The amazing Mistress Francesca

I posted on 4 June some comments from sissy slave M on the regime he endures under the dominance of his Mistress. Well we now have the privilege of hearing from that Mistress. The amazing Mistress Francesca.

Below are three very recent comments from Mistress Francesca. You may have read the first two if you read comments on this blog; but you will not have read the third.

I then add a comment from sissy slave M on degrees of cuckolding humiliation. It was left as a comment on 19 May. Having read of the style of dominance of Mistress Francesca, I reread sissy slave m’s words about levels of humiliation of cuckolding in a new light!

From Mistress Francesca.

Dear Scarlett
As you know, sissy slave led me to your blog and one of the many main reasons why I find it splendid is that it treats with clarity and competence an aspect of Femdom that does not appear habitually, that is, that of a relationship truly based on its essence to the total domination of the Mistress over her slave. Unfortunately, what you see in most sites is about erotic fantasies where domination is a way of having sex like any other. The man meets the woman, they have a BDSM session, after the session they cums and then they return to normal; maybe with the woman who goes to deal with some household affairs and the man to watch the game on television.

Obviously I have nothing against those who do this and I have nothing even against the look of the dominatrixes in the mainstream sites (on the contrary I confess I have always loved a very aggressive look and I don’t mind wearing very fetish clothing at all, especially shoes and corsets)

The reason why I like your blog is that it treats those who live Femdom as a true lifestyle and as true form of total female freedom. In my daily experience, in every ‘vanilla’ relationship, partners must necessarily give something to each other and, normally, for a thousand reasons related to social conventions, the one who gives the most is the woman.
I have never been able to tolerate this. It will be a form of selfishness, but above all I have always placed my absolute and total freedom to choose for myself in life and sexually without having to give an account to anyone.

Furthermore, I have always loved to dominate, command, be served and revered and adored. It is in my nature. That’s why when I discovered Femdom, I was fascinated by it!
Then I met Marco (the real name of sissy slave m) and his natural submission magnified my hedonism, my innate sadism and my desire for absolute power over him.
And today, therefore, ours is a symbiotic relationship in which I take everything, and he undergoes everything. I am fully satisfied, and I become crueller every day, while he, judging by how he swears his love in the tears of his sufferings and humiliations, still seems to be certainly in his place.

Coming to the content of your post on enduring domination sessions, I fully agree on the great pleasure that comes from subjecting the slave to long, interminable torments and repeating them again and again, more and more cruel, with the passage of time.   In our relationship, as my pathetic sissy husband wrote, the ‘vanilla time’ is practically absent and, therefore, the time he spends directly under my yoke is very very long.

I divide it into three phases (obviously it is a very general division that cannot describe the entirety of the relationship)

Obviously, I love practicing long BDSM sessions in which I torture, humiliate and subdue (even sexually – I love the strap–on against his chastity) in an intense way and with the utmost cruelty. I enjoy immensely his acute and extreme suffering. My sessions are frequent and long but, obviously, they last only a few (sometimes many) hours.
BDSM sessions are fun and exciting but satisfy only the most outward and “bloody” part of MY sadistic and cruel nature as dominatrix.

All the time, then, and I mean – all the time, sissy slave m has to serve me as a queen and a goddess. Everything in our home and in our life is organized according to my cravings and my desires and my preferences and sissy slave m. is responsible for everything (housework, bureaucratic aspects of life etc ..). For my enjoyment, then, sissy slave m. must ALWAYS serve me in one of his uniforms as a servant or maid, always completely feminized and always with some bondage element.
This satisfies my hedonism, my narcissism and my desire for absolute supremacy.

When sissy slave m. it is not directly in service and I am not using it in a BDSM session. I ALWAYS submit him to what you call tedium – humiliation torment. I leave him for hours and hours locked in a cage, or in a closet or keep him for hours in the Sensory Deprivation Bondage.

Or I make him do some housework with particularly restrictive bondage or in humiliating ways (cleaning the bathroom floor and sanitary ware with his tongue, polishing the soles of all my shoes with his tongue).

Or I force him to repeat humiliating rituals again and again in my absence (walking back and forth in a room with increasingly high heels performing predetermined gestures of humiliation – practicing receiving in the mouth or in the ass fake cocks and dildos).

Or I use it as an inanimate object at home (tied and immobilized to serve as a footrest or chair – tied in the bathroom with a hood and a funnel in the mouth to serve as a toilet – food tray – lamp holders and the like).

I like to indulge in these activities literally for hours and hours, totally ignoring sissy slave m or going to him from time to time to torture him directly or humiliate him or, given his desperate abstinence, tease him to tears (just playing with his nipples).
These activities, combined with the many occasions when sissy slave m. is dominated by third parties, perhaps they satisfy the deepest nature of my sadism and cruelty. It is the pleasant context in which my life as an absolute dominatrix and mistress takes place, like sweet background music.
Just the beauty and gratification that can be drawn from this third type of activity makes different the relationships your blog talks about, from all the others and makes our life splendid and that of our slaves a hell (just to say that I feel wet). A hell from which they would not want to escape even if they could.
Best wishes
Mistress Francesca

A fantastic comment Francesca! I loooove it. Thank you for the kindness of suggesting my blog has a unique element.

Humiliation – tedium linked with partial ignoring is I agree exquisite and it is amazing what a turn on it is given almost nothing is happening. I think it is the sheer cruelty of it that provides the visceral power rush that simply seems to be at a continuous peak level.

When you announce such an activity is about to be imposed, does sissy slave m beg and plead?

Do you use a baby monitor when you force him to repeat humiliating rituals again and again in your absence (walking back and forth in a room with increasingly high heels performing predetermined gestures of humiliation – practising receiving in the mouth or in the ass fake cocks and dildos)?

Thanks Scarlett!
Your blog is truly exalting me!
Yes, sissy slave m. pleads and begs when I announce one of these activities … and I love hearing him beg and please and than slapping him or spitting in his face and imposing what I want on him. He must also thank me! (it’s amazing to hear him as he desperately thanks me for the treatment I’m going to subject him to).
Before, I used a baby monitor. Now I use an old mobile phone connected to an application on my smartphone. Sissy slave m found the app. I’ll let you know what it’s called.

Now I am writing to you from a SPA where I am with my mother and sister. sissy slave m. is at home in chains, doing weekend cleaning. I think when I get home he will undergo one of my treatments … I will keep you updated …
a warm greeting
Mistress Francesca

Dear Scarlett
Me, mom and my sister went home around 5:00 PM happy and relaxed. To welcome us sissy slave m. submissive and subjugated as always, dressed in his sissy maid short dress and in chains, as I had left him this morning, only much more tired.
He was waiting for us standing by the door, as I trained him to do, and when we rang the bell he opened and greeted us with reverence. He did not expect mom and Maria (my sister) and seeing them he emitted a deep sad sigh.
You understand it perfectly Scarlett, it is precisely these sighs of impotence before the prospect of something terrible that is about to happen that give me a real power rush and excitement. My eyes shone with sadism.
He humbly licked the soles of our shoes and then I begged mom to check the quality of the work of sissy slave m.
Knowing that control would be done by the mother the poor slave sighed again looking at me with a pleading look, which I ignored laughing.
While Maria and I sat in the living room, mum and sissy slave m. went around the house to check the quality of the work done.
Obviously mom found several mistakes (actually trifles, but the best is expected from a sissy servant).
We went to punishment (20 cane strokes from each of the three of us) received by sissy slave m. pleadings and in tears.
At the end of the punishment he thanked us by licking our shoes again.
Mum and Maria then went away amused and I prepared my sissy for the evening.
Today the television broadcast a marathon of the season 5 of outlander, a series that I love. So I announced the sissy that I no longer needed him and so until 02:00 AM he had to devote himself to what I call “the path of humiliation”.

Path of Humiliation

I saw the panic on his face. He pleaded on his knees, desperate, crying. I let him plead for some times and then, hard, I told him not to get me bored and to follow me to the attic of my house, very hot in summer and very little ventilated.
I put him in a postural collar on which I hung a pair of handcuffs with a padlock, in which I imprisoned his wrists. Handcuffs also to the ankles, in order to limit his steps to a ridiculous wobble. In addition a large but plug.
I have prepared his path: on three sides of the room are three small altars. On the first is a pair of my shoes, on the second a bowl full of my golden rain, on the third a large and realistic dildo.
He trembled like a leaf, desperate and in tears.
He implored me to shorten the duration of his punishment. I slapped him and ordered him to begin his journey.
“It is now 19:00. Start your path pathetic subspecies of slave! Know that the application is active and I can see and control you! At 02:00 AM you can stop and free yourself with the keys of the handcuffs that are down in your bedroom. I want to be woken up at 10:00 tomorrow morning. The usual breakfast. Start worm!”
With tears in his eyes he replied “Yes Mistress, Thank you Mistress!” and walked.
Staggering he reached the first altar, he took the shoes and then and recited his mantra:
“This useless sissy slave is unworthy of licking the mistress’s soles! Thank you Mistress for letting your sissy lick your noble shoes!”
So he licked each sole five times and moved on.
In front of the second altar he took the bowl with my golden shower and recited the second sentence:
“This useless sissy slave is just worthy of being the human toilet of the Mistress! Thank you Mistress for letting your sissy be your living toilet ”
Then he drank a drop of golden rain.
In front of the third altar he took the big dildo and recited the third sentence:
“This useless sissy slave is just worthy of being turned into an unworthy cocksucker! Thank you Mistress for letting your sissy be an unworthy cocksucker! ”
Than he has to deep throat the dildo 5 times.

I can’t describe the feeling of power and supremacy that I felt and leaving him to its long seven hours of ordeal.
As soon as I got off, I confess, I took my favorite vibrator and I masturbated to two splendid orgasms. I then had dinner with the light cold dinner that Sissy Slave M had left for me in the fridge and I dedicated myself to my Outlander evening.
Every now and then I got an eye on my cell phone, from which I checked the misery of my pathetic slave … a great saturday Scarlet!
Now I am writing to you comfortably lying in my bed, happy as a million euros, while sissy slave m is gong on with his ordeal.
I guess I’ll masturbate again before sleeping…
Goodnight my new friend!

From sissy slave M

Honorable Mistress
As I wrote in other comments I am a 39 year old Italian sissy slave and I live a 24/7/365 relationship of total submission to my Mistress and wife.
Total chastity, born again virgin, and almost total sissyfication are some of the keys to my condition and, in this context, I am also subject to very intense forms of cuckolding and forced bisexuality.
I know you don’t practice this kind of cuckolding and if you think this post is not suitable for your blog I ask you for forgiveness and I will understand it perfectly.
For me cuckolding with male lovers has more than four stages and it’s for me the most intensely humiliating and emotionally hard practice. Especially when I have to be directly submissive in front of other men.
It may seem strange for an almost totally sissyfied slave, but direct sexual contact with other men has always been a taboo that I have never completely overcome. Serving men and having sexual contacts with them is the most devastating and humiliating thing I’m forced to endure in my slavery regime.

Stage 1: a different location
Mistress leaves me at home alone, with a list of chores to do or in some kind of severe bondage. I often have to help the Mistress get ready. Often before going out she apply a nice deterrent punishment. On her return I may have to clean her cream pie.

Stage 2: at home – the bull does not meet the slave
I am tied and gagged in the closet while the Mistress makes love with her bull.

Stage 3: a different location – the bull meets the slave
Similar to stege 1 but the bull comes home to take the Mistress. I have to open the door dressed as a maid, respectfully great the bull and communicate him that the Mistress will soon be ready. I must also humbly thank the Bull for sexually satisfying the Mistress.

Stage 4: at home – the bull meets the Slave
I welcome the bull as in stage 3, then serve him and Mistress something to drink or the dinner. I remain available in the living room while they ‘warm up’ with foreplay. When they are ready the Mistress binds me as in stage 2. Before the bull goes away I have to thank him for the pleasure he gives to my Mistress.

Stage 5: at home – the bull meets and dominates the slave
Like stage 4, however, during the foreplay part of the fun of the Mistress consists in a BDSM session, the Bull also actively participates in dominating me.

Stage 6: gagged ad bound in the same room
Like stages 3 and 4 but later I am tied up and gagged in the room to helplessly watch the Mistress’ sex and to be dominated and submissive again when they are finished.

Stage 7: in the same room helping serving and being humiliated
In the same room, unbound, totally passive. I have to pass to the lovers towels, condoms or sex toys. I have to excite them with humiliations such as licking their feet or putting myself in positions that excite them (for example while fucking doggy style I have to lie down with my face in a position to see the cock of the bull that penetrates the Mistress).

Stage 8: fluffing and forced bi.
If the Mistress finds a bull that likes it I am used to ‘prepare’ the bull by stroking and licking his cock, I have to put on and take off his condom when they use it and I have to clean it after they are done. It may happen that the Mistress has fully enjoyed her sex and has no more will of continuing. Then it is up to me to ‘finish’ the bull, usually with the mouth.

Two special cases:

It may happen that the Mistress does not want sex or same kind of sex (for exemple Mistress don’t like anal and don’t’swallows) In those cases the Bull can use the slave sissy. Usually I am made to dress like a very cheap whore and used for bulls for their pleasure in any way they want. If they do not declare themselves satisfied, I am also severely punished.

It may happen that the Mistress has fun with a BDSM session with some other submissive and let him have an orgasm. Or can happen that the slave of some friend if Mistress has the right to cum. Often in these cases it is up to the sissy slave to make them cum. For them, being straight, it is still humiliating that it is another male to make them cum. For me, the humiliation of forced bi is increased by the fact that those who cum are not even a bulls but another slaves. I remain chaste, of course!
It is, by far, the most degrading and humiliating thing to which I am subjected.
Sissy slave m.

For info on my own BDSM manual, in several formats, click on an image below.

20 thoughts on “The amazing Mistress Francesca

  1. Dear Scarlett, thank you very much for the space you are giving to me and sissy slave m. on your great blog.
    I am glad that our relationship is of interest to you and your readers.
    I will order the slave (who is now giving me a pleasant massage) to describe how he feels in the long hours of tedium and humiliation.
    As for cuckolding sissy slave m., Because of Covid 19 I had to give up meeting lovers for several months. Now I think it’s time to start again. I hope to be able to give you news soon …
    Have a nice Sunday

      1. Dear Scarlett,
        I had yet another confirmation of something I have always been convinced of and on which, I believe, you can agree.
        That is, the fact that my cruelty and ruthlessness towards sissy slave m has a twice beneficial effect.
        The first, and most important, of course, about my personal satisfaction and my general well-being; the second also on the slave, who becomes better with the growth of the sufferings and humiliations to which he is subjected.
        Last night I had further evident proof of it.
        Sissy slave m. he had, in the first days of this week, a couple of shortcomings in his service (which of course I immediately punished).
        When asked about it, he apologized and told me that he was having a very complicated week at work, with several issues of particular importance to be resolved under his full responsibility.
        Obviously, I did not accept his apology and punished him severely on the spot.
        Yesterday, then, I realized that he had forgotten to sweep some crumbs fallen from his leftover bowl under the table.
        So I decided that a proper punishment was needed to put the sissy back in place.
        As soon as he got home and took off his ridiculous man clothes, I dragged him by the ear and kneeling in our dungeon and the party started.
        First, I whipped him on the back with a painful single-thing rubber whip to the point of tears of despair. So I made him take off his collant and, tied his feet, I caned again and again the soles of the feet excited by his pleading for mercy.
        All without any kind of semblance of eroticity and without restlessness.
        Simply a cruel punishment.
        Then it was his thighs to be hit again and again with the cane and, to finish, his butt has known a mix of paddle, whip and stick like few other times.
        He was screaming desperately and writhing in his bonds as a few times before, while an incredible excitement grew in me.
        So I took my beloved strap on with double dildo.
        It has a vibrating dildo that fits into my vagina, stimulates both from inside and outside, and then has a big and realistic dildo that I use to fuck the slave.
        I demanded then first a blowjob, receiving the first orgasm, and then I fucked the slave for a long time enjoying again and again and feeling him crying desperately and in tears.
        I then spent the next hour alternating on his nipples torture with clamps and wax and erotic stimulations with tongue and fingers leading him to the paroxysm of excitement and pain and frustration.
        Too excited by his desperation and implorations, I had to cum again before using him as a toilet and closing it for the night in a small cage locked with a timer lock.
        For the entire punishment, few times so hard and ruthless and devoid of any empathy, the slave pleaded and pleaded.
        I know he is not a masochist and I know how much he actually suffered.
        But when he kissed my boots in thanking me before entering the cage, he had in his eyes a light of resignation and love, as well as fear of me.
        When he left the house this morning I was still asleep but a little while ago he sent me a WhatsApp message in which he thanked me for the punishment received yesterday and apologized for his bad conduct and of the past few days. So he announces to me that today, at work, he has easily solved some problems that in the past few days seemed impossible to him and that he will probably have a reward at work.
        I am sure that he succeeded also and above all for the cruel hardness with which I treated him.
        In his enormous suffering, he satisfied his intimate nature as a slave and freed energies to give his best on the job.
        In conclusion, I believe that the more the slavery to which this wonderful kind of men is hard and cruel and humiliating and inhuman, the better they work in the few activities that are required of them in the ‘vanilla’ world.
        And this is for the benefit of the slaves and doubly for the benefit of the Masters.
        So in conclusion, be as cruel and sadistic as you can and as much as you want!
        It is good for everyone!
        I greet you with affection
        Mistress Francesca

        1. I absolutely agree that cruelty and ruthlessness towards a true submissive has a two fold beneficial effect. That is indeed why I often refer to a perfect symbiosis.

          Firstly yes, the benefits to us Dommes!
          The power rush of having TOTAL power over another and abusing that power by enforcing things like unfairness and excessive punishments, and physical and mental tortures. A power rush and a feeling of decadence and it is both exhilarating and very sexually arousing. Amazing orgasms. And amazing orgasms year after year. After 20 years, a sex life that is as glorious as in the early months! And the other benefits use of such power brings, including keeping the submissive subjugated and obedient, being free of the drudgery of housework and chores, etc. And of course being worshipped and held in awe.

          And then the benefits to the sub, which increase in intensity, the more pitiless the dominance and cruelty increases. They sleep a contented sleep knowing they are helplessly in the power of a mean Domme they are frightened of and who has no pity. Their minds become clear and they can focus on what other things they wish to focus on, knowing the BIGGEST and MOST IMPORTANT craving in their life is fully satisfied. They may well hate much of what they endure, but even during the the enduring, they are aware they cannot live contentedly without being forced to go through endurances they would rather didn’t happen. Show that you are sexually aroused when you make them suffer and the Domme is raised high on a pedestal. And if you show mercy before they have really pleaded with all their heart, a moment of sadness often flits through their eyes.

          The relationship overall – perfect symbiosis.

  2. Mistress Scarlet,

    sissy slave m’s description of her stages of forced bi and cuckolding was extremely enlightening and arousing. As a submissive myself i must say it is a huge turn on to think about my Mistress forcing me to take part in my own cuckolding in such humiliating ways. The last one was of course my favorite, to be forced to please another submissive while i am forced to stay locked up would be such a mental torture.

    Thank you for sharing!

    submissive gigi

  3. Hello Mistress Scarlet,

    I’ve been reading your lovely blog for quite some time now and I’ve gotten desperate so I’d like to implore your help. I’m a young man in my early twenties looking for a long-term Mistress. I know I’m a submissive, I know where belong, where I want to be, but I just can’t seem to find the right person. The only thing I got were some flings, or one time sessions, but I’m looking for the real deal. It’s just so disheartining and frustrating to know what you need/crave but are unable to finally find your place under the dominance of someone who recognizes your submissiveness and enjoys your resulting servitude. You’re a very well connected and knowledgable woman and I’d like to ask you if you know any Mistress looking for a long-term slave. I want to live out my submissivness and finally find a dominant. I’d be forever in your debt, Mistress Scarlet

    Let me describe myself a bit:

    – I’m very much into fintess and have a muscular build
    – I’m from the heart of Europe (I do not have a problem with online servitude)
    – 5’11
    – blond-brownish hair
    – grey eyes.
    – university student

    have a good day Mistress,
    Searching Slave

    1. I do not know of any woman looking for a submissive male at the moment.

      How you have described yourself, suggests to me that you do not understand what attributes a dominant woman is likely to be looking for in a long term relationship with a submissive. Are you clear there are about 100 submissive males for each dominant woman. You are in a competition. You being physically attractive is not likely to be very important to a dominant woman. You have to stand out and most likely stand out in the following ways.

      Are you a good cook.
      Are you good at housework, laundry and ironing.
      Are you good at cunnilingus?
      Are you patient?
      Are you empathetic?
      Do you earn good money.
      Could you accept never being a father?
      Will you relocate?

      I am not sure there is any benefits for a dominant woman from an online relationship.

      I hope this all makes sense.

      1. Madame I think it is wonderful and very generous of you to take the time to respond so fully to the Searching Slave’s query – it makes sense that any lifestyle domme would be completely uninterested in a slaves’s looks! As you say there are plenty of subs out there who’d like to offer themselves. I suspect that very few of them would make the grade if they experienced the reality of 24 hour, 7 day a week enslavement. I have always fantasised about serving a lifestyle domme which is why so many of your journals have made such a deep impression but I’m sure I’d be unable to maintain the high levels of service demanded or endure the levels of physical suffering and privation which BB does at your whim. Stil I can always hope ….

  4. “the path of humiliation” – what complete and utter real female dominant genius!!
    Reminded me of BB’s rotary dryer drudgery
    this little sub wonders if Mistress Francesca ever varies the 3 items on the path?

    1. Sure fluffy!
      There are infinite possible combinations and variations for “the path of humiliation” and sissy slave m must undergo them all and more ….
      Mistress Francesca

      1. thank you for answering most supreme Mistress Francesca, lucky sissy!
        fluffy will hopefully find out about some of them in any future updates you share with equally supreme Ms Scarlet – how wonderful you both are :)

  5. Honored Mistress
    My venerable Mistress ordered me to briefly tell my pathetic and miserable point of view on tedium and humiliating treatments in my experience of total submission.
    As you know, with the exception of work and very few “vanilla” occasions, the Mistress demands total and absolute submission and this applies both in her presence and, more importantly, in her absence.
    In this sense tedium and humiliating treatments play a very intense role in my life.
    These are very hard and psychologically heavy treatments; much more than physically.
    I mean that, obviously, the slavery regime to which I am subject is very rigid and strict, but perhaps the treatments in the absence of the Mistress are the hardest and most difficult.
    During a BDSM session, however humiliating and cruel and painful the treatment to which I am subjected, the presence of the Mistress and the strong erotic charge that is released makes everything in some way less difficult to bear and, often, even exciting (if it wasn’t that my cruel chastity also makes excitement a frustrating torture). Furthermore, if the Mistress has orgasms while using me, I can feel, in my heart and soul, an emotional explosion of joy and gratitude that repays me for the sufferings suffered.
    In a different way, serving the Mistress, even if feminized, in chains or in uncomfortable and humiliating uniforms, is still serving the Mistress and, as a miserable and lowest slave, I have always known that there can be no other place in the world for me than to serve my cruel mistress. As tiring and humiliating it may be, therefore, serving is part of my being a slave and serves the general well-being of the Mistress.
    Tedium and humilaiting treatments, on the other hand, are apparently free and very difficult to bear.
    I am forced to be totally alone with my humiliating and desperate condition, for hours and hours motionless or forced to perform absolutely useless tasks if not to maximize my humiliation and my sense of absolute and total impotence to resist the cruelty of my tormentor .
    All while she is not even present or totally ignores me. The absolute disproportion between the entity and the type of treatment I am forced to, compared to the absolute disinterest that the Mistress shows for that treatment is absolutely devastating to think about.
    When the Mistress is about to close me in a cage or to start hours of lonely humiliation or cruel and extreme bondage, she knows that sparing me that treatment could make my day infinitely less cruel and, at the same time, it would practically take nothing away from her pleasure.
    Yet I know very well that, for her, even just a bit of pleasure in the moments when she thinks about my suffering is worth hours and hours of cruel suffering for me, and this is truly devastating to think about.
    The long hours of tedium and humiliating treatments, then, allow time to reflect on one’s existence and to contemplate the infinite misery and abjection in which my slavery has led me under the heavy yoke of the Mistress.
    I confess that sometimes even my innate submission is not enough to make my treatment tolerable.
    Yet, when the treatment ends, the gratitude for the Mistress is absolutely immense and I always find myself thanking the Mistress with absolute conviction and total love.
    The only thing more difficult, cruel and hard to bear is the cuckoldig in the direct presence of the Mistress bull.
    Sissy slave m.

  6. It’s nice to know that i’m not the only sissy sub that on occasion is told to assist or make another male cum. Sometimes it is another sub, sometimes it isn’t. I also get teased a lot about it, sometimes as a threat of doing it more, sometimes just to remind me of what i have done.

  7. slave caged has learned that it needs it’s Goddess to be strict and cruel so that slave may learn absolute obedience without hesitation.
    Slave caged must accept that it’s erections and orgasms are simply not important.
    slave caged must learn that only It’s Goddess Owners pleasure is all that matters.

  8. Mistress Francesca, thank you for cucking and humiliating your slave. It makes me happy to know you are so wonderful and being pleased and satisfied. It inspires me to be of more service in my own life.

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