A BAV register?

I wondered if a Register of Born Again Virgins would be appealing/amusing for Dommes and rather shaming for the submissive puppet BAVs?

The idea would see the BAVs listed in order of how long it has been since they last penetrated a woman. The BAV with the longest period at the top of the register. Their owner’s name would be listed and the Bav’s name would be listed, together with the month? and year they became a BAV.

An entry can be provided to me to be entered on the register by either the owner or the submissive. I have produced a mock-up page, called the BAV Register which can be found by hovering the cursor over the top left menu tab, ‘BAV Register and Links’. Or here.

If anyone on the current mock up list would like to be removed, I will do so immediately you contact me with a comment.

There is data I need from the BAV or the owner to complete the current register list. If you are happy to be on the register, please provide the date required to complete your entry.


Below, for those who have not seen it before, I provide details of my new guide for beginner Dommes. Linked to my alternative blog. It is possibly unique, as it is specifically written to avoid frightening away a vanilla wife or girlfriend from trying an FLR relationship.



108 thoughts on “A BAV register?

  1. Honored Mistress
    This is a great idea and this patetic sissy is honored to be inserted in the list.
    sissy slave m

  2. Wonderful idea Dear Ms Scarlet.
    You are so creative and the list is so funny and amusing to be filled from all the Dommes here.
    Thank You so much for the first place although that worm slave is actually a real virgin and not a BAV.
    I can already feel the glory oN the first place LOL :P

  3. Hi Scarlet, What an absolutely hilarious idea! pussie has became a BAV as of January, 2016. And now thanks to you anyone who reads your blog will know that:)). Hope all is well, warmest regards, Carla


  4. it would be fascinating to know the different reasons that D’s and s’s found a BAV arrangement most appealing. (Performance issues by s? Shaming the s? cuckolding? the D does not enjoy penetration? Health issues? Personal preferences?). W/we’ve flirted with this for years but never been quite “pure” enough to call me a “V”. Kind of like quitting smoking repeatedly. Can you become a BAV more than once? Deep down, i think i don’t deserve penetration and doubt that my Mistress enjoys me that much, putting up with it once in a while.

    1. Its a shame your Mistress does not read this blog! I think you will find there is normally a combination of reasons and always the rewards of humiliating, frustrating and subjugating the male.

      1. i share some of my most favorite blog entries with Her, particularly the BAVS entires and when You try to remember the last time your boy had penetration, and how he begs to get between your firm athletic legs. She often finds those entires hot. Sometimes the shortest entries, or one paragraph that sums up the denial or frustration pushes both our buttons. The 9/17/17 BAVS entry and the 11/22/15 9 years denial entries should be in blog hall of fame. The part about bitch boy not giving up is GREAT. In one paragraph, i feel like i understand your dynamic. I’ve read that part to my Wife many times.

        With all the different people on the registry, it would be interesting if there was some small way of summing up why BAVS is important to them. But that is a lot of work.

          1. no….not yet…but your BAV posts drive me wild!

            she teases me constantly about the fact that i was an actual virgin when we first met and seemed like a “baby” back then (25 years ago)…one line is “I took your virginity, and I can give it back to you”…she frequently teases me that this will be the “last time” when we have intercourse….

            we still have intercourse maybe 10-12 times over the course of a year…most of my climaxes are ruined by her (couple times a month)…I have been forbidden from wanking for over 2.5 years (so that it more or less taken away for good). Me receiving oral almost never happens.

            She does not have a huge appetite for me. Even so, she said it is is unlikely she will cut me off for good….unless maybe we go deeper into cuckolding….which is on hold.

            So all of this is frequently discussed, but the longest we’ve gone without penetration is probably 2-3 months at a time. It’s the only way I am allowed an orgasm that isn’t ruined, and its maybe 12 times a year at this point. We are in our 40s. There is still time right?

              1. we have talked about it. Sometimes she finds it hot. Sometimes she thinks it would be too extreme. She likes intercourse, occasionally.

                1. Too extreme for what? Who is setting the ‘extreme’ boundary and what does it do for either of you?

                  Has she considered intercourse with your wearing a strap-on?

                  1. “Extreme” as in “forever” seems to much for her and (maybe me too in reality). She isn’t ready to give up on inter course with me forever, even if it isn’t at the top of her list. She likes intercourse about once a month. We have recently started playing with dildos lately so we will see where that goes.

                  2. If she wanted to cut me off, I would accept it. I would suffer for sure, but would do it (or at least do my best)

          2. not…yet…is there still time for me? we are in our 40’s. My Wife has weaned me down to intercourse about once a month (sometimes none for 2-3 months), absolutely no wanking, and occasional ruined hand jobs.

            I was a virgin when we met 25 years ago, and should have never told her about this, because she teases me about it all the time. She says I “looked like a baby” when we met. Sometimes we fantasize about her cutting me off from penetration and she tells me that she “took my virginity and can give it back to me”.

            She doesn’t have a huge appetite for me, but says she would not cut me off from penetration unless she cuckolded me with a man long term…we have dabbled with this…she has dated a few women. Deeper cuckolding plans are on hold right now.

  5. With your approval, I would like to be added to the list as I have accepted my position and everyone should know. I was born again in February, 2010 and am currently unowned. To honest, I thought I would be the “oldest” at 10+ years.but am impressed at those who were “born again” before me.

  6. Intercourse was attempted a few times but discontinued at Mistress Linda’s request I was placed in chastity and have been a BAV since June of 2011.
    Owner : Mistress Linda name Martha BAV date June, 2011
    Chastity : yes
    Cuckold : unsure

    1. Dear Mistress Scarlett, as a pussy free husband am I to expect and accept that my own Mistress will seek out and enjoy the love making skills of other. or real men. In being a BAV must I endure the humiliation and jealousy that the reluctant cuckold endures? My own pleasure will come from the taste and smell of her and I am ok with that. But what is she doing on those nights away? She says ” don’t worry your pretty little head” . Oh but I do worry.

  7. wonderful idea my wife and i (slave sindee) haven’t had intercourse since 9-4-2005 on Her 50th birthday. Afterward She said that although it was good and satisfying that it would be our last time. She put me in a cage and uses my mouth. 3 years ago She left me and i have been celibate since. Currently unowned. i was with a Mistress who used my oral skills and enjoyed both ass worshipping, cunnilingus, and oral worship of her body. She thought it cute that i wore a cage.

  8. Dear Mistress Scsrlett
    I’m Mistress Francesca, the mistress of sissy slave m.
    Congratulations on your wonderful blog. I agreed that my slave sissy post his comments and I am very pleased that you and your readers found them interesting.
    I also find this idea of ​​the BAV register particularly amusing …
    I then saw that you added some details (like the fact that the slave is cuckolded) and I find them splendid.
    I was thinking, if you can like it, to sometimes also include my point of view on our relationship in some comment.
    Of course, I still allow my slave to enter his comments.
    Let me know if this can interest you.
    Mistress Francesca
    P.S. Could you add to the log that sissy slave m is heavily cockolded and forced bi?
    Mistress Francesca

      1. Thanks Scarlett!
        More than acceptable!
        I would say perfect!
        It will be a pleasure to exchange views with a Mistress of your level for our fun and pleasure and for the ever greater subjugation humiliation and suffering of our slaves.
        See you soon on your beautiful blog!
        Mistress Francesca

  9. What a wonderful accolade list of achievement…those at the top should be proud of their sacrifice of service to please their owner/Mistress.

    I myself have been around two years, not a positive move to BAV but a decline in interest of my sex by my superior that has led to BAV. I feel that my sterlisation at my superiors insistence has contributed to her decline in interest……

  10. Dear Ms Scarlet

    For BAV Registration

    My BAV date is July 2015
    Madame S decided sex for me was over due to underperformance and her view that sissies shouldn’t have sex like a man.
    She refers to me now as a eunuch as my pathetic dick hasn’t been used in any way since July 2015
    She requires me to perform cunnilingus and anal lingus on her but I am never touched or allowed to touch myself during this
    Since that time I do her housework and as she owns a small hotel so I am the maid that changes all the rooms etc
    I am grateful for being a BAV as it helps me live the reality of my submissive identity

    Sissy Nancy

  11. Mistress Scarlet, i am able to pinpoint my exact last sexual penetration with my Mistress/Wife (Mistress Serena)…. it was 26 May 2004 O/our wedding anniversary. A few weeks later i was placed in a CB3000 ( later superseded by as CB6000 & now CB6000s ) i have since been a BAV & cuckold.

  12. Scarlet, it was with great amusement I was informed by tiffany of Your proposed BAV register. I have viewed her(his) reply and have a few comments to add. tiffany was invited to have full on sex as a treat five years later, but “sadly” she failed, having become accustomed to being chaste and my sub, her performance on our 25th wedding anniversary was nothing less than pathetic. That was her last invitation, and as such she has remained a BAV for 16 years.

  13. i couldn’t register but ive been a BAV since 10/21/09 by Princess Paula. Told i will NEVER penetrate a pussy again. my name is cuckslave. Thank You Ma’am.

  14. I would love to be a part of this register! I’m Mistress Jessie and my sissy slave husband is sissy Jordan. We had sex about 10 times when we first started dating, but he hasn’t been allowed inside me since November 2017 when we first adopted the female supremacist lifestyle. Now I fuck him with my strap on. He is in chastity 24/7, and is cuckolded exclusively by superior females. He also hasn’t been allowed an orgasm since October 2018. He will never be allowed inside my pussy again!
    Love the idea of the registry!

  15. With all due respect, some of these dates are baffling. May i ask if Mistresses with BAV’s maintain a Domme/sub lifestyle 24/7? And to any BAV’s, would you like to have vaginal sex or does it not matter to you?
    As a submissive male, I find your blog very intriguing and yet horrifying at the same time – just like this idea of being a BAV. I have always felt ashamed of my…. different sexual feelings, but reading your blog for the past 4-5 months has brought me a sense of comfort. Thank you.

  16. What a splendid idea, my dear Sister! I’m all for it!
    I’m only undecided about the date, as slaveboy had been in partial chastity since 10 years ago (starting from his birthday, on the 27th of June) with me letting him to spurt under the sole of my boots every month or so; starting from March 2020 I decided to reward him with total, lifetime chastity, with the edging stopping before he can get a ruined orgasm…
    So, probably his right BAV date is this latest one? You decide, darling…
    Kisses and hugs

      1. Then, my dear Scarlet, we can register him as a TRUE virgin, as he has never penetrated a woman in his whole life!..And he’ll be 28 y.o. in two weeks from now…
        I’ll give him a special treat for his birthday: he can look at Patrizia and I making love, while being chained tightly, with clamps on his nipples and a leather cock sheath lined with hundreds of sharp pins inside, tightly wrapped on his XS sized pathetic dick!

          1. Dear Mistress Scarlet, my Owner and love of my life, Miss B, who isn’t on WordPress, but reads all your writings here, ordered me to submit my name to be posted in the BAV register, as she just loves your idea.
            I’m a virgin again since the day we met, on the 16th of October 2013, when she broke the Alpha man in me and decided that I had to be in total, lifetime chastity, putting my cock in a small steel cage with sharp pins inside, so that if I get aroused (and it often happens, just looking at her…) my cock gets cruelly pierced.
            The metal cage, with a small padlock is taken off only for deep cleaning, just for a few minutes and then put on again.
            She says that this makes a better man out of me as it makes me to focus constantly on her desires and I’m always ready to satisfy any wish of hers.
            Of course, our FLR includes also strict discipline and and very severe corporal punishments. Probably it’s useless to add that my life is one of complete happiness.

            1. What a wonderful Mistress you have. Pitilessly resolute. A question for the BAV register entry – How does she refer to you. Surely she does not call you Anton M. Pelican?

              Another question. Could you expand on the ‘strict discipline’ and the ‘severe corporal punishments’ please?

              1. Yes, Mistress Scarlett, indeed she’s a wonderful Mistress, but more than that, she’s a wonderful Woman! Like you are and like most sadistic women are. Years ago I pondered over this subject, puzzled by the apparently crazy combination of pitiless cruelty and at the same time loving tenderness (also towards other people) those Women possess, and I’ve written a very brief essay on the subject, that I called “Dark Angels”.
                As you rightly guessed, she doesn’t call me Anton M. Pelican, but “doggy-bitch”…
                Regarding discipline, when at home I’m constantly ankle- and wrist- cuffed and with a collar attached to a heavy chain, long enough to permit me going from my sleeping place (on the carpet at the foot of her Queen-sized bed) to the kitchen, where I can prepare her breakfast, bringing it to bed.
                When I go out for work I must keep on the thick black leather collar and, of course, the cock cage.
                There are many small rules at home that I must follow accurately, to avoid her wrath.
                But the worse thing (for me, at least) it’s the humiliation of being punished before her lady friends while they sip their teas that I prepared, as I am offered like a treat and sometimes they’re invited to participate in the punishment, when it’s done with the cane, tawse or Prison Strap.
                She’s the only one to use the bullwhip, though, as that requires special skills that her ladies don’t have, but they enjoy enormously the show, often inciting her to hit harder!..
                I should add that not all the punishments I receive are related to my real faults, as she herself admitted, but more to her sadistic needs.
                Once she was in the mood I received 236 (bloody) cane strokes from her and another time 130 wrapping bullwhip (bloody) lashes that cut also my chest and nipples.
                Obviously I’m always here, glad and ready to answer any other question from you!

                1. Wow, what a superb dominant your Mistress is! I would, of course, love more detail. I have an insatiable hunger to hear about other regimens, both for my general interest and to see if there are activities I can add to my lifestyle. Some of the many small rules, and associated punishments for infractions would be very interesting.

                  You are now on the BAV register.

  17. Greetings Ms. Scarlett,
    You had once mentioned my writting on Petticoated.com forums as you’ve liked as sissy cindy lynn. The woman I serve is Mistress T.

    I have been essentially a BAV since August 2015. We dated in college, where she used to feminize and dominate me as her sissy. We both married other people, divorced, and she connected with me again. My ex wife is now married to a woman.

    When we reconnected she decided to try intercourse, her on top of course, she didn’t like it, spun herself around onto sitting on my face, truly enjoying herself, leaving me hard and wanting, going to sleep.

    She later told me my sissy wee-wee didn’t do anything for her, it’s way too short and too thick, she prefers twice as long and thinner. Lots of her old boyfriends really brought her pleasure.

    On my last birthday she bought me sissy panties. On her last birthday, I bought her new vibrators she had picked out online, which she prefers for her pleasure. She has a large and growing collection of vibrators.

    She’s had me dressed, in a bra and sissy panties pulled down to my knees and singing her romantic love songs.

    I have been trained in the use of her vibrators to pleasure her. I must work hard in the dark to pleasure her right spots correctly or I am punished. She’s still deciding what kind if chastity to put me in.

    After her powerful orgasms, she’s occasionally offered to do something for me, testing to see what I’d say. I always pass, she smiles or laughs, says good girl, rolls over and goes to sleep, her always nude, me in a nightie and panties.

    If I awaken in the morning hard and she sees it she laughs. If she’s sleeping, I must let it subside, and tell her what transpired, she laughs and tells me her sleep is so much more important, delighted I didn’t wake her up with something so unimportant and silly.

  18. Sorry for not spotting my missing details earlier, unfortunately I cannot remember the date when my husband Peter became a BAV but it was certainly before the London Olympics so I guess June 2012 will do for me.

  19. Dear Mistress Scarlet,

    Congratulations on this wonderful and original idea. May I humbly submit the details below please? I have also put down some notes on the background to me being banished from “normal” sex with my beloved Queen, which I hope you find interesting.

    My details for the register are as follows:

    Mistress Miranda Slave Gareth January 2010

    Balls and penis spiked with piercings in 2010 to render them useless. Reduced to oral servitude since that date.

    My own adoption of BAV status came as a natural outcome of my beloved Mistress becoming more assertive in her dominance of me in our marriage. Specifically, she hated the idea of being a wife and decided she no longer wanted to be thought of in this way. It was no longer appropriate for her as a dominant woman, as I belonged to her as her slave with no reciprocity.

    The answer came as her wedding ring became tight and had to be removed by a jeweller. This gave her the idea of “de-marrying” me. She decided that she would no longer wear a ring and wished to signal that she was free and it was up to me to serve her and honour her going forward. I had never worn a wedding ring but she decided that was to change and I was given orders to research a safe and reputable piercing studio in London where I could be sent by her for a piercing of my cock and balls.

    On our 15th wedding anniversary, I worked in the morning, visited the piercing studio at lunchtime for a piercing of my scrotum, with a Prince Albert piercing to follow at a date in the future when she ordered it. I then took a train back to Kent, where my task was to walk 10 miles or so across the marshes to a remote church, where my beautiful Mistress would later arrive with a kinky vicar friend for a remarriage ceremony, in which I kneeled before her and promised to obey her.

    Besides this religious/spiritual aspect, my beautiful Queen also decided that we needed another ritual in which I demonstrated both my strength and my submission to her. She also wanted to celebrate the fact that I had given up my cock and balls completely to her and also demonstrate that I would never enter her again. The result of this was we visited a wonderful, classy and intuitive dominatrix who cherishes devising such rituals with couples. The symbolisation we ended up with was that just as guns are spiked in war to render them useless, so my cock should be spiked to mark its redundancy to my perfect Mistress. The visit started with me consenting to a lengthy whipping and caning, during which I was obliged to tell my Queen how much I loved her and request more of the whip until she was satisfied with my bravery and submission. A little shaken by the harshness of the beating, I was tenderly led to a bondage table and strapped down tightly. Needles were then inserted slowly but steadily in my cock to make a pattern of crosses up the length of the shaft. I remember the words, “He has been quite brave”, from the dominatrix to my wife, before she placed a final longer needle in the head to draw blood, handing it to me to sign a contract of submission to my Mistress in blood freshly-taken from my spiked cock.

    Although deeper in love than ever with my Queen, there has been no “normal” sex for over 15 years during which time she has trained me to be ever more devoted to her and to literally worship her perfect pussy, which has itself become a privilege to be earned. Instead, my beautiful and perfect Queen will come 3 or more times most days from kisses to her breasts that I give to her under her orders after she has caned, whipped or otherwise tortured me.

    Our time in lock down has been quite lovely and the stillness has led to more regular and intense domination by her. I have stretched the scrotum piercing to 10mm with My Queen inserting the new rings herself. In the bedroom, when we are alone and sometimes when she leaves me in the house, I am often ordered to attach a chain to the ring in my balls, so that she can readily lead me about the house by my balls. Her humour here is that many men lead their lives led by their balls. In her FemDom version of this idea, she leads her man using a piercing and chain through her slave’s balls. We plan to get the Prince Albert piercing done soon in a new ritual of love we will share, to further mark me as hers and my spiked cock as of no use to her.

    We are currently seeking out a Mistress with skills and experience in permanent genital piercings. So may I respectfully ask if you or your readers know of any professional Mistresses with these skills, please post it as a comment here. Thank you and best wishes.

    Slave Gareth

    1. Thank you for the interesting information. Did your wife no longer want to be thought of as your wife so she was free to have sex with other men? I am a bit confused.

      1. She wished to be free in all ways and to jettison the status of a wife. The thinking was that I should be her slave, suitor and protective knight, who should constantly be serving and pleasing her, rather than taking her and our relationship for granted.

        Part of that is that freedom is that she is free to have relationships of all kinds as she wishes, and my role is to support her and never object.

        Interestingly, around the time of the “demarriage” – which has brought us both great happiness by the way – she did meet up with an old boyfriend who had divorced a very attractive wife. My Queen has always been beautiful and remains gorgeous in every way. On her return from that lunch, she made it clear that it was up to me to woo her every day as many men of good looks and status were always approaching her. On my knees, I assured her she was free to pursue matters as she wished and should deny herself nothing. She told me I was a good slave and slapped my face but choose not to pursue that relationship and has not done so with other men or women. However, the option is there for her and is part of her power over me.

  20. PS. I know you are keen on accuracy, so may I offer the following comment please. On the entry in the register, you write “Permanent piercings used to prevent the slave’s birth defect from penetrative ability.” The piercings along the length of my penis were temporary and were part of the “spiking the guns”ritual undertaken with help from a professional Mistress, with my beloved helping with some of the needles and me signing a contact in blood from the tip of my cock. I am permanently pierced in the scrotum and this is the piercing my Queen uses to lead me on a chain.

          1. Yes. This is done from time to time but is not a permanent arrangement. There is the standard CB cage for week-long lock-ups and then a Kali’s teeth cage for punitive days of concentration. We are looking for/at more permanent steel cages.

  21. Dear Mistress Scarlet

    Myself and my Mistress (Miss Heatherton) have long been fans of your blog. I have been in long term 24/7 chastity for 4 months now without orgasm. Recently I was placed in a new chastity belt (a sissy cage from behind barz, UK) with no access to any part of my old boy anatomy anymore. This past weekend my Mistress decided that I will spend at least a year locked without release and this may possibly become permanent. As such she made me a BAV declaring my little clittie will never likely see the light of day again so it goes without saying I will not be allowed to penetrate her or any woman again.

    She would like me to be entered onto the register, how do we go about this?

    Many thanks, sissy lauren.

    1. Miss Heatherton sounds deliciously, pitilessly, dominant! I would adore to hear more about all the details of the lifestyle she imposes.

      Can you provide a link to the particular chastity device please?

      For a register entry, I need the month/year of the last time you penetrated a woman and briefly the reasons Miss Heatherton wishes you to be a BAV.

  22. Dear Mistress Scarlet

    Thank you for your reply. My Miss was most flattered by your compliments! She has given me permission to write more about our lifestyle so I will write more shortly.

    Miss Heatherton would very much like me to be entered on to the BAV register:

    The month and year of last penetration were:
    November 2019

    The Reasons:
    Made a BAV by her Mistress as her clittie is locked away almost permanently to reinforce her sissy status and inferiority to women.

    My Mistress is know as:
    Miss Heatherton

    I am know as (sub):
    Sissy girl lauren

    Thank you so much for your time and I can assure you that my Miss will ensure that I write further about her requirements and plans for me :)


  23. Dear Mistress Scarlet

    Yes, that is correct. there is a tube under the main cage which encase the “birth defect” and a rod that locks between the front plate and back plate. The whole things is 99% escape proof. I have tried!

  24. Ms. Scarlet,
    Respectfully may my name be added to the BAV Register. I am a sissy known as bad sissy henny and my Wife has moved away from actively participating in our prior WLM as of November 17, 2020. But she has kept me in permanent chastity. I am in a Steelwerks Extreme Scandmaske held on my a 2 GA PA piercing. I am told no matter the ultimate decision on whether we remain married I will remain in the house until our 9 year old daughter goes on to ccollege. I was also told that regardless of our relationship status I will remain in 24/7/365 chastity for the remainder of my life. I have a CB 6000 for travel with numbered plastic locks and also a highly customized MCN with a 2 GA PA pin as well, that I am switched to occasionaly when the Shandmaske is removed to bw thoroughly cleaned . I may orgasm by either dry-humping my special pillow while napied and thoroughly wet and/or messy or by using a dildo to massage my prostate. I am allowed to do this once every other week for now.
    Thank you Ma’am for your consideration of my request.
    bad sissy henny

    1. First, I need some clarifications of your interesting comment.

      What does, ‘…..my Wife has moved away from actively participating in our prior WLM…‘ mean? Given you also write, ‘….But she has kept me in permanent chastity………. I am told no matter the ultimate decision on whether we remain married I will remain in the house until our 9 year old daughter goes on to ccollege. I was also told that regardless of our relationship status I will remain in 24/7/365 chastity for the remainder of my life. …………….. I may orgasm by either dry-humping my special pillow while napied and thoroughly wet and/or messy or by using a dildo to massage my prostate. I am allowed to do this once every other week for now……

      What reason should I include for your wife choosing to make you a BAV?

      I would really love to have a much fuller account of all you have touched on. It sounds fascinating and your wife sounds fantastic!

  25. Hello Ms. Scarlet, i am a 49yr old single white male un owned slave. i am a virgin from birth and completely pussy free. i would like to be added to the registry. Please email me for further information as required.

  26. Dear Ms. Scarlet
    Mistress Linda released me from chastity but my BAV status remains. To my dismay and humiliation my penis has shrunk to less than two inches and I am unable to erect. I masturbated for her and was able to ejaculate. Mistress thinks it is funny to watch me masturbate a soft penis. I am scheduled to visit my doctor about the inability to erect. This is going tone a humiliating visit. Mistress Linda has suggested I just learn to live with it. She of course has told her friends.

    1. Although the Mistress misses out on all the tease and denial and dickie-discipline fun that can be had with an erect birth defect, I do absolutely adore the notion of rendering a male permanently limp and impotent no matter how much he tries to get hard. And especially showing this male’s useless appendage off in front of mocking friends. Mistress Linda and I would get on like a house on fire. Tell me all about what happens.

    1. Hmmmmmm. I have never had a BAV on the register who has never had a Mistress. Have you had, do you have an online Mistress? I note you call yourself a simp.
      To be registered I need a name for you, is that beta-virgin-simp? And I need the reason you have been a BAV, and why you always will be.

      1. Mistress Scarlet, i hope You got my last message? i truly want to be registered. ill wait to hear from You

          1. Mistress Scarlet, im so excited. Will i know when my registry is posted? And as i said, i have micro penis syndrome. It’s less than 2 inches and hardly is able to ejaculate

  27. Respected Mistress Scarlet,

    I recently started reading your blog (about a month ago) and commented for the first time the other day. As a submissive man in a female led relationship it was delightful to read your various blog entries and I must say that your regimen for bitch boy is truly a nirvana for men like me. Funnily my Mistress also calls me ‘bitch’, so it was easier for me to imagine myself in his predicament and pleasure.

    I found the BAV section the other day and the reason for my comment (my sincere apologies if it’s too lengthy and I’m wasting your time) is to ask if I may please be included in it.

    I am not a born again virgin, I am simply a virgin. I met my Mistress during our first year at college, we were both teenagers. For the first few months we dated like a normal vanilla couple with lots of making out but we never went the full distance. I assumed it was because she was from a conservative/religious family and had some taboo regarding sex. Almost a year later I found out that she had had sex with other men before and her experiences were always painful, uncomfortable and traumatic. She had sworn off penetrative sex. I was heartbroken (I was 18 and my hormones were raging) but I loved her dearly and wanted to make it work.

    She was always quite dominant and enjoyed bossing me around and while I enjoyed that very much I had never confessed my submissive fantasies to her or anyone else before. I took the risk and finally did do that (fully expecting to be dumped) but she took it with a surprisingly open mind.

    A decade has passed since then and we are happily together. I am now fully her slave. I do almost all the chores at home, our finances are entirely managed by her and I get a weekly allowance, I wear a chastity cage 24×7 and am allowed orgasms only as a treat (usually once a month) while she has learned to use my tongue and her vibrators whenever she wants to cum. She has made it clear that she never wants to have penetrative sex ever again and I will thus remain a virgin till death.

    1. Wow, your Mistress is amazing. She and I would get on like a house on fire!
      Your comment is a long, long way from being too long.
      What shall I call you in the BAV register? bitch? or Kaustav?
      What shall I call your wife? Perhaps The bitch’s Mistress? Or is there are a dominant name she has you use
      for her.
      Does he give any dominant/mean specific reasons she wants you to remain a virgin forever.

      1. Thank you for the response Mistress Scarlet.
        You can call me ‘bitch’ in the register, that is what my Mistress calls me. I call my wife Mistress followed by her name always when no one’s around to hear. She’s quite private, so if you’d be so kind to consider using her initials instead of the full name I’d be grateful. Mistress M.

        She honestly finds penises disgusting (I talked about her traumatic previous experiences) and thinks they’re much better off locked up. My penis is completely useless to her and even aesthetically she prefers it caged.

        1. I have added you to the register. I used a name for your Mistress of Mistress M. No need for more potential identification by third parties. I will publish a blog post on your relationship. I think others will find it as fascinating and stimulating as do I.

          1. Thank you so much respected Mistress. If I may point out one thing, our names on the register have swapped with my name going on the owner column and my Mistress’ on the BAV column.

            It will be an honour to be on one of your blog posts. If you wish I can give more context and details regarding our relationship. Mistress M thinks I always blabber too much and bore people so it will be helpful if you can please please tell me what are some of the things you and your dear readers might find interesting.

            1. Swapped names over and added a sentence to description.
              As much detail and context as you are happy to provide.
              Full details of the current regimen would be especially good. How you live your lives day to day at the moment, with lots of detail. (Often contributors do not include how sub and Mistress feel during various activities and incidents, but this is important I think.)

              1. Dear Ms Scarlet, this is M, bitch’s mistress wife. I would love to implement what you have with your slave where he gets to cum only under the sole of your shoe. I’m just worried if bitch will be able to cum like that and if there’s a risk of injury. Otherwise the bottom of my shoe sounds like the perfect place for bitch’s birth defect.

                1. I have been using this method for a few years now. There has been zero damage. There are plenty of videos of this activity on Twitter and BDSMLR if you need guidance.

                  1. It is an honor and a special privilege to have my little princess under the shoe of Mistress Linda. She often chats on her phone while I struggle to achieve release.

                    1. Oh please expand on this a little. If it is the scenario in my head it is very amusing indeed!
                      I note you are not in the BAV register, unless you are Martha. Should you be??

                    2. MS scarlet I am indeed also known as Martha. You ate correct it is amusing at least to Mistress Linda and whoever she may be chatting with.
                      I have a little stool I sit on when I give foot rubs. Mistress uses it for a foot rest. I am required to lift her foot and place my little princess under the sole of her shoe. I remain in that position until she says “now” then I hump until she says “stop”. When she gets tired of this I am dismissed. If I have a sissy I am punished and must clean her shoe and my little stool. As embarrassing as this is it is still attention and release I often ask for stool time

                    3. Wonderful.
                      I assume by, ‘have a sissy’, you mean have an ejaculation?
                      How do you clean her shoe. (It sure is difficult getting detail from you! LOL)

                    4. I am required to consume my product. Mistress believes a sissy should become used to the taste on ejaculate. When I clean the sole of her shoe it remains on her foot.

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