on this splendid bolg) or reading a book or similar.
    The Mistress, then, does not subject me to the humiliating sessions of infantilism to which is subject, for example b.b. and, although sadistic, she punishes me in much less cruel ways than other Mistress.
    My condition of slavery, therefore, in not extreme. Is strict, is totalizing and is not at all easy to live. It is tiring, humiliating, frustrating and cruel; at the same time I am sure, every day that passes, that I cannot in any way escape the yoke of the Mistress and I adore her for her cruelty.
    sissy slave m

    1. A great comment. Another example of a perfect symbiotic relationship satisfying the deepest needs of two people.

      Am I right you are a virgin? Or have been a born again virgin (BAV) for 19 years?

      1. Honored Mistress,
        No, I’m not a virgin.
        I had two short vanilla relationships before I met the Mistress. The last time I penetrated a woman was my birthday (20 years old) a few weeks before I met the Mistress. January 8, 2001.
        The Mistress made it clear that I would never have penetrated her since the beginning of our relationship (first date February 20 2001, first session of domination March 2 2001).
        I am therefore BAV from these dates and I am destined to remain so.
        I am honored to be in your BAV register and Mistress is also very happy with the idea.
        She would like her name, Mistress Francesca, to be inserted.
        sissy slave m

          1. Honored Mostress
            Yes, January 08.01 was the last time I penetrated a woman and therefore I have been BAV ever since. But I still didn’t know (and I never would have thought) that I had become a BAV.
            The other dates indicate when the Mistress first ‘informed’ me and then definitively clarified that my status with her would be BAV.
            Could you please also enter the name of the Mistress – Francesca- in the register?
            humbly thank you.
            sissy slave m.

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